Thursday, June 15, 2006

Either Or...

You're either comfy like Atticus.

Or you're comfy, as Baby Mae.

Take your pick.

Your repeat either looks like this (top of Ophelia - heart motif):

Which is the way it's supposed to look.

Or it looks like this:

Like crap. The repeat is a p/bb/pp/b/pp/bb with the pp's being pattern colours and the bb's being the background colours. Only on this round (only in the back), I reversed the two. Kinda stands out like a sore thumb when the colours are (dark) Mulberry and (light) Blossom. I'll be duplicate stitching (do-able, right Lorraine?!)...oh yay.


I managed to get up to the left shoulder grafting of Diva last night (or was that this morning) before I had to work on that "other job" (the one that pays. Sheesh.).

Voila mes amies:

Looks harmless, right?! She's SUCKING YOU IN!!!

Close up of short rows:

I keep reminding myself what a Master of Technique Hanne Falkenberg is. How she can do a complete jacket with NO seaming (other than the arms) complete with a shawl collar and colour changes in ONE piece is a feat in itself. To anyone who can truly appreciate the artistry and beauty of traditional knitting (I do place her in this realm, as her designs are timeless), she is in a league of her own.

Why her instructions have me regularly heaving my guts is another thing altogether. Kinda like not being able to look away from a car crash.

But, Carrie K. - I'd still work another of her designs. Just not right away. I have Mermaid in my stash, and I love Tivoli.

So, I will plug away further tonight. Or, I may just say "damn you Hanne, I have feelings you know!", and work on Arangenser.

Yarn purchased at Nordic Fibre Arts, one of my favourite sites! Go have a peek, and say Hi to Debbie, she runs a great online shop and is one of the only sites I know of where I can pick up the necessaries for projects from Norskstrikkedesign and Poetry In Stitches. Two AMAZING Scandinavian books - with all the beauty of nordic design and the pain of Scandinavian steeks!

Could you ask for more?!!

Either you do, or you don't.


Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Well, I'm definitely an Atticus type. And don't worry, duplicate stitch has saved me from many a meltdown. It's all good.

Cynthia said...

Atticus has got it good ... snoozing in the sunshine.

Duplicate stitch is sooo much better than ripping out hundreds of little stitches at two colors per row and then re-knitting them.
Ophelia is looking lovely!

Hanne Falkenberg is on my list of 'one of these days' designers. Beautiful stuff that requires extreme patience.

Chris said...

Ah, Atticus looks so comfy...

If you purchase Mermaid, there's someone on the Hannealong who has a spreadsheet for making it which is supposed to help immeasurably. You do need to have purchased it, tho, so you can answer the challenge question.

Carrie K said...

Now I'm dying to do Diva. Along with my million other Want To's.

Thank heaven for duplicate stitch.

Comfy like Baby Mae.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh yep, Atticus sure got it right, snoozing in the sun is what I'd need right now as well! I can't believe how gorgeous Ophelia is coming along, and so is Diva - you've done such an amazing job with the short rows! Hanne Falkenberg is such an awesome designer, a true artist indeed!