Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wrapped around your what?!

Welcome to my little corner of the 'net - Wrapped Around My Finger!

My little corner to talk all I want about my love for the beauty of traditional knitting - Fair Isles and Stranded, Arans, guernseys, the occasional lace project (and I do mean occasional), and of course, socks.

After years of knitting what seemed to be for the sake of knitting, I decided to focus almost exclusively on what I knew rewarded, challenged, and brought me the most satisfaction and joy.

Call me a Hard Core Traditionalist.

My influences?

Well, first, my mother. She patiently taught me how to knit over 25 years ago, and although she passed away in 1996, I always feel her near when I'm working on a new project. And I never fail to ask her opinion of a finished object. I'd like to think she approves.

Can we be influenced by a fellow Blogger? Yes! While googling "Scandinavian steeks" (yeah, I go for the jugular), I came across Wendy Knits!. My first blog hit, and what a jackpot! Here was someone who knit the same stuff I loved to knit, and she was cool to boot! She certainly knew what she was talking about, and loved to share this wealth of knowledge. How could you not be excited?!

My favourites designers - Alice and Jade Starmore. Virtual Yarns - my happy, happy place. Where I swear they know me by name. The loveliest garments ever created from wool... The most satisfying knits I have ever worked.

My other Happy Place - She Ewe Knits. Long before I met Anne, I'd often visit the site, learn from Anne's excellent Fair Isle 101 pages, and 'plan' my next projects. In an upcoming post I will put up some pictures of my current FI project purchased at She Ewe Knits, and designed by Lorraine The Knitting Hammy herself!

And I have so many very cool friends and family who have listened and nodded as I rambled on and on and on and on about knitting, yarn, knitting, steeks, knitting, hey-is-that-handmade?, knitting, cables, knitting, dammit-a-dropped-stitch, knitting, can-I-work-on-my-socks-during-the-conference-call?, and well... What? Oh, like you don't as well...

You do. Which is why you're here! And I hope you'll be back.

Always remember that anything worth doing...is worth doing well!


Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

BRIGITTE!!!!! Let me be the first to welcome and congratulate you on your leap to knit blogdom! This is so exciting. Blogging is so much fun and you connect with all the great people who share you're interest- we traditionalists have to stick together. I'm so happy for you!**jumping up and down like an idiot!**

Rachel H said...

Dude! First knitter meet ups, now blogging, next you'll be going to fibre festivals. (Rhinebeck's driving distance from Toronto you know...):o) Oh, and spinning.

Congrats on taking the leap! I'm off to add you to my bloglines now.

Marina said...

Read the good news on Lorraine's site! Yay, another blog to add to my list of those who do Fair Isle and other traditional stuff. Welcome!

Carrie K said...

Not that I knit much of it (or finish anything) but I love the traditional knits.

Welcome to blogging!