Sunday, June 18, 2006


It's hot Knitsters. Hot like, well just gross hot. A few years ago, I went on a trip to Morocco, and I had a better time adjusting to the heat over there than I do this humidity and icky pollution! (47C in the dessert...another story, another post...)

The poor Little Dudes:

Well, how has the weekend been?

So, here's the scoop.

I couldn't find my longer 3.25 DPN's, so I couldn't start tackling the arms on Ophelia (!). What's a girl to do? No Fair Isle? The thought made me kind of twitchy and weird. So, I turned to Lorraine for guidance. Uh huh.

I asked her to try to "talk" to me out of starting Jade Starmore's Amphora.

She was very effective.

What?? No knitting and no Fair Isle make Brigitte something something...

Oh, Amphora how do I love thee?! Ooooo baby! She is moving along quickly - there are only 4 colours in total, and color changes every 3-4 rows or so. My thumb is holding down the hem facing. No ribbing!

How is it that it can be 34C outside, and I'm inside happily knitting 2-ply Shetland wool? Guess it's all for the love of Fair Isle, isn't it? I love my arans - particularly my current WIP Arangenser, however - it's 6-ply heavy Norwegian wool knit on 5.5mm. Not always a good idea when the weather threatens to felt the yarn on the needle... Fair Isle? I can work no matter the weather (not always comfortably, but what always is?!).

Are we FI junkies a little...I don't know...obsessed?! Not that it's a bad thing...


Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hey Brigitte- I can see that I influenced you greatly- NOT!
Sometimes you get to a stopping point and you need a diversion. There is no need to apologize- we all understand.
Only four colors- ? It can be done and still look amazing. I think it's magic.

Carrie K said...

Yes. More than obsessed. But oh, what a beautiful output.

I see Lorraine's effectiveness! About 6 inches, eh? lol.

You do have air conditioning, right? Kitties look comfy if a bit lethargic.

Marina said...

Sorry, but Lorraine is the last person I'll ask to talk me out of starting something new! That gal's way too enthusiastic.

Glad she did a lousy job 'cos Amphora is lovely and deserves to be knitted.

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Sorry Brigitte, me again, but I just noticed that Atticus has the cutest markings on his belly! Was he named for Atticus Finch?

Chris said...

You are SERIOUSLY addicted! :)

Poor kitties - Chaos does the same thing (belly up) when he's really warm.

Dipsy D. said...

This is going to look so amazing, actually it already does! You certainly inspired me to finally try my hands at fair isle - I've never come up with the courage to try it so far, but I will as soon as I'm back from vacation!
Hey, Morocco and desert - please, do share that story, and a couple pics if possible - must have been a most amazing trip, wasn't it?
And do stay cool - we're supposed to get more than 38 degrees today - just 5 more days to go till I can smash myself into a cool ocean! Hooray!

Rachel H said...

I'm beginning to worry about you...

But Amphora's gorgeous. :o)

Cynthia said...

I love Amphora - it's yummy looking. And you're going so fast!

Smoke said...

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