Thursday, June 22, 2006

That's more like it!!

I'm loving this blogging thing Knitsters! Not only do you get to hook up with a great bunch of people - you also get encouragement and a lot of cyber-space hugs! I do feel so much better after reading your comments (Wendy! Eeeeee!), and as H5 says - it's all good! Nothing seems so bad after you take a step back.

I did miss the DKC though *heave sob* :( . Bell Canada not only bumped me to a later time slot, they came too late... I think they know I work for the "competition"... We don't offer local service in Ontario, only in Manitoba. 'Cause if we did... Anne - I feel for you! Bell can be trying, can't they?!

What's a girl to do? Yes, I did pay for the Doritos (Chris, you'd be surprised where they hide the wheat-ingredients...). Why, you look for something gluten-free to make while waiting for Bell to arrive:

I love you Bob's Red Mill.

And, by staying home, I did get to spend some quality time with the Little Dudes. Atticus (why, yes he is a little hellion) and I have agreed to disagree on the shape of Ophelia's neckline. She has been fixed, and is recovering until my replacement 3.25 DPN's arrive from

When he was a wee little Dude of 4 months (he's 8 years old now), I went home to Ottawa for my best friend's wedding. I came home with a pile of her mother's yummy wedding fruitcake, wrapped up in Saran Wrap, a doily and a bit of ribbon. They were for the guests, and she sent me home with the extras. Anyhoo, one day before work, I set a couple of them on the window sill in the kitchen to defrost. I had forgotten about them when I came home, but did notice white pieces of paper all over the place. What else was new with a male kitten? Probably shredded a Kleenex from the bathroom.

Well, that night while playing with him, I noticed he smelled, well, spicy. Like nutmeg. Then I remembered about the fruitcake I set out that morning.

That was gone. Don't ask me how he managed to unwrap it, and eat the cake. All I ever found was one piece of Saran Wrap, and the ribbon. That's it. That's all.

And that's how I found out that yes, he could jump up onto the counter. My Atticus. He's the sweetest cat; when Mae was a baby, he was very gentle and patient with her (he was a year old when I adopted her) , but he's done some of the FUNNIEST things over the years!

I also did some sock knitting yesterday.
Nifty, eh? They're made from Trekking XXL, knit on 2.25mm's using Wendy's Generic Toe-Up sock pattern. My second pair of socks! I love that the stripes are all over the place. The fact I have tiny little size 6 feet, I have enough left over for a second pair.

Feeling mighty fine, I started another pair.

This one is Fleece Artist's Basic Merino Socks. Aren't they BRIGHT and COLORFUL?! I love it! They're worked on 2.5's - and hey would you look at that, longer DPN's. Why can't I find my long DPN's when I need them, and my shorter ones when I need them?!

I'm thinking I'll restart them, using 2.25's though. I have that "feeling" knitters get when you just know it's not right. I have around 1" done, and they are looking a bit loose, despite working the smallest size. Oh hell, I may even just work them in Wendy's pattern too, now that I think about it. I'll just try my hand at somethink funky when I get to the leg. Any ideas?

Have you heard about...

A month or so ago, I could have sworn I saw a commercial on TV for Ziploc STORAGE BAGS!!! I'm pretty sure they were on a Canadian channel... But do you think I can find them anywhere? Um, was I dreaming? Has anyone else seen this? I mean, I feel downright guilty using my regular Ziploc's for food storage! C'mon Ziploc, don't play with me. I have plans for my stash you know...

Ok, that's weird Brigitte... I'm one of those organizational freaks...

It's all says Baby Mae

"Man, those Brownies were good... Almost as good as the fruitcake...".

OK, must go, Amphora's a calling. And no, I have not abandoned Diva, I just need a bit of Hanne deprogramming before I can start up again.

Tomorrow's Friday!


Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hi Brigitte- Sorry we missed you at DKC- but phone service is vital. I had a friend who had two corgis and Merlin the male once at a whole package of gum from Costco, wrappers and all. He had one bad tummy ache!
Love your socks- we should go on a sock yarn buying expedition. Lettuce Knit, Romni, etc. etc.

Marina said...

I love the colours of your socks. Hmm, someone who Fair Isles and yet, doesn't care that the stripes don't match? Yee Ha ;-)

Cynthia said...

Beware! Sock knitting can be addictive! Great looking socks...I haven't tried Wendy's pattern yet, but keep meaning to. All of my socks tend to be top-down, heel-flap types.

flwrhead said...

Hmmm, I have size 6.5 feet and I'm knitting socks with Trekking XXL now. I LOVE this yarn! My socks are pretty short too (it looks like yours are what - 3 inches above the ankle?), maybe I can get another pair out of the skein too...

I wish I lived in Canada...Alabama knitters are few are far between!

Carrie K said...

I love how your socks go with the drapes in that pic. They do! The socks look great too. I need to knit a pair for my birkenstocks for the summer.

A fruitcake loving cat? Awe. Some. Can I send him the fruitcake I still have from last Christmas? (I think it's last Christmas...). Sheba used to jump on the counter and lick the butter. Kitty tongue tracks in the butter - not exactly what you want to see at the table.

Ziploc definitely has storage bags. I've got my odds & ends balls and my cr*p yarn in a couple of them. They only came 4 to a box, but they're huge.

Chris said...

Heh, indeed - they hid wheat everywhere... Good thing I prefer plain ol' corn tortilla chips!

I did some recipe testing for Bob's Red Mill GF last year - it was fun, but alas, the products were troubled and never made it to prime time.

An entire fruitcake?! Whoa. Chaos is admiring and jealous!

Love the stripiness of your Trekking socks. :)