Tuesday, July 18, 2006

2-Ply Shetland in July

Ta. Da.

Madame la Diva has been washed and blocked, and is now suitably presentable! (And me, gazing longingly at my coffee...)

I brought Diva into work in order to be photographed... Something about trying on 2-ply Shetland in July, in my apartment with no A/C ...um, not so good.

You know, Wendy knits shawls for the office? Well, it's now official: I will be able to wear my sweaters year-round in this place. It's about 15C in here, and Diva's feeling mighty comfortable right about now. Oh, and the A/C temp? No complaints from me!

I didn't have a mirror in which to line it up properly, but you get the idea. Obviously I didn't get the "pink-floral-skirt-clashes-with-stripes" memo, but hey, I've always marched to the beat of my own drum.

Hee hee! I'm soooo thrilled with her! Oh, gotta say it - yay me!!! Yay Hanne Falkenberg!!!!


Cynthia said...

Yay, you!

I've always thought pink floral and stripes were meant to go together!

Diva is beautiful and I'm glad you'll find good use for her in your office.

My office is almost always a refrigerator and several sweaters and wraps live there full-time.

Rachel H said...

I'd like to know which of the nice people you work with was coerced into taking that picture and made to believe that it wasn't strange at all to be taking a photo of a sweater to post on a knitting blog...


Marina said...

Bravo, Brigitte. Gorgeous!

Stripes & florals do so go together. Some savoir faire & a dash of panache go a long way to make anything work ;-)

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Brigitte- What can I say? Yet another success. And you have such nice people at work, who are supportive of your blog.
No really, the colors, the style, it all came together. It is quite, quite lovely.

Dipsy said...

Gosh, this is so amazingly gorgeous, and it suits you so perfectly - what a lovely pic of you, by the way! You did a fantastic job with Diva, bravo!!!

Terri said...

Hi Brigitte, Madame la Diva looks stunning on you. Congratulations!

Wendy said...

It's lovely!

Carrie K said...

Diva looks fabulous and the pink floral and blue stripes were made for each other.

But then again, Diva can go any where, any way she wants.

Chris said...

Congrats on a gorgeous sweater! And look at how cute it is on you. :)

So, if I asked a coworker to take such a picture of me, I would be mocked for WEEKS. How did you avoid that?!

Marji said...

Diva is v flattering on you. Love the knit, even in the summer, even with a PITA factor of 8.