Saturday, July 15, 2006

What is This?

So, wow everyone, summer sucks sometimes. You know, when you wake up thinking - "hey, doesn't the Canadian government give people monetary incentives to move up to Nunavut?" - it's pretty clear you're not a summer person. I have never claimed to be one. Love the sun, and the nice, cool 25C days... This business of 34C and humidity? Uh, no. I have no A/C in the apartment. I have fans, but an A/C unit is out of the question in this old house. And considering I'd need it for max. 6 weeks out of the year, it's not an expense I can justify (oh, but dropping $150 on 2-ply Shetland is. So don't sass me about it.).

What's this?
Why, it's a second ball of sock yarn. Finally found last week, behind my mini-filing cabinet. Seems Atticus managed to scale the keyboard, over 2 PC desktops, a stack of books, and a smashed motherboard to somehow loose his grip on said yarn, and drop it into an abyss of dust and other crud. Unless that was his plan all along... She seems relatively unharmed, albeit a bit dusty.

What's this?
Coffee, and a snapped bamboo needle. A nice, clean break right at the join... While working on Western Seas (yes, I'm doing my one night a week...), I went to spread out my stitches on the needle and she just popped right out. Had a SUPER time trying not to lose those DARK BLUE stitches while trying to figure out how to hold on to them. Thanks to some safety pins and my trusty 2.5mm crochet hook, they survived while I transfered the whole thing to an Addi. I guess working with the bamboo in this weather has the yarn sticking to the needle a bit more, resulting in me tugging on it a bit more than I needed to. I'm pretty sure a tiny drop of Crazy Glue ought to make her good as new, as it's a clean break. Can not have too many 3mm's you know...

What's this?
I would have you guess, but the picture sucks.

So, before I tell you what it is, let me justify it. See, Ophelia is at the arm stage, and it's a tad too warm to have her sitting in my lap right now. Amphora is just fine, she is moving along and will be workable as I'm still on the body. Arangenser is just too damn heavy to work on in this weather. Western Seas doesn't count. So, now that Diva is finished, I needed a non-colour work project as well as my Fair Isles to have on the go. It's my usual routine, honest!

Care to guess? I do have to say I haven't seen or heard her mentioned in any of the blogs, and she's not posted on VY either... She's from Tudor Roses... A design I've wanted to make since I first bought the book. Oh, and she's not on my Starmore To-Do list I mentioned in an ealier post either. No, not Elizabeth I. The other Elizabeth... Elizabeth of York. I swatched her in 2-ply Hebridean (Witchflower shade) awhile ago (yes, swatch. I confess it's something I do only if I'm substituting and even then only if I'm not familiar with the original yarn. My name is Brigitte and I don't swatch...), and she'll work out just fine... The yarn was purchased for Elizabeth I, but I'm thinking I'd like to work her in red anyway. Eventually. In this lifetime.

What's this?

That would be Atticus, doing his morning calisthenics. As you can see, he's devoted to exercise and clean living.

He sends a big kitty "Hey" to Kitten-Chow and Chaos, and a "Hey Baby" to Lucy.

Mae on the other hand is a smart girl, and seeks out the cool areas in which to do her morning rituals. I have no clue where that is, but it must be good.

I was to be off to the St. Lawrence Market to do my shopping this morning, but a train derailment yesterday in the west end of Toronto has left the commuter trains rather chaotic, even this morning. I'm in the other end of the city, and technically my service shouldn't be affected, but service is still irregular, so I'd rather not take the chance of being stuck downtown. I could take the subway or a streetcar I suppose, I'm lazy and the GO Train would get me there in 9 minutes vs. 40 on the subway. There's the A/C on the train to...subway is hit and miss with A/C. So, I'll be heading elsewhere this morning.

Keep cool Knitsters, and have a great weekend!


Dipsy said...

Oh, I so feel with you! I'm actually a true summer's person, but there's certain temperatures that are too high, even for me. 34C counts among this, and definitely the 40C that we have here since days. I mean, come on, how could you enjoy a blue sky when you can't breathe anymore because of the heat? Argh!
Atticus certainly rocks, my kitty should really join him with his exercises! :)
And gosh, you certainly made me very, very curious with your new project - it's going to be a beauty, there's no doubt about that, so I'll be impatiently waiting for many more progress shots!
Stay cool, my friend!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Brigitte- Another project? I love the color. Maybe we could meet up at the Market some time? My ritual is the back-bacon sandwich, and the I hit the North Market, buy some fish, go downstairs to Phil's Fruit place, and of course the bakery. I adore the Market.
Atticus is looking wonderful- I want to grab him and squeeze him. A nice fat, male kitty. What could be better?
I agree, summer sucks (out loud)!

Carrie K said...

I'll sacrifice and do morning calisthenics with Atticus. My kind of exercise.

At first I thought you meant bra size and then realized - duh, celcius. That's hot. That's roughly what it is here during the entire freaking summer, normally. Which is hot. And yucky. I don't know why I still live here.

Elizabeth of York! I love that pattern, I would just look like a short stump in it.

BAD, BAD broken needle! Bad!!! There should be a law. Punishment. Hard time. (Yes, I'm still bitter.)

mehitabel said...

I am SO not a summer person--I loathe the heat. Nunavut is sounding pretty good--and I'm not even Canadian! Well, except by heritage. Your projects are looking lovely, and Atticus is a very handsome cat! Simon and Highland (my "boys") would love to play!

Marina said...

I love Elizabeth of York. Haven't seen any being done on the WWW.

Hey, why doesn't Western Seas count? Where's our weekly update?

Wendy said...

Lucy asked me to tell Atticus: "Meow!"

Chris said...

Chaos says "Hey" on back to Atticus. Also, "Good job on that sock yarn, dude!" Hmm. Maybe they shouldn't talk anymore!!

Hope it's cooling down there - our heat broke yesterday. Ahhhh.