Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reason #49 Why I Shouldn't Attempt Lace


Trust me. I suck.

The picture is kinda wonky, but there are dropped stitches, yo's when there shouldn't be, and the pattern does not line up.

I was on the streetcar home yesterday, thinking I'd have a nice ride home, working on this feather and fan thingy-bob, look how clever I am! Instead, I got mushed next to some stretch working his damn Soduku puzzle OUT LOUD, messing up my sock, ready to hurl it across the streetcar, complete with profanities. I guess this will be stocking stitch for now... I don't know what it is about lace... I can do a simple eyelet, and some relatively simple patterns that are clearly mapped out (even that's a crap shoot...this one was!), but I guarantee I'll drop or forget or have too many stitches on most rows. It makes my head hurt... And yet, I have no issues with following an Aran chart, with twists and turns and other wacky things. But will I attempt it again. Oh yeah.

So, what else is new?

Oooo....lookie here!

Lovely Alice Starmore Hebridean yarn samples! I sent an e-mail to Virtual Yarns, asking for some colour combination ideas for Sand Dance. I made one a couple of years ago for a gift, and have always wanted to make another one for myself. I thought I'd get a few ideas that I could look up on the site, but I ended up with more than a few ideas, a very nice e-mail, AND some samples!

Good customer service is everything to me. I've worked in customer service myself and I can appreciate what it does for the customer.

So, I like the red combination, but the Clover (the one at the top of the picture) with a lighter contrast shade is also looking good... Any ideas?

And, Proof of Life that Western Seas is moving along:

The pin marks where I was when I started.

Oh, the excitement.

I've been plugging along on Ophelia's arms as well, but I seem to be all thumbs. The wood needles I bought are driving me batty! Time to take the waxed paper to them, it's like working with an emery board. But, my tension is holding up nicely, so I'm pleased with that. I will post a picture next time around.

And I'm also not sure what day it is... I worked another all-nighter last night/this morning on another implementation at work. Supposed to be over at 4am-ish...went past 7am. Was on a conference call with all the Techs and System Admins for nearly 4 hours. Dudes - I may work for a telecommunications company - but I am no phone person... That is easily the longest freakin' call of my life. Up all night and no empty bottles to show for it... *sigh*

So, that's it! Tomorrow's Friday - and Bi-Weekly Liquid Lunch day with the friends at work... Can't come soon enough Knitsters!


Chris said...

Heh, I've done those wonderful overnight implementations. Usually I can do my part (reviewing test calls) just sitting at my computer in my bedroom, but that does mean I've been on some LONG conference calls, too. I hope you got to go home and sleep!

Marina said...

Is the "liquid lunch" of the fortified kind? I miss that about Australia ;-)

Was the yarn free? Hmm, could I tell them I'm not too sure about the colors of one of the FI's? I prefer blues or greens or blue & green. Sorry, I'm not any help!

Ah, Western Seas ... aren't you glad you're getting some knitting time? My, how much youve grown. Yay for you, Brigitte!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Yay indeed for you- you're getting a tremendous amount done.
And don't feel bad about the lace on your sock- sometimes it works and sometime's it don't- there's nothing wrong with plain socks, and the color is nice.

Carrie K said...

I usually need a quiet place to knit lace and trust me, you do not suck. So there.

Working on his Soduko puzzle out loud? I'd've hurled that across the streetcar.

Ah, no ideas, very pretty colors. I'm partial to the reds myself.

Western Seas must be verra happy.

Dipsy said...

Wow, you certainly deserve your weekend, you've been busy, busy, busy!
Oh yes, the lace thing! What I wrote about concentration, you know, considering what amazing Aran work you're doing, this just can't be the case! I'm at a loss if ideas here, but perhaps, if you just let some time pass without any lace work, one day you might get an urge to try it again, and then it'll work!
Wow, what an amazing customer service they have, these yarn samplers are amazing! I like the top color best, so lovely and warm!
And Western Seas is coming along so nicely, looking forward to seeing more of it!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Terri said...

Glad you had a positive experience at VY's. So many times AS et al are not seen in a postive light so it's good to hear stories like yours.