Monday, July 31, 2006

Out of The Bag

So, the secret's out! I promised on pain of loosing my 2-ply Shetland stash that I would not let the cat out of the bag, but it's out now and running around like a hyper kitten! I was recruited to be Lorraine's Secret Model for Delphine...have a look on her site.

It was a LOT of fun. It was a casual, easy going day, despite the heat. Luckily, being by Lake Ontario did cool it down considerably - for about 10 minutes. By the time the "shoot" was over, Hammy was literally peeling Delphine off of me. Ugh!

What I couldn't mention in my previous post - the little detour to the lakeshore in Oakville for Delphine's photo shoot...

And as a thank you - lookie!

All sorts of cool stuff, including some yummies for the Little Dudes! Isn't the picture of the cat on the notepad just the funniest?

And all the compliments on Lorraine's site? Well, you have me blushing, and I thank you for them! But it really is the loveliness of Lorraine's design, and her keen eye for colouring and staging the shoot that made the picture; and Kirk the Photo Guy knew just how to take the right shot. I just showed up and demanded no brown Smarties (uh, no M&M's, please). *kidding...*

I believe Delphine will be available at She Ewe Knits sometime this month, so make sure you check it out! And thanks again!

How To Make A Monday Better

You get a very lovely package from Scotland, complete with 3-ply yarn in Clover and Fulmar, and a copy of Jade Starmore's Sand Dance pattern. Once again, stellar service from Virtual Yarns, this took all of 5 business days to get to me!

At this time - a little too hot for anything. Including wool...

This heat is insane. And mentioning it is really like beating a poor horse - it's the same everywhere. The news just announced the heat at 34C, and at one point this afternoon, the humidity made it "feel" like 43C (109F)... I can cool down, but the Little Dudes? It's tough for them, I have no A/C here. I worry about how they are handling it during the day when I'm not there to keep their water cool and shoo them to the cool part of the apartment... *sigh* :(

'Nuff said. But - I'll say this again - stay cool and relaxed (your pets too) wherever you are Knitsters!


Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hi Brigitte- Thanks for the compliments- but I have alot of people who help me- they know who they are.
Exciting about Sanddance- nothing like getting a package in the mail.
Oh, and you and the Dudes- stay cool (I wish I had a pool)!

Marina said...

I would be very quiet too, if someone threatened to take my Shetland stash. Hmm, must knit faster!

Ooo, pressies! Are you using your new needles?

Lovely colours, especially that clover. I feel the urge coming on. Let's see what excuse I can come up with ...

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, I looove those pics of you on Lorraine's site, you're so beautiful and my, I so love your hair! Envy, envy! These are the moments when I could kick myself for having had my hair cut - but then again, mine never looked half as gorgeous as yours!
And oh, all those goodies, such great colors - looking forward to seeing everything that you're gonna make with it!

Marji said...

The Sanddance is wonderful. Love the colors you chose too. I'll trade you your heat in Toronto for our heat and humidity here in St Louis. We're due for a "cold front" to come through, it's going to bring it all the way down to 93.

Chris said...

Oh, I don't suppose it cooled down at all today? It finally did here. Poor Little Dudes without air. :( Do they like ice cubes??