Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Bad and The Good

OK. Luckily the bad - isn't about knitting.

So, I'm cleaning the kittie box (stay with me here Knitsters) on Friday. It sits at the top of a flight of stairs (I live in an apartment on the second floor of an old house) that leads to the front door of my apartment. I have the lid resting on the floor next to the steps, and Gandalf, who's always done this, took up his regular post of sitting in the over turned lid. Only this time - it takes off and he proceeds to tobaggan down the stairs in the upturned litter box lid. Now that was FUNNY. The look on his face was PRICELESS! He probably didn't think so.

That in itself is not the bad.

I proceed to go down the stairs to make sure he was OK (he was!). And then, for the first time in all the years I've lived here - I slipped. Hard. I flew off the stairs and landed pretty hard on my butt, and right arm. As Atticus and Gandalf sniffed my head (awww), I got up, and knew the worse was too come. You know when you think you're going to throw up? Ooooo, NOT PLEASANT. The impact was so hard, my nose bled. Nothing broken or cracked, just bruising like I've never had before on my backside, my right elbow and arm, and on my back. And dazed too... Don't remember getting back up the stairs.

Now, I'm aching from head to toe, as the fall has triggered my fibromyalgia, probably one of the worst flare ups I've ever had in 17 years. Knitsters, it hurts to lift my legs, and even to get into bed. My back and shoulders are throbbing, which have always been problem areas for me. Nothing to do except take it easy, and ride it out.

But, does it stop me knitting? NO! Although I did take Carrie K.'s advice (we had been e-mailing back and forth on Friday, and I told her about it) - and put the needles down to ice my right hand and elbow. Thanks Carrie! Because it probably saved me more grief on Saturday.

My start date for Fair Isle February was Friday - and I wasn't about to let a tumble down a flight of stairs stop me. No sirree!

It doesn't look like much. The front "points" of the design are done, and I've joined them. No center steek yet, I still have about 10 or so more rows of back and forth to do (oh, look at all those ends to weave in *clapping hands*!), and uh, if I had properly read the instructions, I would have STOPPED about a dozen rows while working the first point before I actually did, and wouldn't have had to unravel said rows. And purling Fair Isle? Not as bad as I thought it was going to be, although I'll be glad to get that part over with.

"Really Mae, I'm serious! He got in the lid of the box, and just SAILED down the stairs, like he was on a sled! It was so funny! Mom laughed too, although I think she was afraid he was hurt. Then she fell - oh, that wasn't funny. But I went down to make sure she was OK! Atticus to the rescue! I think I lifted her up myself, you know."

"Uh huh, right. Sure you did."

I'm going to make a nice beef stew in the crock pot, and settle down with Delores (or maybe have a nap!). It's freezing out, a brisk -16C this morning, so snuggling with my rescue and nursing crew is going to be in order.

Have a great (and safe) Sunday!


Lorraine said...

Wow- A Knitter, first and foremost! A tumble down the stairs-
who cares when there is Fair Isle calling your name!
Really, I hope you feel better. That's really scary.

Rachel H said...

Ouch! Glad you're ok. And have your furry nursing crew to assist.

And yes. Today is definitely a stay inside day.

Anni said...

Oh - poor you. I hope you feel better very soon.

Luc said...

Ouch! Hope you're feeling better kiddo. Glad you're not letting it get you down. Glad the cat at least gave you a laugh. Hope he's OK too.

Chris said...

Yikes!! I'm glad you didn't break anything, but sorry to hear about your flare up. :(

Be more careful, Gandalf!! It had to be pretty hard for Atticus to pull your mom up those stairs... ;)

Brenda said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm glad you are able to knit. Maybe Gandalf's little stair-sledding incident has cured him of wanting to sit in the lid.

The fair isle looks great! I am in awe of your positive attitude toward your fall and steeking.

Dipsy said...

Ohhh, poor you - this sounds *so* very painful indeed! I wonder if your little furry ones thought that the look on your face was priceless too? ;( No, seriously, I'm glad that nothing worse happened, even though all that you suffered sounds bad enough! But hey, you could still knit, that's a good sign indeed ;) All the best to you, my friend - hope you'll be better very soon!

Marina said...

Oh dear! Hope you and Gandalf have recovered!

At least you could still knit ;-) Delores looks interesting. Now I understand what Lorraine was going on about!

Anonymous said...

Lots of warm fuzzies coming your way from the furry friends here....hang in and hope you are feeling better soon.

So glad to see someone knitting Dolores!

Sachi said...

I'm so sorry that you took that fall and that you're now suffering more than you should for it. But (and there's always a but) thank you for making me LMAO about the kitties!!! That's just a fantastic story!

And the whole thing about the ends to weave in about had me crippled.

Also, I should not fail to mention how beautiful that colorwork is!!!

Rebekah said...

Okay the Gandalf thing, too funny. But the rest ouch. Are you sure your okay, and you don't need a doctor?

Take it easy. We had beef stew for dinner last night too. Leftovers tonight. Yum.

junieann said...

Ouch. Been there done that only without the entertainment of the cat and litter box escapade.

I know you hurt. I came down a flight of stairs 20 years ago, cracked my shoulder, tore up the ligament from elbow to shoulder and it still hurts. I was black and blue and 30 pounds lighter. I took the bad bounce. The sling looked really cute too.

Are you sure you didn't break anything? More Celebrex for starters.

Carrie K said...

I did mention that if you were in worse shape Saturday to suck it up and check with a doctor, didn't I? I did.

The FI looks good! You can take it with you to the doc's office, you know. How was today?

Jewel said...

I have visions of Gandalf being a little surfer dude riding the wave of stairs. I'm sorry you were hurt, though. Take care of yourself and I hope you get lots of kitty loves.

Tracey said...

Cripes girl! Hope you are back on your feet soon, and really no more surfing down the stairs for a while...for both of you.

Rebekah said...

Brigitte I couldn't find your e-mail address, could you please e-mail me at

Once I get your e-mail I'll e-mail you the address to send the squares. I'll have more information hopefully by tomorrow on my blog sidebar regarding everything. Thanks so much, this means the world to me and even more to Sonya and Kevin.

Cynthia said...

ow! Hope you're ok now. Don't you wish you had a movie camera to document the kitty's mad slide down the stairs. Glad he didn't get hurt.

DeeAnn said...

Oooo, that sounds nasty! I hope you two are much improved! And that the flare up passes quickly :(

The kitties are a hoot and your story telling is as wonderful as your knitting! Gave me tears and chuckles at the same time it did! :)

Ahhh, Delores! Another little known design. I look forward to the progress, that start looks quite interesting - and confusing! Great colors!