Friday, February 16, 2007

Cold + Snow = Wool Sweaters!

It's been the perfect week for wool sweaters - St. Brigid, Ophelia and Diva all got their chance to shine this week. Cold, a snow storm, and I love it! There's nothing lovelier (OK, well I'm sure there is, but in this context...) than freshly fallen snow. Of course, wind chill in the -30C range first thing in the morning is a bit refresing... But, you dress for it, and your good to go! I always shake my head and laugh at those at the train station in the morning wearing no hat, no gloves, no scarf, coat opened...yikes! The no gloves thing gets me everytime. Hey, you know what? Are your hands cold? They are! Well then you know what would prevent those digits from falling off?!

*crunch* *munch* "...this is the best stuff in the world Mom!"

The life of a kitty is all about eating, followed by a cuddle from Mom, and a nap. As Chris mentioned in her post yesterday - why make a kitty bed when you have an ENTIRE apartment to use are your own personal kitty bed.

Knitting has been rather interesting this past week. Interesting because I cannot seem to focus on ONE project. I'm all over the place - apart from working Delores on the weekend, during the week... Primarily I've been working on Arangenser -

It may not look like alot, but when you consider it's done in the round, I've made quite a bit of progress! I think the fact Wendy has been working on "Cromarty", and Lorraine is talking about putting together an Aran design was what made me want to pick it up again. I started it initially during the late summer months - not the brightest plan! It's actually not a difficult knit at all, despite all the twists and turns. The cabling is all very "logical", one glance at the chart and it's easy to figure out what's next. And the other interesting thing about this pattern - instead of a series of small cable charts, she gives you a "chart" of the entire sweater, row by row. OK, so it's a bit small, but it works! And I find it moves much more quickly.

And Delores! I have not abandoned her, not by a long shot. I'm mainly concentrating on her when I have long stretches of time, which have all been during the weekend. Now that the front and back madness is over with, I'm well into the "normal" Fair Isle knitting in the round.

I love this design - it is so fascinating to see the colours mesh together. It's actually a bit darker than appears in the picture. At 320 stitches around, I'm pretty pleased with myself that I'm 15 rounds into the front steek. Only around 80 or so more to go until I hit the underarm steeks! *clapping hands*

I'm pleased to report there have been no litter box mishaps this week - actually, Gandalf is staying well away from it whenever I'm cleaning it. And although I usually leave from my back door, whenever I do use those steps, I take it very slow. Although I did manage to tumble off the back deck on Wednesday. Uh, because we received so much snow, I couldn't tell where the deck ended and the yard began. So, I pretty much face planted myself in a snow drift. No harm done! Winner move!

Here's to hoping you're enjoying the winter wherever you are!


Chris said...

Wow, you are knitting up a storm!! (hee hee, probably the eastern part of the continent would like you to take a break while they dig out...)

Face planting in the snow sounds very very cold. *shivers* I know what you mean about those people who aren't bundled up - I can barely make it to work with any body heat left when I'm all bundled up.

Marina said...

Very nice but something is missing! Hmm, what could it be ;-)

Be careful, dearie! The snow here have a thick crust of ice/sleet over it. Not fun at all!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- I agree wholeheartedly about the cold- dress for it and quit complaining!
Delores looks amazing. All your projects are covetable. I'm really jonesing to do an Aran, after Sirdal.

Rebekah said...

Man your sweaters are beautiful. I'm quite envious!

I'm also envious of the kitty love, there's just something so snuggly about a kitty in your lap. Don't tell Abner. Although last night he decided all 85 pounds of him was going to be sitting in my lap.

Brenda said...

Amazing sweaters! Where did you get the pattern for the Aran?

It is the start of spring here in the Central Valley of CA; the almond trees are in bloom--very pretty and very allergenic. I grew up with winter in Wisconsin, so I miss it sometimes--especially when wool sweater season is too short!

Have a great weekend!

Carrie K said...

Face down in the snow? No harm done? Other than dignity perhaps?

I don't see any mention of what number sleeve of Dalarna you're on - 5? 6? ;)

That Aran is really pretty!

Tracey said...

OK, I'm mean, I can't help but snicker thinking of someone walking on a deck and then just...running out of deck. Tee hee. Snow is good!
I adore your fair isle sweater, I still find fair isle so freaking intimidating, and steeking? !!Cutting!! your knitting (nearly faints)

DeeAnn said...

Be careful with thyself woman! Glad you're not hurt cus the visual definitely has some humor ;-)

Arenganser is beautiful, I'm not familiar with that design but I'd hug the designer that charted the whole thing together! I can't wait to understand what is up with the start of Delores, very intriging. The colorway is a unique one too, very nice.

Good boy Gandalf! Don't tell your mommy how I got frostbite, ok? Thanks ;-)

Dipsy said...

Ohhh - freshly fallen snow? What's that? I can't believe it, but I didn't have one single chance this "winter" to walk through freshly fallen snow - there wasn't any! None! Blah! So, do enjoy it while it lasts! ;)

barbp said...

Oh Poppet. I fall off the face of the earth for a couple weeks due to work overload and you fell, down the stairs? I can't leave you alone for a minute *wink*. I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. I passed the story of "extreme kitty tobogganing" to MFB and he laughed his arse off about the cat. We were both picturing it. You take care of those bruises. Fibromyalgia is nothing to mess with

Your knitting projects are looking fantastic - yes I know you said you made a mistake but I had to look darned hard to find it. You take care now and try not to break the snow with your pretty face now. That crusty top layer can be nasty when it's this cold.

Samantha said...

Your cats are gorgeous :) Wool sweaters are a must for the cold!