Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Did It. Again.

"What? I don't see it Brigitte!"

What did I do? OK. Maybe I'm being anal. I've been accussed of that once or twice in my time. When working colourwork, you're told to strand your MC on top, and the secondary colour on the bottom. Always. And there's a reason why - IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. (Why, yes I am shouting. At myself. Again.) See the sleeve on the left? The zigzag at the bottom? That's done the proper way. Red, my main colour, stranded in the back ON TOP of the white yarn. The sleeve on the right? That's the crappy sleeve. Where I stranded the WHITE yarn on top of the red yarn. And, it shows. I don't understand the dynamics behind this - but it does. The white yarn shows up less.

Now, I consciously made the decision at the very beginning to strand red over white, but I don't know what made me do it differently. I know! I'll blame Russell Crowe! I was watching "Gladiator" when I started working on it. Oh, I feel better now that I can blame it on something other than, well, me. Heh heh.

I am retiring Dalarna until I finish something else. Big. Not like socks or anything (although at the speed I knit socks on 2mm needles...could be a candidate).

Look at these though!

These are my heavy Peace Fleece socks. I made them using some leftover yarn, on 3.5mm needles (and not the 4mm I mentioned in an earlier post). Adam (who didn't leave me an address!) complimented me on my short row heel - aw shucks, thanks Adam! I always use Wendy's method for doing short row heels, it works for me everytime. Oh, I'm so pleased with them! Nice and warm, I made them to wear with my Garamond hiking boots. Because it's been cold this week here in Toronto - the coldest morning was on Tuesday, where it was -31C with the wind. Nothing compared with Winnipeg - our Head Office is there, and I was talking with some of the guys out there who told me that on Thursday morning it was -50C with the wind, with a base temperature of -40C. I love Winnipeg. Luckily, everytime I've been the temperature was much more "reasonable".

And no, I haven't abandoned Delores, not at all! I just need to sit down with no distractions to finish the back and forth rows, and set up the centre steek. Like the weekend.

I really want to thank everyone for your kind words! Considering what a spaz I am, I'm really comforted! I'm much better now, just bruised. Funny how as time goes on, the bruising on my right arm seems to be getting more pronounced (although I've been given the all clear by my doctor - no breaks). Uh, I'm sitting much more comfortably as well.

So - guess what I have been working on? Knitting blanket squares! For a great cause as well. Rebekah is asking knitters to work a square or two, so that she can put them all together for a blanket for a friend who's been recently diagnosed with lymphoma. What a wonderful, sweet gesture on her part! I've pulled out my massive stash of Mission Falls 100% wool, and have put together a couple of squares. Check out her entry for today (February 8th), she has more details, including how you can send them to her.

And how's this for exciting! Lorraine, our wonderful Sheriff of Knittingham, is going to be selling her Twisted Traditions Fair Isle patterns by PDF from her site! Go and check them out - they're all fantastic. I've knitted Ophelia, I have Windsor Waistcoat in my stash, and am seriously coveting Fair Rosemund. Oh, and hello! Who's that modelling Delphine?!! Heh, you'll just have to go and have a look. I would have mugged Lorraine for Delphine that day, only it was 32C and humid, and I was in flip-flops. She would have caught up to me. And of course, you can purchase the yarn for Lorraine's designs from Anne at She Ewe Knits.

"Look, don't do that again, OK? Promise?"

"OK Atticus, I promise. But it was kinda fun you know, sailing down the steps in the litter box like that."

"Dude. That's just stupid. You worried Mom, and then she fell. Stop being a doofus."

"Oh, all right. But only because Mom hurt herself coming to check up on me. And not because you were worried about me. You do care! I love you too Atticus! You're the best big brother ever!"



Lorraine said...

Hey Bridge- Among your many talents, you're also a terrific model.
Isn't it exciting times? Everyone working on a Fair Isle? What could be better, when it's cold outside, and your inside with the Dudes, working on an exciting project.

Thanks for the plug!

Carrie K said...

Gandalf and Atticus have the best conversations.

Pretty model! Pretty knits. I need a new kit! NEED. WANT. There's a diff? lol.

Uh oh!! Dalarna is toying with you. And that stranding on the top/bottom completely works, it's slowing down my Norwegian vest considerably because the center lone stitch really does need to be first.

Are you sure you're better? Maybe a week or two at home would be a good idea.

DeeAnn said...

Oh dear, that sleeve is stubborn now isn't it?! I did the same thing on Rosemarkie, switched the stranding in the middle and was quite surprised how much difference it made.
I'm in *complete* envy over the thick wool socks! I haven't done the conversion but we've been at *NO* degrees farenheit and about -20 with wind chill, brrrrrr is right! :)

Chris said...

So your sweater is on a time out? Naughty sweater. ;)

Those are great socks!! I've been wearing my Lamb's Pride socks in my boots to and from work - I didn't today, and I can tell the difference.

Oh oh, Atticus, your badass image is in danger!

Dipsy said...

It's amazing what kind of a difference these two versions make! Hmmm... I have to agree though, how in all the world could you concentrate on a colourwork project when you're watching Russell Crowe? Especially in Gladiator where he's at his best looking in my humble opinion? Howl, what a man! ;)

Sachi said...

Those socks are perfect! And I LURVE your fur-babies.

Rebekah said...

Definitely a gorgeous model that picture on her site is stunning.

Glad your feeling better, but be careful. Keep all boxlids away from cats.

Thanks for mentioning the project. It means a lot that so many are behind this. Sonya and Kevin are overwhelmed.

Brenda said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! The socks look very cozy.

Bummer on the sleeve. It needs to spend some time in time-out where it can think about its misbehavior. It needs to worry about how unimportant it just might be, and that there are limits to what you will accept.

Your kitties are so handsome (I'd say cute, but with names like Gandalf and Atticus, I'm sure they'd be offended)!

Anni said...

That sleeve isn't friendly - poor you. Better luck next time.

Tracey said...

Ewwww, mushy gushy kitty bonding! LOL
Sometimes you just need to step away from a project for a know so you don't go crazy, rip the whole thing out and throw it in the trash...I'm not saying this from personal experience...just saying...ya know. Glad your mending.