Monday, February 26, 2007

Do You Think They Are Trying To Tell Me Something?

Exhibit "A"

Exhibit "B"

The Accused


I've had the old chair for probably 8 years now. The only reason why I kept it this long is that Mae took to making it her scratching post - on the leg. And that's fine, it worked for her, it wasn't an eyesore, and she didn't scratch anywhere else. Then Little Buddy came into the picture, and I'd hoped he would take on Mae's example, and use the chair to scratch on when he felt the need. And boy, did he ever. I started noticing these pieces of hay scattered around the apartment, and well, noticed how far gone the chair had gotten!

See, I think they want a Kitty Condo. Ever since seeing Casa di Chaos y Mayhem last week, they've been giving me subtle kitty messages. It's their way of saying - "all the cool blog kitties have one Mom...".


In knitting news, I've decided to tackle that last Dalarna sleeve this week. I had hoped to finish up with Arangenser first, however my fingers are still sore from the testing to be cabling, and I seem to be OK with anything that doesn't require too much manipulation with my left index finger. I'm just fine with stranded knitting, I was able to get quite a bit of Delores done this weekend.

Send good thoughts my way! She's a stubborn one, that Dalarna! 5th time starting this sleeve should be the charm!


Marina said...

5th time? It would be a cat or dog blanket before now, if it were me ;-)

Aww, he looks too innocent! Couldn't have been him. But, yes, they deserve a kitty condo but only after mum gets her VY kit.

Carrie K said...

The accused looks much too innocent to be guilty. Clearly May is taking things farther.

I'm w/Marina. The cats get a condo, you get a VY kit. It's only fair.

You don't think he'll scratch the condo instead, do you? Hez is disabusing me of that silly notion. It's not helping that I hate the furniture.

Lorraine said...

Bridge- How could you accuse such an innocent face?
I think if anyone needs a kitty-condo, it's you. You don't want them starting on the sofa.

Did you find the bag balm for your fingers?

Chris said...

Little did I know that posting the picture would cause feline jealousy! Alas!! (And you should SEE the piece of cat furniture Jeanne has - yowza. Makes mine look like chopped liver.)

Fifth time on the sleeve? I'll quit fussing about having to do the refined raglan's neckline 3 times...

Dipsy said...

Now - LOL ;) What an innocent look! Actually - could a cat's look be any more innocent? Love that, it's priceless!

Brenda said...

Oh, how could that sweet looking kitty do anything naughty? Inconceivable!

I agree with those that say you deserve the VY kit. But a kitty condo would be nice, too.

Good luck on your sleeve! It will work!

Tracey said...

Well of course...that IS the way the saying goes...5th times a charm!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear......are you sure someone didn't break in and while trying to steal your chair caused this damage? Looks like an outside job to me. Caelee Cat (posted by her personal assistant)

junie said...

A kitty condo covered in catnip should do the trick. Also,get some 'Bitter Apple' at a Grange or pet store and spray your chairs.

I raised several litters of Himalayan kitties and I used 'Bitter Apple' to prevent the adults from ruining everything including the furniture, antiques, doors mouldings and window screens. It worked for me.They hate the smell and taste is awful but harmless.
You probably already have some.

Good knitting

DeeAnn said...

"All the cool blog kitties have one" - that peer pressure gets 'em so young doesn't it? ;-)

5th time has to be the charm! You need something like Rocky theme music to whip through that sleeve! (not sure what it may inspire in Gandalf though....hehe :)

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