Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Me! MeMe! And the Little Dudes

I've been tagged by Nicole - cool!

So here is the red-tape:

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

And here's some stuff about me.

1. I LOVE buttertarts. I will always love buttertarts. No, they are not gluten-free. No, I don't care.
2. I'm a Dove girl, and have been for about 15 years now. I've recently switched to this one. Everytime I thought "let's try this new brand...oooo...", my skin reacts.
3. I have a brother in the Canadian Navy, whose ship was amongst the first to set sail to the waters of the Middle East after 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan. (Hi Dan!! *waving*)
4. I will not watch "The Bridges of Madison County" with ANYONE. I bawl my eyes out from beginning to end. *sniff*
5. I dream in colour.
6. While on a trip to Morocco in 2002, my tour group was fortunate to have been introduced to the King of Morroco, Mohammed IV. He happened to be in Rabat, visiting a tombsite while we were there. He very graciously came over to us, and talked to us for a good while. A very kind man.
7. My SIL says I'm so funny because you could give me an wrapped, empty box for Christmas or my birthday, and I'd still be as excited as a little kid (uh, but please don't Susie...). I love the holidays. I was never big on them, but now that I spend them with my sister and SIL, I just have a blast and they've taken on a whole new meaning for me.
8. My oldest friend Joanne and I have been friends for over 30 years now. We met in Grade 3. We quickly decided that when we grew up we'd live on a farm and raise all kinds of animals. Still waiting on that...

Wow! So, did you learn anything new?!

OK. I have a confession to make. Everyone I wanted to tag has already been tagged! So, to make up for this, I give you another list.

Eight Random Facts/Habits of Atticus, Mae and Gandalf!!!

1. Atticus is TERRIFIED of thunderstorms.

"Oh geez...oh man...ok...ok...enough...thunder...breathe Atticus...breathe...breathe..."

"Dude, you OK?"

2. When Mae was a baby, she got her head stuck between 2 window panes. Oh, that was fun getting her out. She is so sweet-natured, that's about the worst thing she has ever done.
3. Gandalf was born with a malformed left hip joint. It doesn't seem to bother him, just makes him walk a little bow-legged.
4. When Atticus was a baby, he managed to break or destroy: one coffee machine, one toaster oven, a FULL pottery cannister of rice (nice...), one glass candle holder, 4 throw rugs, countless boxes of, uh, "chick stuff" and Kleenex, and a keyboard. Then I figured he probably needed company, and adopted Mae.
5. Atticus and Mae have the same mother, but come from different litters.
6. Gandalf snores with his mouth open when he sleeps on his back.


7. Mae is the hunter of the lot (typical of female cats). Although she is fearless in defending herself against Gandalf's play fighting, she is shy. Some of my friends and family have never seen her...
8. Gandalf has eaten, and enjoyed: curry paste, tandoori sauce, broccoli, a Colace tablet (don't ask...), beer, rice pasta, apple pieces, Cheerios, my sister's bread and butter pickles, and shampoo (again with the asking...) from The Body Shop. You cannot turn your back on him for a SECOND. Wonder why I call him a pooper?!

Now I'm sure you've learned something new about the kitties!

And guess what else? Amphora has a sleeve. Look -

I will be cutting open the neckline tonight (or soon...), and working on that. Then it's one more sleeve.

And how about these -

Wow, finished socks! Not the best picture, but, well, they're socks after all.

Stay tuned - a little black kitty turns 1 on Friday...!


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Are we having tuna cake?

Chris said...

That was fun! I learned scads of new things about you and about the kitties. Hee hee - I think Atticus was actually more destructive than Chaos, which is impressive. May hasn't even come close to Gandalf in the consumption of odd things department... yet. :)

Nicole said...

How fun! I definitely learned new things about you, and the Little Dudes. And Gandalf has eaten more odd things than any other cat I know, which - given the number of cats I know - is saying something.

(Saying what? I don't know.)

Sonya said...

I'm with you on Bridges of Madison County. I love any movie where Meryl Streep has a European accent. That Gandalf! He's into everything!

barbp said...

Give your brother Dan a wave for us. My brother retired from the Army after about 27 years, and my nephew spent a year in Iraq about two years ago. OK - Tim Horton's Buttertarts? Stop that you're teasing us. I LOVE The Body Shop.

Wait - did you say cut that beautiful work of art? Steeks? Gulp. I'm staying tuned.

Brenda said...

Great lists! Gandalf is a hungry kitty! Don't these blog kitties know that cats are the most obligatory carnivores on the planet?

I've never cut knitting. That just gives me the heebie-jeebies. But good luck on Amphora's neck! You are a brave soul! said...

Looks like very perfect socks :)

- and Amphora will be perfect too - it looks fantastic.

Dipsy said...

Awww - this was so highly interesting and so fun to read through! Thanks for sharing!

Marina said...

That Gandalf is so bad! Those are dog eating habits.

Raven said...

You know, it is mostly because Gandalf thinks he is a HUMAN.

Jewel said...

Gandalf and Meems are so much alike it's scary. Thanks for the facts about you and your little dudes!

Tracey said...

Definitely cool, I learned alot! Lovin' the socks and the sleeve.

ahem, ----> *has not been tagged*

Carrie K said...

Finished socks! Yay! And a sleeve. Wow. Amphora looks fabulous and those socks are so cute! Perfect length too.

I really lucked out with girl kitties, I guess! Break. A. Coffee. Machine? Atticus! BAD KITTY! Caffeine! Silly kitty.

What are buttertarts?

Rebekah said...

Nice to get to know more about ALL of you!

Lynn said...

OMG a colace tablet?!?! Yep that would be enough to get the title of the Pooper!

Carrie said...

I love these memes. Good cat pics, too! I like your socks, very comfy looking. Can you show pictures of cutting up that beautiful sweater? I wouldn't have the guts to do steeks, but I'd love to see them done.

Debby said...

I loved learning more about you and your cats! It's interesting to me how there is always one destructive one, and the others are so well-behaved! In fairness, I have to say that Tim isn't completely destructive, there are just certain things we can't put out. Like flowers and plants. And curling ribbon on presents. You don't even have to ask me about the emergency vet trip and the very cute Xray I got of his abdomen...