Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Think I Have Too Much Yarn?

That's nothing! Check out the summer shoes. Um, *cough* some *cough* of the summer shoes... *cough* But really, is there such thing as TOO many shoes? Don't answer that.

It's that time of year where I pack away my fall / winter clothes and shoes, and put out my spring and summer ones. It always amazes me what I have. "Hey! I forgot about these!" - was said frequently... Oh, there's a cat somewhere in the picture...of course. It's a messy closet, why wouldn't they (Gandalf) want to explore and help make an even BIGGER mess?!


No, I haven't picked up my air conditioner yet. Yes, I'm still buying one. It's still cool in here, but with the way the weather changes here in Southern Ontario, it could be any time now.

What have I been knitting? Well, I was going all out on the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk cardigan, when it hit me! Oh right! Now I remember why I haven't used this stuff *slaps forehead*! Because it irritates my little girly hands like and SOS pad on a sunburn! I *think* it might be the dye. I've knit with alpaca/silk blends before with no issues. But this stuff? I don't know... Is it possible to have issues with the dye? I know there are some Rowan yarns that I have problems with because of the dye - maybe it's the same thing with the DB yarn.

So, I've been working on Amphora's sleeve.

"You are making this for me, right? Right??"

Although it may not be the best shot of the sleeve, little Mae looks so cute, I had to post this. I had all these wonderful plans on the weekend to complete most of it, but an icky "reaction" to lactose and "King Kong" on the Movie Network kind of took away from that... I think I managed, oh, 8 or so rounds on the sleeve while watching it. It's not a good idea to knit Fair Isle while watching this movie. It's a little distracting...

I also was patting myself on the back about how quickly it was going until I realized there was another chart to do! Another 28 rows! *clapping hands* And the facing!

I'm going to need the air conditioner.

Oh, and go pop by Jewel's blog, and send good wishes to her sweet little Mia, who's having kitty orthopedic surgery on May 10th. The little Dudes send you big hugs and kisses Mia!


Lorraine said...

Bridge- I knew you were a "closet" shoe freak!

And Mae is making a cameo appearance- what a honey!

Chris said...

Ha! I see you, Gandalf!! I have a lot of shoes, too - all of them clunky and black. LOL!

Too bad about the alpaca-silk - it could be the dye. Have you had any trouble with alpaca before? Also, maybe it could be the way the silk was treated?

I think Amphora will be a lovely cat bed. ;)

I hope you're feeling better!!

Carrie K said...

To answer your question: No. And no.

That's the cutest pic of Mae!

*chokes* cat bed? Amphora? No way!

Marina said...

Ooo, so close! But I guess you need to get it back from Mae first.

Nope, a girl can't have too much yarn, shoes and bags to go with those shoes ;-)

Jewel said...

What a pretty girl Mae is!! I love her eyes. She deserves an Amphora kitty bed. Right??

Meems wanted me to thank you for your good luck wishes!

Nicole said...

Nah, not too many shoes. (I know you said not to answer. But I don't always follow instructions. Makes the knitting interesting.)

Suzy agrees with Gandalf that the closet is the best place to play. Bad Mom that I am, I don't let her play there often enough. *rolls eyes*

Brenda said...

Too many shoes? Inconceivable!

Amphora and Mae look so pretty together, but I think you will need to let Mae down gently.

I have some reactions to dyes. I can't wear black socks for instance; fiber doesn't matter, just the black.

Dipsy said...

Oh no, there's certainly never too many shoes for a girl - just shoe-closets that are too small! ;)
My gosh, I so adore the pic of Mae, how very, very cute!

Carrie said...

Hi, Bridget, thanks for your comment on the dishcloth contest. I feel that way about dishcloths, them being too pretty to use, but I always feel good when I grab them =) Mae looks like a sweetheart!

knitseashore said...

I like your summer shoe collection! I have one of those too that I need to get from our attic. Do I dare put the winter sweaters away finally?

I love your kitten photos from the previous post. Too adorable. :)

Rebekah said...

You know I never thought I was a shoe person, until I looked in my closet recently and realized they've been breeding :-)

Marji said...

no such thing as too many shoes or too much yarn.
Unless it starts weighing on you.
hmmm, I have a load of DB alpaca silk - don't know if it irritates my ridiculously sensitive skin because so far all it's done is enhance my beautiful Stash. :) least you're using yours.