Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unfinished Business

Wow! I thought I took the cake when I revealed I had such an old WIP! But, judging from the comments, it would seem that there are those with some just as old, or older...

Which makes me feel better about mine.

So, here she is.

(She is displaying her displeasure with me by refusing to photograph properly.)

The Gingko Leaf Tunic, from Fiddlesticks Knitting here in Toronto. Don't get me wrong - I love Fiddlesticks Knitting - Dorothy Siemens is fabulous designer, and she makes me actually believe I will use the shawls she designs. And, you've probably seen or read about some of her shawl designs on other blogs - Peacock Feathers, Tina Shawl and Lotus Blossom to name a few.

I've been thinking back, and I'm reasonably sure I started her in 2004. I really don't know what it is about it - I mean, it's a relatively simple pattern repeat. It's worked with Ecoknit organic cotton, which feels more like wool than cotton to me. I was doing fine up until I reached the underarm. Up until that point, the piece was worked in the round. Which was a good thing, as you were yo'ing on all rows, which is pretty simple on the RS - even for me. But, once you split up the piece at the underarm and worked the front separately from the back - you started working RS and WS rows. The WS rows have you "lacing" (as I call it) as well - yo's, P2TOG and P2TBL. And that seriously messes with Brigitte's head, Knitsters...and frustrates the hell out of her. It was taking me close to 10 minutes and sometimes more to work the WS. Mental block, I suppose. Although I'm better now, I shoved the poor tunic in a bag and forgot about her for over a year. Once in awhile, I'd take her out, work on it a bit, then get frustrated. But, over the past weekend, I pulled her out again, and managed to finish the back (ok, almost finish).

So now it's just 2 sleeves! I figure at this point, I'm doing pretty good. I feel much more comfortable with the WS lacing stuff, and of course, the rows aren't anywhere near as long.


Believe me when I tell you that you will not find a more thoroughly written pattern than a Fiddlesticks pattern. You really can't go wrong. I'm just clumsy when it comes to this particular one.

I'm going to do my best to work on her as much as I can, and finish her up. Ugh! *pumped with motivation*


You know, I've been a bad blogger this week - I actually wrote this post on Wednesday, and did not get around to posting it with pics until today. I've been too distracted selling stuff on eBay - yarn I KNOW I will not use ::cough::cotton::cough::, and some other stuff as well. The next batch is some Noro Kureyon (9 balls) and Silk Garden (10), and some Zara (10 and another mixed bag).

If anyone is interested before I post them to eBay (probably by early next week), drop me an e-mail (, and I'll give you the details.

My handsome lad (not for sale)!

I've been trying to get a shot of Gandalf lounging in the "Kitty Kave" - the little section at the bottom of their kitty condo, but everytime I find him with his little wee head sticking out of it, and run to get the camera, he gets all goofy and starts running after me.

"Am I getting a pot belly?"

What a life, huh? Chittering away at birds and squirrels, talkin' trash with Guido the Outdoor Cat on who's tougher, eating, sleeping and playing.

Lorraine said it before - I want to be a pampered house kitty in my next life.


Chris said...

That's reminding me of when I was knitting Door County Cable - I did great in the round and then stalled when I got to back and forth. I picked it up a few times and just could NOT sort out the shaping and all. Finally ripped it out this spring. :)

May does the same thing when I try to catch her in an unprepared moment! I end up sort of lugging the camera around until I get the shot...

Marina said...

She's lovely! 2004? I have a few UFOs of that vintage ;-)

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- I take that back- the food doesn't appeal to me.

The Ginko tunic is great- finish it and you'll probably wear it all the time. That Ecoknit is the best cotton out there.

Tracey said...

Well it sounds like you are conquering your UFO. I have great faith in you and can't wait to see a pic of the FO.

And no Gandalf, no pot belly.

Sonya said...

That's going to be a pretty sweater! My FLAK got tossed aside because of my frustration with doing cables in the round. When I'm on the WS, I need it to be very obvious!

I love those kitty condos. I get a huge kick out of it when there is a kitty in each apartment and one on the top. We call it Tower o' Kitties.

Brenda said...

That will be such a pretty sweater! I'm glad you are working on it again.

I agree with Lorraine, the kitty life sounds pretty good except for the food!

Sachi said...

My pampered house kitties are getting a little poufy...

I love this pattern, BTW. Thanks for the reminder about Fiddlesticks. I haven't investigated the patterns for a while. I'll have to swing by when I feel my next shopping spree coming on.

Jewel said...

Atticus looks so handsome and regal with his stripes. You tell Gandalf he doesn't have a pot belly. Tell him he's just fluffy!

I agree with Lorraine - finish Ginko and you'll be glad you did!

Nicole said...

I want a Tower o' Kitties! But alas, no kitty condo. And when I eventually have my own place (and therefore room for a kitty condo) I will only have one kitty. So still no Tower o' Kitties. Alas.

Carrie K said...

I want to be a pampered housecat too. At my house because Hez eats quite well. Except for the occasional iguana.

And yes, very handsome, Atticus! And no, not a potbelly. Gandalf. Yet.

Hez won't go into the kitty cave of the condo. She's on top of it, or uses it as a scratching post.

2004? Pfft. Nada. She's gorgeous! And it's just the WS stuff after working in the round that messed with you. You get into a rhythm and then P2TBL? Uh, no. But now that you've cleared your head, it should smooth sailing.

Must. Not. Look. At. Noro! I don't even know what to do with the Noro I have.

barbp said...

I understand the deal with P2TBL as I had to do that on my Pomatomus Socks. I think I contorted my neck every which way for that one. But it's my usual "If I can do it - so can you!" It looks lovely BTW.

Dipsy said...

Oy, this is too sad that you're stalling with this sweater - it's such a beautiful design - you know what a sucker for lace I am - and should be really worth all the troubles in the end! This seems to become a tunic that you'll be wearing all the time - so, fingers crossed that the rest of it will just fly off your needles!

sillyewe said...

Oh, I like the design, too! I think it is great that you will finish it. I kid you not, I have UFO from 1997!!!! Yeah, as if I can get THAT sweater over my hips WILL NOT be finished at this point, I am afraid.

Amphora looks so good. And I love the kitty props. heh And all the kitty pics. Ya gotta love 'em. Fritz broke an entire glass shelf filled with glass items when he was a baby.....eeeee. I still love him. And Mia, she attacks guests. And veterinarians. And Kidsilk Haze. ;0)

So, ah......what color is your Zara? huh?

Rebekah said...

Oh I so want to be a kitty next, or a dog, or anything that just gets petted and treats.

I have quite a few UFO's myself, one day I'll finish them, of course several I have no idea where I was at, so they may just be frogged.

thursday said...

I've been browsing through your photos of gandalf (so cute), and noticed that Atticus sure looks like Lotus' brother! Funny enough, my Anya had an all black litter-mate named Gandalf, too.

Nikky said...

You said I should stop lurking and write something. :o) So here it is. ***YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO PROUD!!! For my having finished Zach's Fisherman. ;o) Seriously now!! So Proud... took me 4 years but it's done... Whooo hoooo I rock. Come on now.. you can get this done. Bring it with you when you come visit.