Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yes, I Do Knit Socks

I may not be the most prolific sock knitter. Or the most imaginative. But I do knit socks!

See - Ooooo...aaaaaaa... It's taken me, oh, about 5 weeks to work the above (made with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in the "Wildflowers" colourway). I would usually only work my socks on the train home (all of about 15 minutes knitting time) or during lunch time at work. But, as I've made a commitment to myself to finish up some WIP's - one at a time - I'm finding I need something relatively easy to do when either easily distracted, or have too many cats on me. So, the second sock has been knit rather quickly. I have accumulated quite a sock yarn stash, so the quicker I can make them up, the better! I work them toe-up, and use Wendy's pattern (thanks Wendy!). I also use my Mom's old size 14 metal knitting "pins" as they're called. They must be over 50 years old, and they are my absolute favourite to work with.

Gandalf and Atticus, during their daily stare-down with the neighbour's fluffy Maine Coon Guido.

"Mae! Get over here! Guido's come around again and he's STARING at us again! Do SOMETHING!"

" *sigh* Why can't you guys do anything for yourselves? Genius, he's OUTSIDE. We're INSIDE. Just...oh forget it. I'm coming over."

My smart little girl!

As for Amphora. Well, she's there. She almost has ONE sleeve (wow!). It'll be done today, most likely. *crossing fingers*

I also received a really nice comment from Amelia a couple of posts ago (Hi Amelia!) - thanks for delurking! Send me an e-mail at, and I can help you out with the Ziploc bags.

And - Happy Mother's Day! To all my Blogging Mom friends, and my own Mom, looking down on me from above and probably wondering why the hell it's taking me so long to finish Amphora's sleeve... :)


Chris said...

*gasp* Socks?! ;) They look great in your centerpiece.

That Mae - good thing she's there to keep the boys in line. :) Have a lovely Sunday!

Anonymous said...

You knit socks too? I just buy sock yarn and store it LOL!

The mitten book is great -- and it has some gloves in it also -- very inspiring. I keep wanting to say I wish it was in colour -- but all of the mittens are knit in white/black or white/grey! I guess it's a mental thing right?

Marina said...

Very pretty!

Next year! That's when I'm going to give socks another try. If that doesn't work, sock yarn make nice scarves and hats ;-)

I'll be afraid too, if it was one of those huge, fluffy coon cats!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- Guido, that cracks me up.

Nice socks you got there. I'm sure your Mom is looking down at you, in awe of all the things you've accomplished.

Brenda said...

Great socks! I like the colors.

You never know when an outdoor kitty might magically transport itself inside and eat all the catfood. Must keep an eye on the outdoor kitties!

Dipsy said...

Yay for socks - the perfect knit-in-between, ain't it? And yours look great, lovely colours indeed!
Your babes are so cute sitting next to each other on the windowsill - I adore their furry little butts ;)

knitseashore said...

My neighbors' cats are also allowed outside, and like to escape their dog by coming and sitting on our porch. Right in front of my cats. They are still trying to get out the door to chase off the interlopers.

Good for you for doing those WIPs!

Rebekah said...

Well let's see the socks I'm working on at lunch I started well, about a year ago. I've decided myself though that I need to clean up my wip's, at least the socks, which I'm knitting at lunch. It may take me a year though to knit all the mates to my socks in progress.

Nicole said...

Ah, but it wasn't that long ago that Gandalf, indoor kitty that he is, went outside. Who knows when the outdoor kitty might find his way in? Must keep an eye on him at all times. And, if your boys are like my Suzy, growl like crazy while staring. :)

So... do we get a picture of the knitting pins? Or do they really just look like dpns?

Tracey said...

...and to Mae, the surrogate mom. She certainly has her hands full.

barbp said...

Your socks turned out gorgeous!!! Great job. The little dudes - too funny!!!

Marji said...

your pansies are so pretty...;) so are the socks!!
Socks, and now Marina, the last holdout except me, says she's going to knit socks? What is up in this world?

Nicole said...

BTW, I'm tagging you. I don't think you've done this one yet. :)

Lorraine said...

Crap- You've been tagged already- didn't run fast enough!

Carrie K said...

Socks? In a multiple? That match?

[fans self].

Good thing I didn't try to check on this while I had my migraine. I would have thought I was hallucinating.

And we should find out tomorrow if Jericho was renewed.

Sachi said...

Guido!?! LOLOL!!! That's excellent!

Fabu socks, BTW. :-)