Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's That Time Of Year

"...hey wait...where you...gonna catc...catch you...wait a sec...stop going so...hey...hey...hey...stupid leaves...wait...a bird...gonna I'm dizzy now."

It's that fun time of year when Gandalf and Atticus plaster themselves next to the windows, and try to make friends with the birds and falling leaves. Many a "bonk" against the window has been heard. Mae? Not so much. She figured it out after her first autumn.

It's also the time of year when I start my covert Christmans knitting, and my charity knitting for the Annex Cat Rescue, Gandalf's foster care organization. So even though it makes for fun and enjoyable knitting for me, it's not something I can post about. Well, the kitty knitting I can - and I will. Other stuff, um no. At least not until after Christmas!

(Wow, is it that time of year already?!)

But, I do work a few nights a week on my WIP's, and I'm happy to report that I'm finally up to Laleli's armhole steeks! I know I said that a few posts ago... (never report you're near something before actually getting there - you will grow extra thumbs and have a mushy brain just so that the Knitting High Priestess can put you in your place. Mere human. Don't toy with me.)


Pretty, pretty Laleli flowers! I love her. Once I've cast on the armhole steeks, I work for another 25 rounds or so and then I start decreasing for the v-neck.

Last year I picked up a kit for Alcea, from Anne at She Ewe Knits. Now, beautiful as the design is, the sizing is pretty bizarre - the smallest is a 36", and the next one up is something insane like 45", which is wider than my St. Brigid, and that's a bulky sweater. I bought the smallest size, thinking that I would figure out a way of increasing the width without compromising the overall design. I think I'm going to make a vest out of it, but I'm still not quite sure how. So, anyone have any ideas? I'm not too keen on a button up vest, I'd like to make it into a pull over v-neck type. Also - I'm wondering what going up a needle size would do to the overall design? I know, I know - "swatch".

Look what the mailman brought me!

Just the coolest sock bag! Sent in stealth-mode by sneaky Chris to replace the one I lost! She purchased it from Karen's Heavenly Creations on Etsy (click on the link at your own risk!), and let me tell you, it's heavenly all right! Nicely padded inside, tasseled drawstrings and very nicely made. Awww, thanks Chris! It's almost too nice to put into my back pack, but it's in there, with a new sock I should finish in oh, 2009 at the pace I knit my socks these days...

"I can get a date with Daisy? No? I see her on TV in all kinds of commercials. She's a cutey alright! What? I am so NOT stalking her, c'mon!" - Cousin Finnegan


Chris said...

You're very welcome!! Maybe you should get a carbiner to clip the bag to your backpack, just in case... ;)

Hey, the really nice thing about Ravelry is that, unless you're knitting for another knitter, you can keep track of that stealth knitting there...

Sonya said...

No surprise that Mae is too smart to chase falling leaves. ;o)

I love the idea of Alcea as a vest. I have the pattern for someday, but I hadn't realized the funky sizing. A 9" jump? That's crazy. Laleli is simply beautiful!

Lorraine said...

How about using Windsor Waistcoat- look at the schematic, and adjust the patterns to the size- is that what you had in mind?

The reason the sizing is wonky is because of the large repeat.

Uh- where is my report on the Purple Purl?

Marina said...

Sorry I haven't replied yet. If you look at Feitelson's book, she uses different size needles to get a gauge of anywhere from 28 to 32 sts per 4 inches. 30 sts to 4 inches should get you to 38 inches.

Or you could do 7 repeats on 3.25mm needles which will get you 42 inches. You could go down a needle size to get it a bit smaller.

Stealth knitting is not fun. I want to show everybody the crazy thing I did to MaryT!

Michelle said...

Now you are REALLy showing me up! :)
Starting your Christmas knitting now???
I just visited a WONDERFUL yarn shop today! I can't wait to post a photo of what I purchased! The only reason I can is because my husband doesn't read my blog :)
anyway.... I said to the owner... maybe next year everyone will get knitted items... say like socks and a gift card... or a hat and a gift certificate... IF I start my Christmas knitting on Dec 26th!!! DOn't tell me you are starting now?! I am humbled!! :)

Carrie K said...

Gandalf is a very silly cat. But occupied!

Laleli is so gorgeous! And I haven't a clue about resizing Alcea but Lorraine & Marina sounds like they've got you covered.

Crazy thing she did on Mary T? Oh no. I must know.

Dipsy said...

Hah! I've heard some "bumps" on the window lately too! Seems the boys aren't so much in to catching falling leaves, they're more into all those birds flying by outside. Oops - I wonder how they'll react when I let them on the balcony - will they jump after every bird? Will they fall down? Will they learn to fly? Oy...
Alcea as a vest? Fantastic idea as I see it!

Nicole said...

It looks like your boys are having a lot of fun chasing those leaves! My two get to play with the birds year-round, and they don't seem to be very interested in leaves.

Hope the Christmas knitting goes well!

carolyn said...

We made mittens at the same time! Fancy that... unfortunately, mine are for my grandson and I would still like to knit some for me.
I just can't bear to put Luskentyre away, but it's not a problem with my Fulmar from Hades!

I change sizes on my FI with needle size too... I'm too lazy to do math. Then if it's going to be too long, or too short, vertical math is much easier than horizontal math.
Your Laleli is looking absolutely gorgeous! I'm envious! I always want to knit whichever Starmore someone else is knitting that I'm not.

miyamojo said...

Laleli is beautiful! Love those colors!
Alcea would make a nice vest...
Finnegan is so cute, wonder if he watches the leaves fall... probably not. m :)

Vaedri said...

That's really pretty! I am far too chicken to try any kind of colour work beyond broad stripes at this point, so it all looks like magic to me. :)

knitseashore said...

I *love* that colorwork.

Please tell us more about your kitty knitting. There is a group on Ravelry for people who knit for shelters and you can knit anything you like (blankets, toys, etc). I signed up for that but I probably won't start the kitty knitting until after Christmas.