Monday, November 12, 2007

What's That?!

Now that the days are getting shorter, and the weather cooler, She-Who-Does-Not-Photograph-Well - aka Miss Mae, graces me with her presence in the evenings. Usually, when settling in for her evening snooze (not to be confused with the night snooze, of course), she plops down in the kitty condo, which is in another part of apartment. Now, she settles in on the old quilt bed I have down for them, which sits next to the couch.

The other night, while sitting and knitting and watching TV, I noticed a funny rumbling/buzzing kind of sound. I thought it was the neighbours? No. They're always quiet. Is it the fridge? No. The furnace kicking in? Nope. Gandalf snoring on the couch next to me? Uh uh. Something on the TV (and I got up to listen up close)? No.

When I finally muted the TV to try to figure out what was rattling, I realized that the oh so dainty and sweet Mae had fallen asleep on her back, mouth open a la Gandalf, and was snoring away. Loudly. Enough that I couldn't figure out what the sound was!

My little girl.

"Hmmmph. Well, undignified that may be but at least I don't announce it to the world after I've used the litterbox like some little black cat I know!"

Look what I finished!

"Notice if you will the attention to detail and the different patterns on the front and palm sides of these Norwegian mittens. The detailing continues on the thumb, incorporating different patterns on either side. I believe Mom mentioned something about these being so warm she will probably pass out regularly if she doesn't take them off. Wha' the?? Enough of being cheesy - eeeeeeee!!! Mittens with lots of lanolin! Hee hee hee heeee!"

Of course, after this picture was taken Gandalf reverted to his true self by flipping himself over onto the mitts and rolling around on them.

On Thursday night, I'm going to check out a new yarn shop opening up here in Toronto, conveniently located half way between work, and home. On the streetcar line. Cool, thanks! And Chris - you'll love this name! (Marina, not so much.) It's called The Purple Purl, and it's part cafe, part yarn shop. It's all good to me!

Gandalf flashes Mayhem!

" *sigh* I can't believe Mae told everyone that I like a good rawwwwr after I go to the box."


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Mae is so cute- her snoring is adorable. It's interesting how sleeping tires them out!
Nice mittens- I'd put them on a string so I don't lose them.

You and Chris need to stop scaring Marina!

Sonya said...

Mae snores? Who'd have thunk it? She's so fluffy and cute. Your mittens are beautiful! It's nice that Gandalf knows all the knitterly details.

Chris said...

*covers Mayhem's eyes*

Hee hee - Chaos snores loudly, too! You're right - I do like that yarn store name. Looking forward to your report on it!

The mittens turned out really well!

Nicole said...

OH, too cute! (Who am I kidding? Kitties can never be *too* cute. Only cute enough.)

DeeAnn said...

Awww! Your Little Dudes are so cute :) Love the mittens - they look like they were fun too with all the pattern changes.

Marina said...

Purple is so wrong! What's wrong with Pink Purls?

Oooh, the mittens are gorgeous! Gandalf must have a shiny coat after rolling in them.

Bridget said...

I love the snoring story! We used to have a cat that wheezed really loud, and my husband used to say that he only wished when we were sleeping, that cat and I could wheeze simultaneously, 'cause it would be easier for him to sleep ...

Mae is a very pretty girl, I'm glad you got a picture of her.

Those mittens are just wonderful - my knitting New Year's resolution is going to be to learn to do fair isle.

Give all the kitties a pat from me. Tell Atticus that he is named for one of my very favorite characters ...

Anonymous said...

I love those mittens!

Ahem....everyone in this house snores....hubby, Daisy the dog, Caelee the cat and yes, I do snore...I said it, yes, I am a snorer! LOL!

bev said...

How could you? How could you point out to the world that Mae snores? Whatever is she to do now? Oh the embarrassment... The mittens are great! Gandalf should think about doing the garment description thing as a profession.

Rebekah said...

ahh the alluring sound of animals snoring, it always cracks me up.

Beautiful mittens!

miyamojo said...

There's something comforting about hearing snoring from those you love...! Miss Mae is adorable with her green eyes and pink nose! and Gandalf with his foot in the air! heehee!

I love how the pattern changes on those mittens! Bet they were fun to make! m :)

carolyn said...

Great mittens! Is the pattern from Selvubotter or somewhere else?

I didn't realize that cats could (did) snore, although we had a cat once that sounded asthmatic. He was probably allergic to us!

Did you get your snow there yeat

Dipsy said...

LOL ;) Your cat-stories are just the best, you always give me such a great laugh! Mae's got such a cute little face - one wouldn't believe that such an innocent face could snore so soundly ;)))
I love these mittens - woah, they look fantastic actually! They seem pretty complicated to me - beautiful work!

Carrie K said...

Doesn't everyone like a good rawrrr after that, Gandalf?

Mae, snoring? I think you must be mistaken. ;)

Those mittens came out really fabulous! I love the detail. Got to work on my pair.

knitseashore said...

Timmy snores too, sometimes so loud that I have to poke him with my feet to stop! Since Mae is a brown and white tabby (from what I can see of her in the photo), I guess it's not just an orange cat thing.

Mittens look great -- your hands can never be too warm!!