Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

"Really Mom, stop being so gosh darn picky about your picture. You look fine wearing Mermaid. Besides, you'd think with all the unflattering pictures you take of us you'd be pretty easy goin' with bad flash or a crappy photographer. We are."

Here we are, Mermaid and I... Not the best picture (what can you do when photographers are limited...), but you get the Mermaid-y idea.

Do I love her? Why yes, I do... She fits like a dream, blocked effortlessly, and all in all was a very satisfying knit. You're not doing enough of one particular thing long enough to get bored, and the construction is fascinating. OK.

Well, I thought so!

And you know what? I'd make another one. Any good quality 2-ply yarn such as Jamieson's would work in jiffy. And the results are amazing! The colous are actually a bit more vibrant than they appear above. Again...photographer beggars cannot be choosers. Not to mention fluorescent lighting that makes anyone look like pretty pasty.'s a picture.

So, the deets are Mermaid by Hanne Falkenberg, size Small in Colourway #4. You use a 3mm throughout, except for the I-cord edging along the cuffs and front edging, which require 3.5mm DPNs. I've said it several times before and I'll say it again - this pattern is NOT at all difficult. Once you get the hang of the way the pattern works, and that doesn't take long at all, it all falls into place. Because it all works, through the wonder of modular knitting. The woman is a genius at what she does...

The day I wore it, we took one of the guys at work out for lunch for a belated birthday present. I was walking to the Women's Washroom, when a woman at a table looked at me and said: "Wow, that's Mermaid!!". Heh, we knitters. We are everywhere.

In Other News...

This past week, a huge (and I mean HUGE) fire gutted an old area of Toronto. Thankfully no one was killed or hurt, although 30 people are homeless, and some very old and established businesses went up in smoke (um, including my hairdresser's shop).

I mention this, because my heart momentarily stopped when I realized what was pretty much across the street from the blaze - crazy madhouse yarn shop Romni Wools. As much as I have mixed feelings about the staff, the service and the overwhelming amount of yarn (Dudes, it's downright claustrophobic), it is nevertheless the largest yarn shop in Toronto, and one of the only places you will most likely find what you're looking for tucked away in some corner. If you go, make sure you've gone to the bathroom, someone knows where you are, and you have snacks. Or go with a buddy.

I'm quite sure you would have heard very loud wailing coming from all areas of the city had Romni's been part of the blaze. As it is, I'm very sad about Duke's Cycle, where I've shopped at many times in the past.


As for V-Day...

Atticus got a week's stay... His appointment was postponed until next Friday. He's still pretty much oblivious to it all.

We went ONE WHOLE week without any significant snow! And speaking of snow - yes, my cute little Nordic Sweetheart hat is done! Well, not counting the whole blocking part, but the knitting is. I'm going to block her later today, and post a picture next time around.

"I don't get the whole "don't take a picture of me 'cause I look all blah blah blah". Humans are funny. And not always in a haha way. Well, not that I'd let on anyway."

Hey! And guess what?

I make someone's day! Both Bridget and Marina nominated me for this!

Aw, thanks! If I can make you smile, then I'm happy! As are the Little Dudes. And not to sound corny, but really, if you're on my sidebar, believe me - you make me happy. I learn so much from all of you, and I just love reading all that you have to offer.


And the "injury" I mentioned last week? Getting much better. At least now sitting and lying on my back isn't such an ordeal.

Next week? I may just have something new to show you. And, updated pictures on WIP's!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

We Are Not Amused

"I still don't know what's going on."

"Yeah, and you're still a big jerk for picking on me like that. I told you I didn't know!"

Poor Atticus... Friday is V-Day. I have a plan of action in place, and fingers crossed already! He just continues to be oblivious. I just remember why he needs to go to the vet everytime he opens his mouth and yawns. Dude. So needs his teeth cleaned...

In the meantime...this was not an amusing week. Above is just one example of the huge icicles I have dangling from the eaves. More snow this past week...can you tell?? On Wednesday morning, I plowed through knee deep snow to get to my train. By the time I got to the station (normally a very pleasant 10 minute walk), I was exhausted. The city finally got around to removing the snow from my dinky little side street yesterday. Which should make things easier, right? Well, let's see... Freezing rain today means walking on a sheet of ice tomorrow. Nice. I suppose I wouldn't have been so crabby and crusty this past week (I don't mind winter, really, I don't) if it hadn't been for a monumental tumble that resulted in and EPIC bruise on my backside. Don't ask. Just imagine. Be sure to include colourful language.

And the other episode added to my curmudgeony mood this past week... The demise of my Wheat Cable Vest. I seriously miscalculated my tension (did I ever tell you about how I failed Grade 10 math?), resulting in a very, very wide body. Very sad... So, I do what I always do when I make these types of mistakes - I quickly removed the circular needle, put it back in it's drawer, and shoved the ughed project in a bag and out of sight. Making it out of mind. I'll go back and retool it another day...right after I retool Grace. Wait for it.

But. There is always some good news!

"How am I doing Mae? Was I good to stand all over Mom's hat? Because this way, you know, she can't drape it all over one of us."

I had my Nordic Sweatheart hat artfully posed, only to have Gandalf nix that whole plan. But, as you can see - the main body is done, and I'm now working on the facing. See the section that is repeated twice? The lower section will be folded up to make up the brim. And when I'm done, I'll attach a tassel on the top. It's so cute! And pink! But that's OK, I like a little brightness against my black winter coat.

And Mermaid? Yes, she's done! DONE! But, as requested, I will post a modelled shot later this week. I have to block her, and pray that it fits. Even though my tension was as specified, I always go through a "moment"... You know, as you try something on for the first time. Pretty please let it look decent on me...

This week - the second episode of Season 2 of "Jericho" (watch it watch it watch it), one of the best shows in years; and for all you Coronation Street fans - what in the... happened to Baby Freddie??


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ups and Downs

"I'm so sweet and soft! That's what they tell me at the vet's office. Not such a bad place when you consider all the attention I get. *sigh* Oooo, should I tell Atticus that Mom booked an appointment for him next? Hee hee..."

"Tell me what?"

Aside from all that vet stuff... I did manage to do this:

I finished knitting Mermaid. Anyone who's completed Mermaid will be wondering why I didn't do a 3-needle bind off on the sleeves as indicated in the pattern. That's because picking up the stitches on the cast on edge was just not happening. At all. Much swearing. Note to anyone who plans on doing it, or is doing it now - do a cable or knit cast on for the sleeves. I did long-tail, and at least for me - picking up those stitches was painful, and not working out very well. So, I'll sew them together. Considering there really isn't much to sew together, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

On to finishing my Nordic Sweetheart hat, and the Wheat Cable vest. And...all the other, uh, WIP's... I know.

So, I'll work on the finishing, block her, and post a picture as soon as it's all ready! And you know what? I may one day make another one... It really is a fun little knit, and I enjoyed it.

And that was the week that was. Not too much exciting... The snow from last week? Disappeared by Tuesday. Then Wednesday I woke up to another storm, only to have it end midday. Out came the sun. In went the sun. And then we got hit by another storm later that day. Now we're back to about a foot or so, and there's more to come again this week. Nice.

And in between all that, little wee Mae had her annual check up, and came out just fine. Next - and this requires a plan of action - is Atticus. Poor guy... To say he *hates* going to the vet would be not even close to it. He can sense it from the moment the day starts. And, getting him into the carrier is not an easy thing to do either. He's been known to pee on me...and bite...and make noises that guarantees the cab driver will have us at the vet's office in like, 3 minutes flat door to door.

And, once he gets the thumbs up - I book him to get his teeth cleaned. Can you feel the love...

*sigh* Poor guy...if he only took the time to crunch his food instead of inhale it whole, he probably wouldn't need to have his teeth cleaned... Mae? Perfect teeth. Because she actually crunches her food.

February 22nd. It's going to be a lovely day...

"Tell me what, Mae?!"


"Why don't I believe you?? Fine. I'll get it out of Gandalf."

"Uh huh, you do that."

"Tell me!"

"Tell you what! I don't know...what...why don't you ask her??!"

"Because she's not saying anything!"

"Well, I...don' big...jerk...stop picking on me!"

"I'll get it out somehow..."

"MOM! Atticus is being mean! I haven't done anything to him! Honest! I haven't!!"

Sunday, February 03, 2008

When Life Gives You Snow... make snow pictures. :)

Not the best shot, I took it with my camera phone for all my west coast friends to see. This is a shot of what it all looked like in my neighbourhood after another foot of snow fell on Friday. Nice to look at. Treacherous to walk through. A neighbour of ours was hired to shovel the snow for us while the regular caretaker was away. At $20 an inch... heh, I'd of done it! Ok, not really.

It was a weird week in weather, let me tell you. Although it didn't get as cold as it did in some areas (it was -59C with the wind on the Prairies - YIKES!), we got our share of whacked out winds. So whacked out, my beloved pink hat blew right off my head (it's me. Go with it.), and into the path of a oncoming streetcar on Wednesday. Not salvagable. At all.

So, I had good reason to start this. Out of necessity.

It's the "Nordic Sweetheart Hat" from She Ewe Knits (a free download to boot!). I'm using some stashed Jamiesons 2-ply in Sorbet, and Natural White. The section above is folded up for the brim, you repeat the chart twice, before moving on the the rest of the hat. Then you unravel the provisional cast on, and knit a facing. Should be nice and warm. And I have enough yarn to make a pair of mittens as well!
It shouldn't take me long to complete it (I hope...). So, my model (guess who...) decided he no longer wanted to sit still with this half-finished fuzzy object on his head after hearing the birds chirping outside. He tore off for the window, and somehow managed to get it wraped around his waist. Good boy. I takes 'em as I can get 'em.

Knitting the hat shouldn't take away from finishing Mermaid either. I've completed one sleeve, and am well into the second (although I don't have a picture to show you). Or the vest. Michelle asked whether or not I'd have both Mermaid and the Wheat Cable vest done by the end of February. Um, OK. No pressure! And maybe the hat too! But I'm going to stop there with any more knitting promises though...

Hey, and look here! I received an award from the very kind and sock-tastic Brenda!
Aw shucks, thanks Brenda! I'm also so pleased you find my wee blog excellent, and I'm happy it makes you smile. I know there are a lot of blogs I love that are out there too - and I don't think I could nominate just 10. But, I do love my morning cup o' Chaos and Mayhem, as do so many others I'm sure, and my almost daily chats with Carrie.

Believe me - if you're on my sidebar - you ARE most excellent!!

"Mae? You awake?"

"I am now."

"Am I most excellent?"

"Huh? At what?"

"You know. Just being me. Am I not most excellent?!"

"You know. I have no answer to that. Let's see, you hog all the good napping spots, bug me when I'm in the box, ambush me when I turn a corner, try to scarf back all the snacks before I can get a share at bedtime, and meow like a banshee after you've done your business. Oh yeah. Most excellent."

"But I think you're a most excellentest sister!"

"Really? Well. OK. Then I guess you are my most excellent little brother. How's that?"