Monday, June 28, 2010

What A Shame

"Uh oh, Mom's not happy."

No. I'm not.

Let me just say that if you have a cause you believe in, and are passionate about - good for you. Greenpeace? Excellent. Amnesty International? Awesome. Plight of women and children in 3rd World countries? I support you, too. Aboriginal issues? Got my vote.

Vandalizing, setting cars on fire, looting and rioting? Get the hell out of my city.

No one I'd spoken to thought that holding the G20 summit in Toronto was a good idea. Not a single person. Certainly not in core of the city. Nevertheless, the choice was made, and the price tag to protect the delegates insanely high ($1 billion). You knew there would be protests. It goes hand in hand with these types of meetings.

"Gandalf, what are you doing??"

"Nothing. Don't mind me. Continue."

What took me by surprise was the senseless tactics of these self-proclaimed anarchists. And it angers me that they would come into this city - my home - for the sole purpose of destruction and violence. Drowning out the voices of those peaceful protesters, and their causes. What's more, it's said that the majority of these thugs aren't even from the city of Toronto. This is what they do - go to major meetings or summits to cause chaos.

So you come to my city, take over the streets, think nothing of destroying and vandalizing property, terrorizing the peaceful protesters and antagonizing the police - and you can't show your face?

"Gandalf. What are you doing???!"

"I'm good, really. Keep going."

What the hell is wrong with you? What was your message? You don't like large corporations, so you smash up a bunch of Starbucks. What's your point?? If you don't approve or even like the spread of large corporations - don't frequent their outlets. I buy my coffee at independant coffee shops as much as I can. Don't like the way big banks handle their profits? Put your money in a Credit Union. I do. But smashing the windows of a little convenience store does nothing to further your cause. Whatever that may be. Bet you don't even know yourselves.

Don't come to my city. You have no message. And don't come here and call Canada a "fascist police state", you retarded little shit.

I think they really should be given a chance to promote their brand of "protests" in a place where they probably will not get a 5-minute warning. Yeah, that would be good. Where the police have no hesitation in using water and sound cannons and rubber bullets at the first sign of dissent. But, that won't happen, will it? You would need to fully understand and believe in a relevant social issue to even be in a country that has a legitimate cause to fight for. And most of those countries would kick you in the nuts faster than you can change your clothes behind a crowd of real protesters, you chicken shit.

"Gandalf! Enough already!"

"Yeah, I'm stuck. I may need a hand..."

Pardon my French, kids. It was much worse when I first saw what was going on downtown. Most of what went on took place around the area I work downtown. It was not a pleasant sight to see.

I'm glad it's over, but Toronto did not need the black eye given to it by these professional anarchists. And the real protesters, the peaceful ones who actually had a message to get across never got a chance. I don't think I saw or read a single story on their issues.

What a waste.

"It just wasn't cool. At all...harshing my mellow..."

Well, under any other circumstance, telling you that we had an earthquake here last Wednesday would be big news (well, for us anyway).

"I didn't like that earthquake. I was scared! And it woke me up! Then there was all that rioting and stuff downtown. Mom swearing. It really hasn't been a fun time. But it's ok now. Mom has the week off! Yay!"

That's right. And I just want some peace and quiet...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Really, This No Knitting Content Is Getting Old

You would think that after a 2 week blogging absence, I'd have some knitting to show you. You'd be wrong.
Truth is, I'm embarassed, and a bit ashamed. But just a scooch. Because if I were to show you my work, you'd say - "hey, that's new". And you'd be right. My attention-deficiency of late continues, and I had to start something new. The good news is that I don't feel like straying much from these 2 particular projects. The bad news is that Lorraine will be putting out her latest pattern soon.

Atticus would like to thank all of his friends for the birthday wishes! He'd also like you to know that his Mom is a complete weenie.

See. This is how I remember Atticus' birthday. In 1995, 2 friends were married on June 10th. In 1997, another 2 friends were married on June 14th (and I was a bridesmaid, which is neither here nor there, but I thought I'd mention it). It just so happened that in 1997, June 14th landed on the same Saturday that June 10th did in 1995. (My logic astounds me sometimes.)

Bear with me here.

So. I remember 1997 couple's 1st wedding anniversary in 1998, as I later found out that that was the day Atticus was born. But, my brain being what it is, I often confuse couple 1995 with couple 1997's wedding anniversaries. Therefore. I confuse Atticus' birthday. I remember he was born in 1998. I just mix up the two anniversaries...

All that to say his 12th birthday was on June 14th. Not June 10th.

"What a load of crap, lady."

Right. Moving on.

I have to introduce you to 2 new tenants in the house!

Meet Lucky and Cinders. No no. They're not mine (oh, c'mon). They belong to my new neighbour Brian, who moved into one of the apartments one the other side of the house.


They were found motherless by Brian's dog Sasha, and he took them in. Lucky was given that name as he survived Sasha thinking they were her puppies, and a racoon who thought he'd make a nice snack.

They are the funniest little guys. And they have an awesome condo too. Brian's a contractor, and he put together quite the pen for them.

It's funny. Sasha is pretty sure they're her puppies. She had quite a few litters before she was rescued, and I'm sure she looks at them and thinks - "huh? More of them? Again?? Man...".

Gandalf seems to like Sasha. He's the only one who doesn't hiss and act tough when she comes to the back door.

" look look suave..."

Malcolm on the other hand.

Sleeps through it all.

These 2 pictures were takenin sequenc. In other words - that's how the little contortionist sleeps. As you can imagine, opening the fridge can be a little difficult at times. And when I do, he doesn't wake even wake up. Malcolm loves being behind that curtain next to the back doors, as you can see by the the raggedy look to the curtain.

"Is she back again? This is getting really annoying..."

And another backyard feature - the pond. It's looking really nice, and the waterfall at the back is quite soothing. There are quite a few fish now as well. So, it's turning out to be quite a nice backyard.

"Without a doubt, I am the only "normal" sleeper here. They say I "snore", but I say they're just jealous because "beauty sleep" actually does something for me. Unlike my dorky brothers, who drool, mumble and toot ::cough:: Malcolm ::cough:: in their sleep."

"Watcha doing, Malcolm?"

"Nothing. Just hangin'. I'm kinda sleepy."

"Gonna nap now."

One minute he's climping up on top of his Noro perch, the next...he's dozed off. Half on, half off. Atta boy!

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Old Man!

Yes, my beloved Old Man Atticus will be 12 years old on Thursday, June 10th.

Hard to believe...

"Wheeeee! I'm a little hellion!"

...that this little squirt, would turn into this big boy.

"That is not me. I was never that small."

He came to live with me when he was a few days shy of 6 weeks old. A tiny little guy that weighed in at around 2 lbs, if that.

He's always been my shadow, always making sure he knew where I was and taking care of me in his own way. He knows when I'm sick, when I'm feeling a bit down, and will always make sure I'm OK. He's woken me out of bad dreams, and looks after his younger siblings. He stepped in to show Mae the ropes when she came to live with us, even though at the time, I thought he was being a bit rough with her! Well, that wasn't really the case as it wasn't long before she was sending him packing.

People always marvel at how well my guys get along, and how quickly they adjust when they come into their new home. I think a lot of it has to do with Atticus' even-temperament, and "it's-all-good" attitude. Although he is the Cat of the House, and takes his role very seriously, when it came to other cats coming into the home (Mae, Gandalf and Malcolm), he had no issues with any of them. He's pretty confident in his position in the household. As for people! Well, as soon as he checks them out to make sure he passes The Atticus test, he'll keep an eye on them, whacking them with his paw to make sure they keep in line. Heh... Lorraine knows allll about that. :D

Despite the gruff exterior, he's a sweetheart. I will never forget how, during Malcolm's first night here, he pawed my face to wake me up because Malcolm was hungry and mewling. Awww... Malcolm may love playing with Gandalf, but when it comes to snuggling and comfort, he'll always go to Atticus.

He's a special one!

"Happy Birthday Atticus! I hope you appreciate that I woke up just to wish you that."

"Thanks Mae!"

"Happy Birthday Bro! I hope you appreciate it too that I woke up just for you. I love you, man!"

"Thanks you too, I guess..."


"Wow, thanks Malcolm. I'll protect you when Gandalf beats you up for saying that."

"Thanks Atticus!"

Yes, Happy Birthday Darling Atticus. You're my best friend, and I love you too. Here's to many more years!