Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oh Crud.

Oh crap. I'm out of Mulberry. The main colour for Ophelia. With about 30 rows or so, and the cuff. Oh, and the 2 rows I messed up in the back that I have to duplicate stitch.
"For shame..."

It will be Lorraine to the rescue! She has some left over, now we just have to hook up!

Call me!
"I told you this would happen..."
"Nope, none here...sorry Mom."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Eeeeee! Can you tell I'm excited?!

Here she is!

Lush, by Kim Hargreaves
Knit using Rowan Kid Classic (70% Lambswool, 26% Kid Mohair, 4% Nylon) on 4.5mm and 3.75mm needles (colour - Crushed Velvet).
PITA factor - 7 out of 10, and that's simply because of the finishing. The main body of the piece is knit from cuff to cuff, with short rows used to shape the waist. That part was simple and quick. Then the cowl collar, arm bands and front and back "ribbing" are knit separately. The PITA factor - all these pieces need to be sewn on to the main body; the stitches are not picked up. I was lucky *patting me on back* - my tension was accurate, and the pieces fit like a charm. Only the arms needed to be "eased" in to fit the cuff, giving it a gathered look. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and as I've mentioned before, Kim's customer service is stellar should you need to ask for clarifications.

And you know what? She fits like a charm. Me so happy *happy happy geeky happy dance*! I would have included a modeled shot, only it's still a bit warm near the end of the day to be wearing her just yet.

I probably wouldn't knit her again, but I would recommend her to anyone looking to knit a simple, classic style. But - be warned! If finishing isn't your strong suit, you may not like this as there is quite a bit of it, and it can be tedious. The results are worth it though, so I wouldn't let that discourage you. Oooo...and Kid Classic is YUMMY!

What's next? Ophelia! And Western Seas. Both of which are so close to being FO's. Well, Ophelia is at least. And I can see the light at the end of the Western Seas tunnel. The only thing that may stop me on Ophelia is if I run out of my main colour, Mulberrry, before Lorraine and I meet up, hopefully in the next week or so (she has some left over for me...phew!).

Right. I had other pics to post about this past weekend's Toronto Waterfront Marathon, but Blogger is not going to let me post any more pictures... *sigh*. It can wait until the next one.

And if you haven't already, send some nice, happy kitty "Get Well Soon" wishes to Chaos, who's feeling rather poorly of late...

Take care everyone, and enjoy this wonderful Autumn weather!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is It Friday?

Le Bummer.

I've had better weeks... But at the end of the day, you come home to the Little Dudes, you have great Knit Buddies to cheer you up (thanks Hammy!), and good friends at work to laugh with.

It could be worse, I always remember that.

Something Is Rotten In The City of Toronto

For the past 8 years plus, I have been very fortunate to live in a lovely neighbourhood here in Toronto. I have an apartment in an old house - built in 1892, before there was anything beyond farmland in this area. It's been beautifully renovated, and it's been home here for myself and the Little Dudes.

Here's the rotten in the State of Denmark part.

I found out late last week that due to a severe mould problem in the basement, I have to vacate the apartment by the end of the year. The Health Department of the city of Toronto were here to measure the mould levels, and found out that the levels are 2 times the acceptable limit in the basement. The owners now have to do a major cleanup on all levels, and it's probably not going to be a good idea to be around for it.

So, I'm bummed. I don't want to move, for obvious reasons. I don't really want to go through all of the hassle, but you have to do what you have to do. I'm concerned for myself, and of course the kitties. Health is more important.

I've started to look for another place, and I'm encouraged by what's available. Looks like I'll be able to stay in the neighbourhood, and probably find something cheaper as well. I'm making the best of a bad situation, and looking at the bright side of things -

I'll be able to really clear out my stash! Wheeee!!

Lush Snag

I was breezing along on Lush when I reached a bit of a snag.

The cuff - kind of small for the arm edge.

It is supposed to be a snug fit, and the cuff needs to be eased in to the arm edge, but this just didn't fit! No matter how much I stretched it out.

Even though I pretty much suspected all I needed was to add a few more repeats between the short row shaping on the sides, I thought I'd be a good consumer. I sent Kim Hargreaves an e-mail, in case there was an error in the pattern. I received a response within 24 hours, and confirmed what I suspected. So, I'll just add a few more repeats, and all will be well with world.

And Kim Hargreaves? Fabulous customer service, and I would recommend ordering from her any day. You should have no worries placing an order with her, or having to ask any question on her patterns. They even offered to send more yarn if I was short.

See? Things always work out.

And, while waiting on a response, I was able to work on Ophelia's last arm. I have 2 repeats left to complete, and the cuff! I can smell victory...

You know, once I re-read this, it all doesn't seem so bad.

My brother is down for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday (7am start. Oh goodie *clapping hands*.). And - my Sis-in-Law finished 16th out of all the women participants in the Montreal Marathon a few weeks ago! Very cool!

And tomorrow is Friday.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yarn, Yarn and More Yarn

Well, there's a lot to be said for the power of blogging and the Internet. When it comes to knitting - it has you bring out your WIP's for everyone to see, it gives you a medium for showing off your FO's, your friends can offer advice and encouragement (one of the best aspects), and you can also be right royally chastised for NOT displaying your loot picked up at a Knitters' Fair.

Me sorry...

So, here are some more details. Atticus and Gandalf decided they'd better inspect the goods as well, just in case there was something worth munching on.

Some Aran weight Philosopher's Wool in a red. I'm going to make an outdoor, cabled coat.

I love a vibrant colour for winter, and this sweater should be warm enough for mild-ish winter days.

"This had better not be another kitten..."

Some lovely spring green Peace Fleece for a top-down hoodie.

"I'm not picking up a scent...we may be in the clear..."

"Woodstock" yarn from Needful Yarns, in a marled dark purple/black. This is quite a departure from the usual for me, but it was a case of loving the finished product displayed - a car coat. Should be a quick knit!

(But not until Ophelia's done, I know Marina...)

"What if you're wrong? I like being the only Cute Kitten..."

"Thrum" mitten kits, one in black, one in grey.

And Gandalf looking mighty cute, I might add...

"You know, you could stuff me in your mitts for extra warmth...Just sayin'."

And here's the "Alcea" kit I picked up at Anne's booth - She Ewe Knits.

It's in the latest Jamieson's book - Simply Shetland 3.

Beautiful colours! And, the book is quite good, there are a few textured designs and a gansey that would be lovely to make...

"OK, inanimate sheep, try not to steal my thunder. It's still all about me..."

Phew. OK, and there are a couple of other things I won't show, because they're to be pressies... It was a pretty productive day, wouldn't you say?! Also not shown are the sundry needles I picked up at a great price, and the blocking wires.

Marina is applying pressure to Cynthia and I... She's going to be reminding us of our unfinished Fair Isle projects (hey, mine's on hiatus) until they are done! Once I'm done with Kim Hargreaves' "Lush", I will be devoting 100% of my knitting time on Ophelia's last arm! Lush is in the finishing stages - I'm completing the bottom cuffs now, and after that I have the arm cuffs to complete. Sew her up, and she's done!

Then it's All Ophelia, All The Time.

Atticus and Gandalf, in a "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" moment. What you can't really see is Gandalf (in the Steve Martin role) with his little arm around Atticus' (in the John Candy role) back.

Later, once they woke up to the fact Atticus was not the soft pillows of Gandalf's dream, they were all - "hey, whoa, uh, heh heh, uh how 'bout those Leafs, huh?!"

And, I did not want to close off this post without wishing my wonderful sister-in-law a very happy 40th birthday! How does the birthday girl celebrate? By running a marathon - the New York City marathon in November (after running one in Montreal last weekend...).

Myself, I'd by yarn.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Such Thing As Too Much Yarn...

Well, such is my belief.

Atticus inspects some of the new additions, and gives them 2 paws up! Not everything is shown, 'cause, well that would be too many pictures and that would be, well, embarassing.

But what a day! I spent this past Saturday with Anne and Lorraine at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Fair.

Stash. Enhancement.

A great picture of Anne and Lorraine, chatting at the She Ewe Knits booth.

Did you check out the pictures on Lorraine's blog? She's got all the goods on display - the Twisted Tradition designs and all of the Jamieson's that Anne showcased. And a silly picture of me giggling away while demonstrating 2-handed Fair Isle knitting.

I myself picked up "Alcea", from Jamieson's latest Simply Shetland 3.

And other stuff. Lots of other stuff...

Lorraine, showing me the correct way to wear a beret.

I on the other hand, do not look too fetching in that type of hat...

She's wearing the beret and scarf from her "Fair Rosamund" design.

It was a fabulous day Knitsters! Saw all sorts of neat stuff, met some interesting people, and supported some great, small "cottage industry" type yarn retailers from both sides of the border. I was only too happy to lend my support...

And, I think Anne converted one lady over to the traditional knitting side... Heh heh... Reel them in with a twisted design, and the next thing you know it's Fair Isle all the way...

Back at Work

Always a ton 'o' fun...

And back to the Gym


I lazed around a bit too much this summer, so it's now time to get back to a regular schedule! I stick exclusively to classes, and will be heading back to Meditation Yoga on Wednesdays after sporadic attendance over the summer, and maybe a Back Strengthening class on Thursdays. My theory on going to the gym - if I can't do it away from the gym, then I won't do it. In other words, I can do yoga or strengthening exercises at home, but I don't have circuit machines in my basement. So I stick to the yoga and the like.

Can you imagine how buff we'd be if knitting were exercise? No, jumping up and down and throwing things against the wall doesn't count.

"Hey, check out Chaos' new little sister! I think she's kinda cute, but she's a girl so she probably has cooties."

"Aw geez Mom... now everyone'll know I secretly like the little guy... Must remember to smack him upside the head next chance I get."

Friday, September 08, 2006

Home Again

Well, thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday and vacation wishes! My sister says it's pretty cool that I have Knit Buddies all over sending me good wishes. And it is - so thank you all very much!

{{{{{Brigitte sending big hugs!}}}}}

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Knitsters, I had the BEST time ever in St. Catharines! It was wonderfully relaxing, and as always, my sis, SIL and Finnegan were the best hosts.

Finnegan wishes his Auntie Brigitte a Happy Birthday!

He taught me the Finnegan Song (no reason I should be the only one to have it running through my brain ad nauseam):

Who's the fluffiest in the land?
It's Finnegan!
Woof Woof Woof!

Good thing you don't know the tune. Otherwise you'll be singing it too. Trust me.

Let me tell you - one of the cutest things ever is Mr. Fluffy greeting you first thing in the morning. Little tail wagging, head and ears looking up at you, completely overjoyed that you're there! Too. Cute. As much as I love my Little Dudes, their motivation for seeing me first thing in the morning has nothing to do with the joy of just plain seeing me. First thing anyway.

The weather blew, but that was expected. Didn't matter in the least, because we did manage to move our collective butts enough to go out walking with the puppy, visit the Aberfoyle Antique market and IKEA (on a Sunday. Not a bright plan.), eat (did I mention my sister is a fabulous cook?), watch movies, play Scrabble, nap EVERY DAY, and of course knit! Well, I did anyway.

Well, lookie here! It's Western Seas, looking consiberably longer than she did a week ago! Body to gussets? Done! Gussets? Done! Front to start of V-neck? DONE!

And you know what? I wasn't bored with her at all. It was the perfect knit to have taken with me - easy to work on and looking good!

I caved and also brought Ophelia with me. I did finish the first sleeve cuff, and picked up the stitches for the right sleeve.

How COOL is that ?! Well, I'm pleased, that's for sure.

Oh yeah, I also attended Finnegan's Puppy School on Tuesday.

Here he is greeting his buddy Cosmo.

He did very well. Either that or he's on to my sister and the treat thingy.

You know, I love dogs, and Finnegan is just the sweetest little puppy. But, cats? Rock. I love their independance, the fact they flip you the bird if you try to train them, and that they love you in their own sweet, quiet little ways. *sigh*

You know what's the best part of being home again?

"Leave for 5 days again and I'll take a page from Kitten-Chow's book and crap on your bed."


That lump is Gandalf, discovering the joys of an IKEA purchase.

"Wha'? Where am I? Oooo, look - hangy things! Wheee! Wheee! Wheee!"

"You smelled like dog when you came home. Something you'd like to tell me? Fine. I'm just going to lie here in silence. Until you break out the food."

Awww...they wuv me!

And the Fun Overload continues - tomorrow is the Waterloo County Knitters' Fair! If you're in the area, be there or be square.

Ka. Ching.