Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Been a Year?!!

Hi Everyone!!!! Guess what?!! IT WAS MY FIRST BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!!!!!

Look at how small I was! And cute! Boy, was I ever an adorable little gaffer. Still am, really.

My first year was fun! And confusing too. At times, I thought my name was "ow, dammit Malcolm!", and "Nerf-Ball cut it out!", but I soon learned. I have awesome big brothers and sister. They taught me how to be a big grown up kitty. Not sure why, being a little kitty is a whole lot of fun! Just look at what I got into!


And then I found this really cool thing called a "sink". Sometimes there's stuff in there, and I can play around with it and it makes all kinds of neat noises!

"I wonder what this does...?"

After Mom saw me there, I thought my name was "WTF! Malcolm!". It's confusing when you're little, you know.

Anyhoo. Then, I figured out how to jump up on to the table! Mae wasn't too impressed at first, she's was all - stay on your side, dweeb - but I won her over. I'd lie like this, and make googly eyes at her.

"...*plink plink plink*...hi Mae..."

But, when I'd have a bad dream, or sometimes just because, I'd go find my big brother Gandalf, and he'd make it all better! Not like Mom-all-better, but like, just well, better.

Of course, Atticus is pretty awesome too.

And Mae too, when she thinks no one is looking.

So you see, I'm pretty lucky. And happy! Everyone says I'm cute and funny and sweet and stuff, I have a cool Mom who loves me, brothers and a sister who love me, lots of friends, I get to eat yummy food, and I get a bedtime snack too! I get to snuggle on my Mom's tummy, usually when she's knitting. Even though I have toys, I used to play with poop. But I don't any more! And Mom seems to like that I don't. But I still think spiders and toilet paper are pretty neat to play with!

OK! So, yay me! I'm one!

I kinda need a nap now. This is my favourite spot to sleep! Mae says I snore, but I say she's a gassy McFartysons. Hee hee...

Bye everyone! Thanks for stopping by, and being so nice to me all year! I promise I'm gonna have lots more pictures for you.



Sunday, August 01, 2010

Could It Be?!!

What? A FINISHED project?!!

OK. So it's a hat. But I think this probably marks only the 2nd finished project for 2010.

But it's a mighty fine hat. (Well, I think so anyway.)

Malcolm graciously agreed to model the finished piece.

"No, not really. I'm just to tired to protest."

I finished "Dahlia", one of three designs included in "Hattrick" from Virtual Yarns. I haven't blocked it yet; I'm still looking for a right-sized plate to form it on.

So happy! Love love love! The colours are just beautiful, and work so well together. It satisfied my urge to work on a stranded project, and should keep any more stranded urges at bay until the weather cools a bit. Or so I say. I've been itching to start work on "Donegal", and after all, when it comes to casting on something new, I'm not one to deny myself. I've made that quite clear in the past. *sigh*

"Wow Malcolm, that hat really suits you."

"Really? Oh, thanks Gandalf! Do you think Mom will let me wear it? It's so soft."

"I can't see why not."

I really want to thank everyone for their kind words and wishes re. my polycythemia. I appreciate it so much! It's been a confusing and demoralizing time for me, but having so many friends wish me well means a lot. I had some blood work last week, and my blood counts are starting to come down, which is a positive sign! I have to continue going every 2 weeks until he's satisfied I'm on the right dose, and the medication is working. So far, so good...

"Hi Sasha!"

"Hi Gandalf! Hi Atticus!"

"Do you want to come in and play for a bit? I'll ask my Mom."

"No, I can't, I'm waiting for my Dad. I think we're going for a car ride!"

"The car?!! Oh wow! That's so cool!"

"Sasha, you need to play with your girlfriends, not those dweebs. I'll show you how to groom your paws! It'll be awesome! And we can have a snack too. And then watch Animal Planet, and have a nap! Yay! OK!"

Brian, Sasha's Dad, says that Sasha must have some cat in her, because she's always grooming herself like one. The funniest thing is watching her clean her face - by licking her paw, and rubbing her face with it.

"I'm just a one man wolfpack. Yup. That's me."

(If you haven't seen the movie The Hangover, do yourself a favour, and watch it.)

Have a great week everyone!

"Yeah! Have a great week! I'm just gonna be chillaxing, looking out the window, tryin' to catch bugs and stuff."