Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Training, Part Deux

When we last left our recruits, they were dealing with the fallout of a less than satisfactory drill session.

They must train for the inevitable day when their big brother, tormentor, and yes - even mentor - will make his annual trip to the vet.

There were periods of peace.

" la la...happy happy la Mom la la..."

And a quiet, content calm had settled down over the household.

"Your awesomeness is just awesome, Awesome Big Brother."

But, as covert training drills go...


"...oh not again..."

"Private Gandalf! Private Malcolm! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? We are not practising our hand to hand combat!"


"It's not??"

Intermission while Privates Mae, Gandalf and Malcolm clean the latrine with toothbrushes.

*Muzak featuring the Tijuana Brass*

Stand-ins for Private Gandalf and Private Malcolm.

*cheery mariachi band plays in the background*

End of Intermission.

"What's going on? Why are the guys cleaning the bathroom? KEEP IT DOWN WILL YA?!!"

"I'm done for the day! That's it! I'm not training any more, and you can't make me! Well, today anyway...just gonna sit here where no one can find me..."

"OK Recruits! There will be no more training today! You'd better hope that come Atticus' V-Day you are all ready and able to play your roles!"

"Um, excuse me. Yeah, hi. Um, yeah, I uh, read that as part of the training, we would be doing a "dry run" of sorts, that would involve me going to the vet before Atticus does? Is that true? So uh, can I ask how me going for a checkup helps Atticus' plight in any way? You know...because, uh...I'm not seeing it."

"OK, you guys are weird. AND LOUD! And I don't know what you're up to, but you're seriously keeping me and my elephant Stampy here from napping on my box... harshing my mellow, dammit."

*Nice pond, huh?! My neighbours upstairs built it. He just finished it last week, and there are no fish in it yet. But there will be, and lily pads as well. There's even a waterfall!" be continued...!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old Friends

When I took Delores out this past week, I thought I was close to starting on the armhole steeks. I had quite a bit more done than I thought.

I'm actually just a few rows from the neckline decreases! It had been awhile since I'd picked her up; primarily due to Malcolm. He was so excitable around yarn, I could only imagine the havoc he would have created around multiple yarns. And scissors. You know, everytime I pick up a Fair Isle or colourwork project, I marvel at how much I'd missed it. I just love the way the pattern develops, and watching the colours mesh together. So, once the shoulders are seemed, it's on to the sleeves.

Ick. Do you know when I started her? 2006. *hanging head in shame*

Another project I'm just in love with is Dunadd.

It is a lot of work. Although the cabling method is fairly simple, and consistent across the chart, it does add up to long rows, especially when you hit the centre of the motifs. But, it's just fascinating to watch how the designs come together. I'm about half way through the 2nd of 5 sections. I don't expect to finish it anytime soon. I manage about 2 nights a week working on it. I'm working on finishing up Dorset Down.

We have been training and planning for Atticus' upcoming vet visit. He's still oblivious.

"...*sniff sniff* I smell food..."

"Be cool Gandalf, remember your training..."



"Listen up! It's Saturday morning. Atticus senses something is up and is cowering in a corner! WHAT DO YOU DO?!! Private Malcolm!"

"MA'AM! Throw myself on the floor and have a meltdown! MA'AM!"

"Wha'...? NO! Private Gandalf!"

"MA'AM! I tell him to stop being such a nancy-boy, and go back to sleep! MA'AM!"

"What the...?! NO!! Private Mae!"

"MA'AM! I snuggle up next to him, and clean his ears and head! MA'AM!"

"Exactly Private Mae! You 2 clowns can learn something from this recruit! Now drop to the floor, and give me 25 pushups each! And I want to hear you say you're poodles! NOW!"

"Huh? Seriously Mom??"

"...poodle...I don't think so..."

"QUIET EVERYONE! I'm trying to nap here...geez..."

Will Atticus put 2 and 2 together, and get 4?? Will the neckline prove to be Delores' undoing?? Will Privates Malcolm and Gandalf admit to being poodles?? And will Mae continue to be an A+ recruit, or is she hiding a dark secret...??

Tune in next time...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Handsome Model

The life of Atticus...

Used as backdrop...


(Amazing product, especially if you're like me, and manage to cut the most difficult part of the hand to heal - a knuckle. And - if, like me - you keep repeatedly hitting it against something after it's closed and started to heal, well, it's pretty forgiving. You can get it wet, knit with it, and it doesn't leave a sticky trail like some bandages do.)

Anyway, back to Atticus.

A handsome model...

"Dark flatters my physique."

That would be the back of Dorset Down. The colour is a bit hard to photograph, but you can see the lovely flecks of the deep purple tweed. Dorset Down is Lorraine's latest offering from Twisted Traditions. It's a lattice cable design, and you would be able to see that had I been able to take a better picture. I may have to photograph it outside for you to make them out.

Gandalf ignores him. Mae runs away.

"Atticus is rambling about the "olden" days again..."

"I'm gonna pretend to be asleep."

And Malcolm still tries to nurse off of him. And makes biscuits.


"...*knead knead knead*..."

All of which means he's very much loved. And in demand. Even if Mae runs away, and Gandalf ignores him.

"I get the sense I'm being buttered up for something."

"What is it? I can't read it..."

It reads: Dear Atticus, It's time for your annual check up...

His appointment may be still a month or so away, but pre-planning, calisthenics and strength training start NOW. We'll be running through some "what-if" scenarios as well (such as - what if he pees on me before leaving the house?). Atticus does not go lightly.

"I wanna play the role of Atticus!"

Heh. My favourite time of year...