Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brought To You By...

"Mom's been busy lately. So, opposable thumbs be damned, we're bringing you this week's post."

"It's all work, work, work. Personally, I don't get it. But, it keeps me in food and litter, so whatever."

"She has been knitting though. That vest thingy with all the different colours Gandalf likes to sleep on. Oh! And that big blue thing too, with the funky stitches that make her say nasty words. I've heard her."

"Work yes, but she did go to the Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic this week for acupuncture. Boy, did that make her happy! Her stomach is so much better! And other stuff too, but I won't get into that...Hey Atticus? Do you think Mom'll notice that the place is a mess?"

"She's been busy! And besides, we're moving, so stuff is all over the place."

"Oh, that's not good for the Feng Shui."

"Feng Shui??! When did you get all traditional about that kind of stuff? And what's with the front paw cross? You look like a girl."

"Hey! What's wrong with that?? You look just fine Gandalf."

"Thank you Mae. Anyhoo, we've been busy too - what with squirrels and birds and the first thunderstorm of the year. AND - there are all these big empty boxes all over the place! Cool! But, for some reason Mom gets annoyed when I go a little overboard with them. Although she did laugh when one fell on top of me and I couldn't get out."

"That thunderstorm sucked."

"I'll say! That was scary! So. All that to say, Mom'll be back next week. Hopefully with something that is either finished, or like, this close to being finished. And, I think we may see Auntie Lorraine next week too!"

"Awesome! She loves me... OK, so have a good and safe week everybody!"

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just When You Thought It Was OK To Go Into The Water Again

Gandalf loves nothing more than to watch the squirrels. Given the chance, he probably wouldn't know what to do with them, but nevertheless - it's a hobby.

"Hi! Hey! I said hi! Wait! Don't run away! Hey! Hey! HEY! Come back!"

He has his Squirrel Patrol.

I have my knitting.

Windsor Waistcoat doesn't look much different from the last time?

Look again.

Those are steeks, my friends! Armhole AND front "V" steeks. From here on end, it's all good. And quick. Decreases mean...a shorter circular needle, and an end in site. I always marvel as I'm working on this vest how lovely the colours are together. But, when you look at it from "above", you notice the little differences that make it so special.

*sigh* I love Fair Isle...

"Hey Guys! Guess what?!"

"Mom's asking us a question."

"Why there's Atticus shmutz on the wall?"

"No. Dork. What Mom?"

We're gonna move after all!

Uh huh. That's right. Although I'd pretty much convinced myself that I should stay put (um, that would be last week's post), I decided otherwise after I'd spoken to my landlady.

Same rent I'm paying now. AND I get a say in who moves into this place. And, I'll have the whole month of June to move in slowly. Not like I'm going far...I won't even need to hire movers. It is larger - the kitchen alone dwarfs my little one here. I have the larger deck, a larger bedroom and bathroom, and a bay window in what will become my office/spare room. There will be some lovely french doors leading to the back deck, so a certain someone will be able to monitor squirrel and bird activity to his heart's content.

Of course, there will be the adjustment period for the guys. But, I think they'll be OK once they see they can tear through the kitchen all the way to the front door without banging into a wall or staircase - they'll be pretty happy. I hope. When I moved back into this place in 2006 after the renovations, Mae whined for 2 days straight. Atticus was fine though. Once he figured out where the litter box and his food was, he was good.

The apartment downstairs will be cleaned from top to bottom before I move in, so *hopefully* there will be no residual dog smell to freak them out. She hasn't been too bad with the upkeep below, so it's not like it's in bad shape. I just worry about what you can't see...

Anyway - not going to think about that now. I have to start packing things up soon. Fun. Then there's the unpacking though!

Back and forth, back and forth... Can't for a minute say that things are boring these days.

"Cool, huh Mae?! What do you think about moving downstairs?!"

"*clean clean clean* Lady, you gotta stop talking to me like that. People will think you're loopy."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Little Things That Make You Happy

Hi Mae!

She never sits still, so this is a good thing.

An FO! Wow! Technically it shouldn't count...this is Loreli, from Fiddlesticks Knitting. I actually finished it last fall, but didn't put it together until a few weeks ago. When I had finished knitting the pieces, I figured I wouldn't be able to wear it for months - so there was no rush to do the finishing. Or, I was just intent on starting something else. Probably that.

But, here she is, all stitched together! I omitted the crochet edging - it looks fine the way it is, and besides. My crochet skills suck. I tried. And it looked pretty lousy. So, I left it as is. And the details -

Lorelei, by Dorothy Siemens of Fiddlesticks Knitting. Knit with Fiddlesticks Knitting Silk Sensation (100% un-smelly silk) in the Cream shade, on 3.5mm needles. Nice, easy knit, with brilliant results. I am very pleased at how it turned out - and she fits! Always a good thing.

And look! The Boy is looking so much better. His Fuzziness is starting to look like his old self, now that his fur is growing back. He may not be so happy once I attempt once again to take him to the vet's office next Friday for his check-up.

"Did you wish my Auntie Lorraine a happy birthday last week? I did. AND I sent her a cheesecake photo of me too."

Hey! You know what else makes me happy!?

Winning a Virtual Yarns contest! (Did I mention how happy happy HAPPY that made me? Huh? Huh?!)

It arrived! It's the Thistle Bag in the "Clover" shade of Hebridean 3-ply! One of my favourite colours too.

*sigh* I really want to start knitting it now,, I really should finish up some stuff first. I will have more pictures of knitting I HAVE in fact been doing. But, next week...

"I waited and waited, and I didn't see the Easter Bunny, Mae. Are you sure? Really? You're not pulling my leg? Do you think he left us some of those awesome Creamy Dairy treats?!!"

As for the apartment situation...what to do, what to do...

Do I stay here? Do I take the soon to be vacated apartment below (did I mention that she handed in her notice? Heh.)?

My landlady has been away on vacation, so I haven't actually spoken to her about it. Which is a good thing - it has given me time to think things through. Weigh the pros, and cons. As of today, I am leaning towards staying here, and moving a few things around. Switching my bedroom and spare room around for starters (my sister should note that curtains may be needed. Just sayin'.). Which in itself will be a mini-move. It would give me more bedroom space, and force me to clean up some of the non-knitting stuff I have in this room.

I always hesitated in making this room my bedroom, due to the west facing windows. It can get pretty hot in here during the summer. But, with the right curtains kept closed during the day, and a window fan, it could be fine.

I'm still mulling it over... I now work at least 3 days a week at home (soon to be more), as my company is trying to have as many of it's technical people working from home in order to free up floor space at our downtown Toronto building. It's pretty pricey real estate... I think it's a great idea - it saves my commute, allows me more flexible work hours, and I'm much more efficient without the distractions of an office. They provide me with everything I need - the phone, printer, and they pay my Internet service. I will still go in at least one day per week - if anything, to see my co-workers. A lot of them are friends. I do lose my workstation though, so when I do go in I work out of a "hotelling" station on my floor. Win for me, and win for the company. And in these times - whatever helps them out can only be good for me.

All that to say - I really want to make my workstation here at home a distinct, separate area from the rest of my spare room space. So, if I'm going to go to that extent - I may as well move everything around.

So - pros and cons. But still, the prospect of moving stuff around and redecorating? LOVE IT. I'm just weird like that...