Friday, September 28, 2007

The Demise of Grace...Or Why I Should Stick to Simple YO's

"Oh Mom...oh, man um...hey, it happens to everyone! Right Atticus? that sucks..."

I went to block Grace last week. And I was SO happy that my tension was perfect! Yay me *pats on shoulder*. And then back was pinned down, the ribbing lace slightly stretched and pinned into place, to match the front. Yay me *pats on other shoulder*. Then, it dawned on me that the length between the top of the ribbing and the beginning of the armhole shaping wasn't lining up... It seemed so much smaller than the front. And no matter how much I willed it, it wasn't a design feature either. It just wasn't matching up.

The fact that I had forgotten to knit a whole 30 row repeat on the back between the top of the ribbing and the start of the armhole shaping may have had something to do with it. Because it seems that in LaLa Brigitte Land, "repeat twice" can be loosely interpreted to mean "once".

So, I calmly packed her away in a bag, and intend to never look at her for a very long time. No, I do not have the heart to rip her back and redo the back. Yes I'm sure.

If anyone out there who's between a 36" and a 40" would like to finish her up - she's yours! Just drop me a note. There is one sleeve to complete, partially redoing the back, and then the collar. Yes, I'm sure. I'm knitting it in a black wool/silk blend from...elann I think.

Should just stick to cables and Fair Isle. Unless it's a simple lace simple (and I mean simple), I blow. Oh well...

"Hello darkness my old friend...I've come to talk with you again..."

"Oh Titania Queen of the Fairies! Wait! I do want to join your merry band of nymphs!"

" I says, I would knit if I could by I can't so I don't but I wish I could and then I saw my cousin Finnegan and he was saying he wished he could do stuff like quilt but he can't so he doesn't but sure wishes he could and then the TV changed channels I didn't know it could do that but if you click on the hand thingy the channels change to whatever you want and when Mom's at work I sleep on Atticus' head and he lets me but not always did you know that if you keep playing with the roll of paper in the bathroom eventually it runs out and then there's the magic cardboard roll to play with that I love so much..."

The Little Dudes and their treats. 'Nough said about that. Gandalf went psycho with the catnip! Whereas Mae goes silly and stares into space, and Atticus just uh, stares into space, Gandalf is pretty much BOUNCING of the walls. I could barely get a picture of him until he'd calmed down. Hee hee...

As for knitting, I intend to finish up Mermaid (I know, I know, I owe you pictures of her), and keep working on Laleli. So pretty...wait to you see how she's looking! I'll post progress pictures the next time around.

Have a wonderful, cool Fall weekend!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ode To My Chullo

Oh Chullo!
You are so soft.
I just may never,
Take you off.

I'll wear you by day,
I'll wear you by night.
(Am I just weird,
Or is that alright?)

You're knit from Polwarth,
And cashmere too.
50/50 the label says,
20 sts=10cm, or 4" to you.

Um, but there's just one thing!
(Don't worry, you were never a hassle!)
Can someone please tell me,
How I attach these damn tassles?

Right. I'll continue with my day job, I'm a much better Technical Integrator than I am a poet...

While I was under the weather earlier last week, I decided I wanted something small to work on that wouldn't 1. impale me (so ixnay on socks), or 2. confuse my fuddled mind (ditto for Mermaid, Grace and um, pretty much everything else I have on the go). The chullo was the perfect choice - worked on a 16" circular, there was no risk of an unfortunate accident. And oh my stars that yarn is soft. Unreal. I mean it - I may never remove it from my head. Ever. OK, maybe to shower, but that's IT.

I love my chullo.

"I love your chullo too, seeing how I slept on it every chance I got..."

And thanks to everyone for your kinds words - I feel much better now! Apart from chullo knitting, I worked on Grace. I'm half way through the second sleeve, and will be wet blocking the front and back this afternoon so that I can start on the collar as soon as I'm done.

No, I did not block Kiri. Yes, I keep forgetting.

And - for Marina:

My lovely Laleli... Oh, speaking of love... The not-so-great picture above shows the 12 rounds of ribbing, and around 15 rounds of pattern. You can see the beginning of the developing flower pattern. The greens and blues together are incredibly vibrant, as I get further up the pattern, you'll see more of the purple shades mix in with the greens. Beautiful combinations...

Isn't knitting just the bestest?

(Oh, and I meant it - I really don't know how I'm supposed to attach the tassles, so if anyone can pass along a tip or two...I'd appreciate it.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This Post Brought To You By...

"Whoa! Oh, hey! Um, right this is kinda embarassing... Anyhoo. So, Mom's been feeling poorly these past few days. Something about her stomach. She's been keeping a "low profile", whatever that is. She seems pretty much higher than me, so I don't really know what a "low" profile is."

"Auntie Brigitte feels crummy! Aw, that sucks... But I ask you - does she have to get these ridiculous haircuts, and have someone ::cough::Mommy Susie::cough:: make funnies behind her head? Oh, probably NOT."

"Eeeeeeeeeee! Heeeee heeeeee! Eeeeeeee! Hangie thingie! Heeee heeeeeee! Ah nuts, I'm stuck..."

"Such. A. Dork. Anyway, Mom has been knitting, she finished the front of Grace, and one whole sleeve! But, speaking of dorky, she keeps forgetting she has to block that shawl, Kiri. I keep telling her it doesn't count as an FO until she does. She's spacey these days... Anyway. She also is upset with Delores because she's already run out of yarn. So, to make herself feel better (you know how it is), and because I told her that Fair Isle is the cure to most ills (I know, I rock), she started "Laleli". You know, from Virtual Yarns. It's a cardigan with purples and greens, but the picture on the site is all funky, so it's kinda hard to tell what the design is. Seems all flowery to me...oh, tulips! Anyway, where was I... Oh right, Grace. No. Was it Fair Isle? Oh. I'm tired now."

"I'm helping too! Look! I'm typing on the computer while Mom drinks coffee and multi-tasks with the camera! I'm a star! Mae tells me I'm space cadet all the time, and this proves it!"

Normal blogging will resume, once we're up from our nap!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Showed Restraint...Really

OK. So it's not as orange as it looks in the picture. Who knew orange was such a tough colour to photograph? And Korbis I am not... Just one of the lovelies I picked up at Saturday's Knitter's Fair in Kitchener-Waterloo. And this stuff is YUMMY. Some new Fleece Artist "Woolie Silk 3-ply" goodness, in a wonderful rust colour. AND - I got a freebie pattern called "Celtic Touch" from the shop "Linda's Craftique". *Note to self - rope Lorraine into going to this shop.*

We had a wonderful time... *sigh* And I was very good, all things considered. Getting there early was a good thing, it got very busy, very quickly. Lorraine, her sister and I did the rounds, saw all the goodies, and made a quick exit just as it was getting crazy crowded. We then headed to St. Jacob's for some more shopping, after a hearty (and I mean HEARTY) brunch.

Here are some more yummies!

Ooooo... Some Cashmere and Polwarth wool for a chullo (a funky hat with ear flaps - I have a lot of hair...). This was from a wonderful booth called "Rovings" out of Dugald, Manitoba. Wow. They had a lot of nice stuff. And this Polwarth wool has to be fondled to be believed! Unbelievably soft, and it's not just because of the cashmere either. Their 100% polwarth wool was just amazing. *sigh* It's going to make for one really warm hat.

And, to the back - some lovely 2-ply Shetland wool from Hopeful Shetlands (no website!). And the pattern to go with it. A simple lace pattern (oh please let it be so...) for a scarf. So, I should be ready to go and warm for another upcoming winter.

And that. Is all. I know. Let me give you all a moment to pick yourselves off the floor...

Alrighty? OK?

I WAS going to pick up some more stuff, but the retailer who normally brings in her selection of Peace Fleece decided not to bring it along.

*crickets in the background*

Not. Pleased. But, Lorraine and I swapped some yarn later in the day, so it was kind of like I received something new... My stashed Peace Fleece for some of her Aran Donegal Tweed.

In other knitting news... Grace almost has a front now. The pictures are black lace. Picture it, ok? I haven't touched Mermaid since I got home last week, simply because I want to make quick work of Grace before embarking on Fulmar in early October. My plan, which is do-able, is to have both done before then. *fingers crossed* ...

*and toes*

Speaking of Fulmar, I came across another Fair Isle knitter in the Fulmar KAL Yahoo bloglist! And she knits Dale of Norways AND Arans! So, go say Hi to Carolyn - how cool is this - she lives in Alaska!! (Well, I think it's cool, she can practically wear wool ALL YEAR ROUND! Ok, so it's pretty cold and snowy and dark in the winter, but she can knit and wear wool ALL YEAR ROUND!)

"Man, Mom's loosing it. She'd better not move us up to Nunavut or the Yukon because someone's gonna have poopers in places not meant for poops..."

(Knit and wear wool ALL YEAR LONG!)

OK, I'm off to make a pot of brown rice to go with my yummy ratatouille simmering in the crock pot. I love this time of year...

Friday, September 07, 2007

Adventures With A Dog

"All I hear is "Finnegan!" this, and "Finnegan!" that! All freakin' day long... Man, I'm pooped. So, Finnegan is now going to lie here, in the path of everyone, and basically play the cat. And look cute. Wow, hey! I am a cute little fellow..."

Now I ask you. How great is a trip when one of your hosts looks like that? And greats you with tail a-waggin' and wet puppy kisses everytime he sees you? And I mean everytime. Getting up in the morning? At least five minutes of "I Love You" tail wagging and belly rubs. Coming home from a walk? More slobbery kisses. Went to the bathroom? Why, it's like you've-been-gone-so-long-and-wow-I-love-you-love-you-love-you-tail-a-waggin'.

I had such a cool time in St. Catharines! Relaxing, fun, and a great time as always. Let's see...we did all sorts of stuff - hung out, watched movies, ate like it was going out of style. Oh, and went on a Ghost Walk of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

And birthday pressies! Look!

Mmmmm...Fleece Artist...

And it came directly from Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, purchased at a lovely little shop there called Have A Yarn. Oh, look at all the goodies in the store! Apparently, a whole WALL of nothing but Fleece Artist. Which makes sense, seeing how it's produced in the area. *sigh* How wonderful would it be to be able to visit such a lovely yarn shop, in such a lovely area of Canada, and fondle Fleece Artist yarns to your heart's content? *sigh*

I think it's going to be super dooper exciting! Because I'm going to be able to do that in the future!!! Because my sister and SIL are buying a home in Nova Scotia!!! A "summer home" on the seashore!! With a guest room!! And Finnegan!! In the vicinity of Mahone Bay!!!!!!! And Fleece Artist!! And aren't you jealous?!?!!!! Am I excited, or what?!?!!!

Oh, I'm soooo thrilled for them! It's going to be fabulous, I'm going to LOVE coming out for visits.

So, what else did I do in St. Catharines? Why, knitting of course. I did get a good chunk of Mermaid done, I've almost completed the back. If you're thinking of knitting Mermaid ::cough::CarrieK::cough::, or have one in your stash ::cough::Chris::cough:: - trust me - Mermaid is nowhere near as complex as it looks. And yes Carrie, I pinky-swear it is!

And look what else I did!

"...*sigh*... Whatev... I'll sit here, model your damn jacket, pass out from heat stroke, just so you can go all "ooooh" and "aaaah" over me. Atticus warned me stuff like this happens. One minute you're asleep, and next minute they wake you up and doll you up like you're the next Canada's Top Model. All I want to do is watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and eat cheese...*sigh*"

Finnegan got a little jacket for the fall! Awww...although he's pretty much indifferent to it. All it needs is a bit of velcro to keep it snug around his chest, and he's ready for anything the fall and winter throw at it.

Isn't he just the cutest?! I shudder to think what the Little Dudes would do if I tried to put something like that on them...

Speaking of the kitties... They behaved themselves quite nicely while I was away, thanks to their Auntie Raven coming by to feed and play with them. Very little was trashed. That I've seen. So far. They seem to have forgiven me for having left them for a few days, and that I came home smelling like Finnegan. Greenies and new toys will that, you know...

"...she's a maniac! ma-ni-ac on the floor...doodeedoodoodoodoodeedoo...never dan-anced befo-ore..."

"All right Mom, I've got my report right here. Gandalf ate paper, knocked around some fridge magnets, and I'm pretty sure he gave me the finger once or twice. Mae was OK...try as I might, I have nothing on her, the Goodie-Four-Shoes."

"You guys are such dweebs..."

All is right with the world.