Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just Fun Stuff

Knitting time has been at a premium these days... Partly because of the summer knitting blahs, and partly because of stuff like this:

BBQ! *insert men and BBQ jokes here*

We took off early from work last Friday for an "offsite" meeting. Heh heh... I'm so lucky that my new work group is full of a bunch of great people. The BBQ was held on the rooftop of the condo building one of my co-workers lives in. It was a beautiful day, a bit windy, but just perfect for mojitos and souvlaki. Yum!


A shot of the Toronto skyline from the rooftop, looking south onto Lake Ontario. The stick on the left is the CN Tower. You know, I really take it for granted that I work in downtown Toronto, and see these sights every day. People come from all over and pay to see what I have for free! It's a great city, Toronto is.

And of course, after that shot the batteries in my camera decided they were done for the day. That's ok - we pretty much just fed our faces and had a great time! And - there were leftovers. A great way to wind down the week...

As for the knitting...I have been doing some, but it's of the stealth variety, and I can't show pics of it. At some point I will.

Ooooo! Ahhhhh! Wow! Just imagine how it looks! It's wool. It's Fair Isle-ish. And no, I haven't mentioned in on the site before. And yes, I'll knit in wool 365 days a year, as long as it doesn't felt on the needles from the heat.

I'm off until next Wednesday, I've extended the Canada Day long weekend, and given myself some extra time of knitting and leisure.

I think the Little Dudes are pleased that I'm home.

"Dude, we're going to have to change our Internet surfing strategy now that Mom'll be home for the next few days."

"OK Atticus. Like what?"

"You go distract Mom by doing something stupid, and I'll go and boot up the PC."

"Something stupid! I can do that!"

"Uh huh. Like no one else. Now let's just stare out the door and act like cats."


Wiggley said...

Hehee... sounded a bit like what Ginger and I... we go about distracting Mum to get our way ! Especially to have a little play with Apple when Mum's not looking !

Angelika said...

Hmmm, souvlaki sure sounds nice and makes me miss my little greek restaurants in Germany. No greeks to be found around these woods here. Did anybody bring Saziki?

Chris said...

You so know that I'm going to visit Toronto at some point and camp at your house, right?! :D

Atticus - evil mastermind. I can see it.

Lorraine said...

Bridge- Anything planned for your extended holiday?

I've been up on the observation deck on the tower more times than I can count. Toronto is a great place for tourists.
I love Casa Loma and Spadina house.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, conspiring cats. You'd better watch out.

Yes, that is a lovely view. It sounds like a fantastic time was had by all.

Yep, more wool here too. What can I say.

Marina said...

OK, you've convinced me! Toronto is not really that far a drive. I might think about it for next year, especially if there's real Greek food.

Anonymous said...

That BBQ looks like fun! Toronto's on my list to visit.....I'll have to make sure it has a Friday afternoon......

That is such a cat picture! Clearly part of the conspiracy.

Brenda said...

Great photos! Sounds like a good BBQ. Mojitos are great in the summer. I'd like to visit Toronto.

Atticus is trying to lead Gandalf astray. Get the little brother in trouble while he surfs the web!

miyamojo said...

I asked Wooly if he teleported to your BBQ - the guy in the middle looks just like him! He agreed - except for the bald spot.
What?! Male vanity?! hee hee!! m:)

Anonymous said...

BBQ's! Mojitos!!!! Drooling all over my keyboard here! And Souvlaki! Yummy indeed! And yep, as for the cat pic, I agree with the thing about conspiration theories that many of the others commented about here - you'd better watch out ;)

knitseashore said...

We visited friends in Toronto several years back and really enjoyed it. It's such a beautiful city. The gardens are amazing.

What DO these cats do on the internet? Mine are annoyed cause I work at home and they don't get a turn.

barbp said...

CN Tower and what I still refer to as the Sky Dome. Brings back memories. Souvlaki. Yum.