Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ode To My Chullo

Oh Chullo!
You are so soft.
I just may never,
Take you off.

I'll wear you by day,
I'll wear you by night.
(Am I just weird,
Or is that alright?)

You're knit from Polwarth,
And cashmere too.
50/50 the label says,
20 sts=10cm, or 4" to you.

Um, but there's just one thing!
(Don't worry, you were never a hassle!)
Can someone please tell me,
How I attach these damn tassles?

Right. I'll continue with my day job, I'm a much better Technical Integrator than I am a poet...

While I was under the weather earlier last week, I decided I wanted something small to work on that wouldn't 1. impale me (so ixnay on socks), or 2. confuse my fuddled mind (ditto for Mermaid, Grace and um, pretty much everything else I have on the go). The chullo was the perfect choice - worked on a 16" circular, there was no risk of an unfortunate accident. And oh my stars that yarn is soft. Unreal. I mean it - I may never remove it from my head. Ever. OK, maybe to shower, but that's IT.

I love my chullo.

"I love your chullo too, seeing how I slept on it every chance I got..."

And thanks to everyone for your kinds words - I feel much better now! Apart from chullo knitting, I worked on Grace. I'm half way through the second sleeve, and will be wet blocking the front and back this afternoon so that I can start on the collar as soon as I'm done.

No, I did not block Kiri. Yes, I keep forgetting.

And - for Marina:

My lovely Laleli... Oh, speaking of love... The not-so-great picture above shows the 12 rounds of ribbing, and around 15 rounds of pattern. You can see the beginning of the developing flower pattern. The greens and blues together are incredibly vibrant, as I get further up the pattern, you'll see more of the purple shades mix in with the greens. Beautiful combinations...

Isn't knitting just the bestest?

(Oh, and I meant it - I really don't know how I'm supposed to attach the tassles, so if anyone can pass along a tip or two...I'd appreciate it.)


Lorraine said...

Bridge- I can tell you how to attach tassels- I've done some tasselling in my time!
Look at our "he-man" Atticus- was there ever such an example of feline masculinity such as him?
I mean, I ask you.

Bridget said...

Great post! I love the chullo, and would likely just wear it without the tassels because I am lazy ...

Sonya said...

Your chullo looks so soft and comfy! I've got no help for you as far as the tassles. I've never even attached a pom pom without great looseness.

Chris said...

I bet you'll collect some great comments from your coworkers as you sit in your cube wearing your lovely soft chullo! :D

Marina said...

That must feel soft & luscious next to your skin!

The blue and green, I love, but the purple has to go ;-) What's wrong with pink deepening into red tulips?!

knitseashore said...

Sorry to hear you were under the weather but am glad you are starting to feel better now. Loved the kitty blogging -- they did a great job in your absence! Marina looks so pretty! I love the color scheme so far.

miyamojo said...

You're so clever! :)
Atticus looks like he needs a belly rub!
Looking forward to seeing the tulip pattern - I always wondered what the pattern was.

Anonymous said...

So great that you're feeling better - and woah, I for one think you're an awesome poet! I really love the chullo, it looks so soft and cozy and yummy!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, I love your chullo too. It must have been a chullo type weekend, as I made two too!

Brenda said...

Great chullo and poem! I have no idea how to attach tassels.

Atticus is looking very handsome. I'm so glad you are feeling better!

Sachi said...

*sigh* I've started my first stranded project and I'm a little depressed by my progress when I look at what you can do. What's your secret?!?

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better! Me too.

Your chullo is very nice but I know what would get it off your head. Moving to where I live. It's back to hot again today.

Wouldn't you just sew the tassels on?

Atticus, you big softie you! [pets furry kitty belly]