Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hiding In Plain Sight

"Whoa...I have found THE perfect hiding spot. No one can see me! Hee hee! Hey! Atticus! Yeah, I ate your Dental Diet food! Watcha gonna do?? Man, I am SO. Clever."

Not so clever - no batteries for my camera. *sigh*

So, imagine if you will that Columbia has a front, back and one sleeve. And that - whoops! Hey! Look what just forced itself on me! Made me knit it, it did. Cute little Enchanting top from Fiddlesticks Knitting! How'd that happen?? And it's almost finished?? WOW. And - it's lace. But not just any lace - just lace knit from the best darn patterns ever. You don't even need to think about it - just follow the chart.

And I started some socks too? What the...? Who knew! The OnLine sock yarn I picked up last week knits up pretty quickly. Mine is the last colourway on the right hand side, #930. Believe me - mine looks NOTHING like the one in the picture. Nothing. Instead of nice, neat stripes - mine look like those suspenders Mork used to wear on Mork and Mindy. Hee hee...oh well. I'll show time.

"See Gandalf? I can so touch my nose with my tongue! Don't bet on stuff like that with me, I'm the champ at nose touching. Dork."

"Is it true Auntie Lorraine is coming to visit with me??!"

Last Friday, the organization bug bit me, and I went through my yarn stash and decided that it needed a bit of... organizing. You know - like yarn with like yarn, kits together... Because, as simple as that sounds... Who knew? I found stuff I'd forgotten I even had (of course), and other stuff I wondered WHY I even had. And patterns I'd been looking for and others that again, I'd forgotten I had. Most of them lace. They've been queued in Ravelry. Whether or not they get done is another thing altogether.

I did manage to snap this picture off before the batteries conked out.

Left overs. Although I'd like to pop the bag somewhere and neglect them, it has me thinking instead of what I can do with it all...

And that wow...that represents A LOT of projects.

If you get a chance, go pop by and say hi to Michele! She just had her lace projects on display at her local LYS. Beautiful stuff! And, if you haven't already - wish Lorraine a happy belated birthday!


Bridget said...

The cat pictures/comments crack me up!

I went to the Fiddlesticks site to see the Enchanting - and wow, it sure is. What color is yours?

I have decided to use some of my leftovers to make mini socks and hats to string together as an Advent calendar. I saw the idea last December on the Crossroads Knits blog and loved it.

Lorraine said...

Bridge- I liked Mork's suspenders.

I put all my stash up on Ravelry as a form of self-punishment. It really wasn't as much as I thought it was.

Used up alot of camera batteries, though.

miyamojo said...

Oh Brigitte! (hands over face)
Move over Gandalf, I'm coming to hide too!

I would wear Enchanting! Very cute! Hope to see photos soon, of everything.

Marina said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Does this mean you've conquered lace? Did you see "Flourish of Lace"? Need to get that one!

The last pic looks like it could have come from my place. I can't believe all those partial balls folks are selling/listing on Ravelry.

Chris said...

Ah, Gandalf, you and May... :)

My goodness - lace AND socks AND yarn organization?! Are you ok? Has the fever broken yet? ;)

Traceyleezle said...

I love that top!

So, what is it with cats and thinking they are invisible? Evanrude has a the almighty box of invisibility (an old Staples copier paper box) where he will tear around the house, leap into the box, hunker down, and leer at you all moony eyed as if to say, "You cannot see me, I am invisible!"

Shannon said...

I absolutely love Gandalf...would it be possible for you to ship him over the big pond to me? I don't have a kitty any more my beloved little girl stayed in the States because I couldn't bear to put her in quarintine, although she's up to date on everything. What are you going to do with you leftovers once you hide them?

Sonya said...

That Mae is a talented one, she is. I wasn't going to put my stash on Ravelry, but it's so much easier to gaze upon that way. Took almost a whole day. Enchanting is a cute top!

knitseashore said...

I love your cat photos. I'm thinking that bag of leftovers might make a lot of catnip mice. :)

Anonymous said...

Gandalf is the best hider EVER. Hez is impressed.

Enchanting is really cute! And you're almost done? I did notice a lot of lace projects in your Ravelry queue. So. Lace and socks? What have you done with Brigitte, you evil alien fiend? :)

Lynn said...

I LOVED Mork and Mindy!!! And my friend had his suspenders!!!! Can't wait to see the socks. Which means you need to go to the store and replace the batteries!!! LOL