Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well Hello There!

What do we have here??!

Why, it's a COMPLETED St. Aula! Finished yesterday, and blocking in the photo above. I will take a nicer picture once it's dry, but I really wanted to show her off. I couldn't be happier!

Those familiar with the design will probably wonder about a missing piece - the hood. I was never 100% sure I would add the hood. Luckily, it's the last piece to be worked, and I had already completed the neckline when I decided to give it a go. I worked a few inches of it, and then pinned it to the neckline. It fit fine, however I found it to be a bit bulky around the neck. As I was not blessed with a long, graceful neck, I decided that having the bulk of the hood under my chin would not look particularly flattering. Not to mention how hot it would end up being. So, hoodless it is.

So, here are some of the details - St. Aula from Virtual Yarns, size Small, knit on 4mm needles. I used Mara as my primary colour, and Machair as the pattern colour. This was not a difficult project at all. Only 2 colours were used throughout, and the chart was only 12 stitches. The one thing I did not like, and really, it's my own issue, was knitting the sleeves on DPNs. It made for a cumbersome knit, and made the whole sweater far too attractive to the Little Dudes. They just loved all these flying parts and needles... Anyway, as I said, that was just my own pet peeve. But, if you do your colourwork sleeves on DPNs, and plan on knitting St. Aula, you may want to learn the 2 circular or magic loop method for them. Just sayin'.

And! That's not all I've been working on.

Doesn't look like much now... It's my selection for the "Knit a Norwegian" KAL that Lorraine and Jewel are hosting in Ravelry. The guidelines are - knit a Norwegian-designed sweater, with traditional Norwegian methods (so, knitting without add-in steeks, for example). I've chosen to knit the "Princess Line" sweater from the book Norsstrikkedesign, mainly because this KAL was not limited to just Dale of Norway designs, and I had the yarn in my stash. This Norwegian (because I just can't give myself a break), is a doosy, and I don't anticipate a quick finish on this one. A thing I like about working from this book? They don't sugar-coat the instructions. It's simply "cast on X, work this sequence, decrease Y on your last round, and then work the chart for your size. Oh, and don't forget to decrease and increase as indicated on the chart." Which is the way I like my patterns to be. A thing I don't like about this book? The charts are TORTURE. This particular design features all-over patterning, and unlike Fair Isle, it does not repeat every X stitches. So, the entire chart for the entire sweater (back and front are alike) fits on less than one page. Enlarge it you say? I've tried, and it's not really working out. Not to mention that the charts are in colour. So. Whatever. I'll figure something out as I go along.

"Hey Mae? You awake?"

"*sigh* I am. I wasn't, but I am now."

"Mom sure gets chatty when it comes to knitting! Do you think she'll teach me to knit?!"

"I thought you wanted to do taekwondo?"

"Yeah. That too, but knitting looks cool! It's all pointy sticks and swearing!!!"

There was a brief incident when I turned my back for 15 seconds, and came back to Malcolm going to town on poor Princess Line. Fortunately, it was early on, but I still had to rip back around 5 rounds of ribbing (or 1500 stitches, as Carrie pointed out...) in order to get all the pulled stitches back in line.

One thing I can absolutely guarantee you though. Atticus will not be using Princess Line as a blanket should it happen to fall to the floor.

"I hear a buzzing. Or is that a voice? You want me to what? Move? I don't think so."

My poor Central Park Hoodie fell off it's hook. If a sweater falls in the hall - Atticus will definitely hear it.

If it weren't for the ear sticking out at the bottom of the picture, you'd probably have no clue what the picture is of.

Have a great week everyone!


Marianne said...

Really gorgeous.
I do my sleeves on dpns or squeeze a 16" in there because the 2 circs or magic loop can be difficult with stranded knitting leaving a bump at the intersections that doesn't happen with dpns....That has been my experience and just thought I would share it with ya! Love the "kids"

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Um, you're a co-moderator, so it's your KAL too.

That Carrie- brings you right down to earth. Gotta love her.

St. Aula is amazing- as is Princess Line. I'm glad the dudes appreciate your work as well, in different ways.

Marina said...

Stunning! Guess I should start mine, but I'm still thinking of tuning it into a coat. Maybe I should experiment with some Jamieson first.

Dpns ? Blech! I like my sts squished, so a 16 inch is just right.

Exciting! Can't wait to see more of the Princess.

Chris said...

Yay for finished sweaters! It turned out great.

That was nice of CarrieK to point that out to you. O_o

Hee hee - of course I love that last picture. It's not often you can take such a nearly perfect cat circle photo.

miyamojo said...

Yeah, those charts are torture! I'm so spoiled by FI. Love that blue. (I'm so sick of black!)

Love love love St Aula. Makes me want to start mine now.

'Hi!' to the kids! Wish I had a real fur buddy. :)

kimberly said...

How beautiful! Now I am inspired . . .

Rebekah said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'm in aw.

Jeanne said...

That is an amazing sweater. Wow. Very intricate. I love your cat photos and your cats. The new baby ginger cat is so STRIPEY! I love his stripes!

life ldc said...

You're right about using two longish circulars for sleeves - much easier!

St. Aula looks gorgeous!

Love the kitty photos!

CarrieK said...

Whoo hoo! Finished St Aula & cleared the path for the princess. Sorry about the exact sts count - pitfalls of my profession. Thinking in totals & percentages.

Mae & Gandalf are so cute! And lol about a sweater falling & Atticus knowing Jedi like that wool fell on the floor.

mrspao said...

St Aula is beautiful. Kittens and knitting are a brave mix :) Malcolm's stripes are well pronounced!

Nicole said...

Lovely work! One of these days I'll be brave enough to attempt a colorwork sweater...

Sritches to the kitties.

Bridget said...

St. Aula looks amazing! I may have to try that someday ...

I hate charts that are oversized - heck, I have enough problems with normal ones!

Scritches to the kit kats.

Sonya said...

St. Aula is just beautiful! Princess Line is going to be amazing. Aren't those huge charts fun to knit from? Oy. I'm looking forward to your stories of teaching Malcolm to knit. ;o)

knitseashore said...

St. Aula is gorgeous. All that blue and green. Yum.

Love Atticus on the CPH!! He knows a good knit when he sees one!!

Brenda said...

St. Aula is beautiful! I taught myself magic loop from an online video, and I highly recommend it.

Malcolm is getting huge! I hope he learns to leave your knitting alone!

Susan said...

Really nicely done!

prashant said...

That has been my experience and just thought I would share it with ya! Love the "kids"

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