Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Training, Part Deux

When we last left our recruits, they were dealing with the fallout of a less than satisfactory drill session.

They must train for the inevitable day when their big brother, tormentor, and yes - even mentor - will make his annual trip to the vet.

There were periods of peace.

" la la...happy happy la Mom la la..."

And a quiet, content calm had settled down over the household.

"Your awesomeness is just awesome, Awesome Big Brother."

But, as covert training drills go...


"...oh not again..."

"Private Gandalf! Private Malcolm! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? We are not practising our hand to hand combat!"


"It's not??"

Intermission while Privates Mae, Gandalf and Malcolm clean the latrine with toothbrushes.

*Muzak featuring the Tijuana Brass*

Stand-ins for Private Gandalf and Private Malcolm.

*cheery mariachi band plays in the background*

End of Intermission.

"What's going on? Why are the guys cleaning the bathroom? KEEP IT DOWN WILL YA?!!"

"I'm done for the day! That's it! I'm not training any more, and you can't make me! Well, today anyway...just gonna sit here where no one can find me..."

"OK Recruits! There will be no more training today! You'd better hope that come Atticus' V-Day you are all ready and able to play your roles!"

"Um, excuse me. Yeah, hi. Um, yeah, I uh, read that as part of the training, we would be doing a "dry run" of sorts, that would involve me going to the vet before Atticus does? Is that true? So uh, can I ask how me going for a checkup helps Atticus' plight in any way? You know...because, uh...I'm not seeing it."

"OK, you guys are weird. AND LOUD! And I don't know what you're up to, but you're seriously keeping me and my elephant Stampy here from napping on my box... harshing my mellow, dammit."

*Nice pond, huh?! My neighbours upstairs built it. He just finished it last week, and there are no fish in it yet. But there will be, and lily pads as well. There's even a waterfall!" be continued...!


Lorraine said...

Bridge- Loook at the size of Malcolm!

You're getting a water feature? That's great- and fish and everything? Wow.

Chris said...

Pond?! Waterfall??! Won't that be lovely for us when we're lounging on your deck... ;)

Hmm. The training seems to be going... not so well, actually. ;)

mrspao said...

I'm so impressed that all four of your cats lounge like that together. Malcolm is huge! I'm amazed at your training perseverance - Private Malcolm is really cute.

The garden looks amazing!!

miyamojo said...

You're so funny! LOL! :)

I love the photo of Atticus & Malcolm - so sweet.

Poor Atticus looks exhausted.

Bridget said...

I just hope all of the training is worth it in the end ...

Tee hee - Tijuana Brass!

life ldc said...

Oh a pond, lovely!

ZI totally agree - taking any kittie to the vet is like a military operation - don't let them see the crate, otherwise they run and hide where you can't reach them LOL!!!

Keep practicing!

knitseashore said...

Your posts should win an award -- they are TOO funny. Poor Mae has to take the heat first; I feel so sorry for her.

My burning question is: will you be able to take photos on the actual day?! That is going to take some doing!!

Rebekah said...

Hilarious, but how do you get so many good pictures of the kids. All my pictures keep looking the same.

Lovely pond, we have a nice one in our backyard, well we used to have a nice one in our backyard, but it needs repaired. I want Nick to dig it deeper, but he says that's too much for this year if I want to kepe bike riding like an insane woman on the weekends. Rotten man.

Brenda said...

I don't think your recruits are into their training. And Mae does make a good point.

Neat pond! Backyard waterfalls can sound so nice.

Carrie K said...

Upstairs neighbor now! In your old place? That pond is cool.

So I take it tomorrow is D Day? I'm with Chris. Not everyone is born to be a good soldier......