Monday, June 28, 2010

What A Shame

"Uh oh, Mom's not happy."

No. I'm not.

Let me just say that if you have a cause you believe in, and are passionate about - good for you. Greenpeace? Excellent. Amnesty International? Awesome. Plight of women and children in 3rd World countries? I support you, too. Aboriginal issues? Got my vote.

Vandalizing, setting cars on fire, looting and rioting? Get the hell out of my city.

No one I'd spoken to thought that holding the G20 summit in Toronto was a good idea. Not a single person. Certainly not in core of the city. Nevertheless, the choice was made, and the price tag to protect the delegates insanely high ($1 billion). You knew there would be protests. It goes hand in hand with these types of meetings.

"Gandalf, what are you doing??"

"Nothing. Don't mind me. Continue."

What took me by surprise was the senseless tactics of these self-proclaimed anarchists. And it angers me that they would come into this city - my home - for the sole purpose of destruction and violence. Drowning out the voices of those peaceful protesters, and their causes. What's more, it's said that the majority of these thugs aren't even from the city of Toronto. This is what they do - go to major meetings or summits to cause chaos.

So you come to my city, take over the streets, think nothing of destroying and vandalizing property, terrorizing the peaceful protesters and antagonizing the police - and you can't show your face?

"Gandalf. What are you doing???!"

"I'm good, really. Keep going."

What the hell is wrong with you? What was your message? You don't like large corporations, so you smash up a bunch of Starbucks. What's your point?? If you don't approve or even like the spread of large corporations - don't frequent their outlets. I buy my coffee at independant coffee shops as much as I can. Don't like the way big banks handle their profits? Put your money in a Credit Union. I do. But smashing the windows of a little convenience store does nothing to further your cause. Whatever that may be. Bet you don't even know yourselves.

Don't come to my city. You have no message. And don't come here and call Canada a "fascist police state", you retarded little shit.

I think they really should be given a chance to promote their brand of "protests" in a place where they probably will not get a 5-minute warning. Yeah, that would be good. Where the police have no hesitation in using water and sound cannons and rubber bullets at the first sign of dissent. But, that won't happen, will it? You would need to fully understand and believe in a relevant social issue to even be in a country that has a legitimate cause to fight for. And most of those countries would kick you in the nuts faster than you can change your clothes behind a crowd of real protesters, you chicken shit.

"Gandalf! Enough already!"

"Yeah, I'm stuck. I may need a hand..."

Pardon my French, kids. It was much worse when I first saw what was going on downtown. Most of what went on took place around the area I work downtown. It was not a pleasant sight to see.

I'm glad it's over, but Toronto did not need the black eye given to it by these professional anarchists. And the real protesters, the peaceful ones who actually had a message to get across never got a chance. I don't think I saw or read a single story on their issues.

What a waste.

"It just wasn't cool. At all...harshing my mellow..."

Well, under any other circumstance, telling you that we had an earthquake here last Wednesday would be big news (well, for us anyway).

"I didn't like that earthquake. I was scared! And it woke me up! Then there was all that rioting and stuff downtown. Mom swearing. It really hasn't been a fun time. But it's ok now. Mom has the week off! Yay!"

That's right. And I just want some peace and quiet...


Anonymous said...

Canada is a facist police state? Now that's special. People really need to get a clue.

Enjoy your week off - hope things get better quickly.

life ldc said...

Totally with you.......because of the few that caused all of this, the peaceful protestors didn't get a chance.....

Last wednesday, sitting at my desk in the basement checking e-mail....the earth did my desk LOL and I'm sure our basement floor cracked.......

Chris said...

Ugh. The professional anarchists were here for the Republican National Convention in 2008, although it wasn't nearly as bad.


kingshearte said...

You pretty much summed up my feelings on this subject exactly. I can't stand it when people somehow feel justified in trashing stuff just to make some sort of nebulous "point."

Nicole said...

Anyone who feels the need to destroy things to get their point across doesn't deserve to have things of their own. And that is all I am going to say on the matter, lest I turn into a raving lunatic, myself. ;) (You phrased it much nicer than I would have.)

Enjoy your week off! And I'm glad the earthquake wasn't too bad! I'm used to them, but I do tend to forget that not everyone has a California attitude towards 'quakes...

Luisa said...

Dear Brigitte, I am amazed at what those people say about Canada. For us portuguese (living in Portugal) Canada is one of the best countries in the world. Lots of portuguese live there, and I never heard a word of complaint. For me, personnally, I have very good canadian friends in the knitting world, and those landscapes! That yarn! I have to go there some day. Big hugs.

Rebekah said...

follow these directions:

Pick up a kitty. *Turn Kitty over. Rub kitty belly. Inhale the smell of warm kitty fur. Put down kitty.* Pick up another kitty, repeat *-* until all is well in the world again.

Bridget said...

Don't even get me started. We had the same thing when the Republican Convention was here in 2004. And in our case, another black spot for Philadelphia - just what the city doesn't need!

Ah yes, the fascist police state. That's always a keeper.

Glad the earthquake wasn't any worse than it was, though I did think of both you and Lorraine when I heard about it.

Enjoy your week off - I'm jealous!

Lynn said...

I feel so badly that this happened in your own backyard. People like this make no sense. Never understood the *logic* behind it. How was the earthquake?? Was it scary?
and enjoy your week off. Leave the tv off too. No good news to be found there.

miyamojo said...


When the WTO met in Seattle, it ended up being called The Battle in Seattle cuz of those jerks.

I'm glad Malcolm didn't get knocked off his perch during the earthquake.

YAY for a week off! Hi to the bunnies! and kitties! and Sasha! :)

Carrie #K said...

I love how Gandalf minds.

Yeah, isn't that always the way? Break stuff to "get attention". As if we didn't know what was going on before they trashed the city. And did it help? No.

I heard about your earthquake! Welcome to my world! Fun, as long as no buildings/houses crumble.

Brenda said...

I saw on the news the terrible things the professional anarchists did in Toronto. What senselessness. They stood for nothing but themselves. Anarchy is really incredibly narcissistic. I hope your week off has been restorative!

Traceyleezle said...

WTH? Seriously? How utterly repulsive, what a waste for those there with a legitimate cause.

Lee Bernstein said...

Love the kitty photos! That "up the window" one made me laugh out loud.