Sunday, August 01, 2010

Could It Be?!!

What? A FINISHED project?!!

OK. So it's a hat. But I think this probably marks only the 2nd finished project for 2010.

But it's a mighty fine hat. (Well, I think so anyway.)

Malcolm graciously agreed to model the finished piece.

"No, not really. I'm just to tired to protest."

I finished "Dahlia", one of three designs included in "Hattrick" from Virtual Yarns. I haven't blocked it yet; I'm still looking for a right-sized plate to form it on.

So happy! Love love love! The colours are just beautiful, and work so well together. It satisfied my urge to work on a stranded project, and should keep any more stranded urges at bay until the weather cools a bit. Or so I say. I've been itching to start work on "Donegal", and after all, when it comes to casting on something new, I'm not one to deny myself. I've made that quite clear in the past. *sigh*

"Wow Malcolm, that hat really suits you."

"Really? Oh, thanks Gandalf! Do you think Mom will let me wear it? It's so soft."

"I can't see why not."

I really want to thank everyone for their kind words and wishes re. my polycythemia. I appreciate it so much! It's been a confusing and demoralizing time for me, but having so many friends wish me well means a lot. I had some blood work last week, and my blood counts are starting to come down, which is a positive sign! I have to continue going every 2 weeks until he's satisfied I'm on the right dose, and the medication is working. So far, so good...

"Hi Sasha!"

"Hi Gandalf! Hi Atticus!"

"Do you want to come in and play for a bit? I'll ask my Mom."

"No, I can't, I'm waiting for my Dad. I think we're going for a car ride!"

"The car?!! Oh wow! That's so cool!"

"Sasha, you need to play with your girlfriends, not those dweebs. I'll show you how to groom your paws! It'll be awesome! And we can have a snack too. And then watch Animal Planet, and have a nap! Yay! OK!"

Brian, Sasha's Dad, says that Sasha must have some cat in her, because she's always grooming herself like one. The funniest thing is watching her clean her face - by licking her paw, and rubbing her face with it.

"I'm just a one man wolfpack. Yup. That's me."

(If you haven't seen the movie The Hangover, do yourself a favour, and watch it.)

Have a great week everyone!

"Yeah! Have a great week! I'm just gonna be chillaxing, looking out the window, tryin' to catch bugs and stuff."


Chris said...

Congrats on the gorgeous FO!! And what good news about your numbers starting to come down!!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- That is great news- the medication is helping.

I think I have less than 2 fo's this year-

miyamojo said...

Wow! Awesome hat! Yay!

Sasha sounds like my dog Mojo - she use to lick her paws and clean her face like a cat too, and she was all black, and loved cats.

So glad your numbers are coming down. Yay! *happy dance* :)

life ldc said...

Great looking hat -- glad to hear you are doing better.

The kitties look like they are having too much fun LOL!!!

Bridget said...

Hooray, hooray! I'm so glad you are getting good medical reports, that's worth so much.

That is one of the prettiest hats I have EVER seen! And Malcolm does look quite fetching in it, I must say ...

Nicole said...

Lovely hat! And I hope the medical stuff stays on the right track, and the doctors can quickly figure out the best combination for you!

Carrie #K said...

FO's? What are those? The hat is gorgeous! It's not just a hat - look at that intricate stranding. sheesh.

Yay about your numbers! Always scary but hopefully under control and the correct diagnosis.

The hat does look dashing on Malcolm but Mae has the right idea.

Michelle Martino said...

Glad to hear your seeing some progress in the right direction! :)
Your hat is beautiful!

Sonya said...

Beautiful hat! I love how purples and greens work together. I'm so glad your health numbers are headed in the right direction. Zoey and Kiki like to hang out together and watch Animal Planet, but Zoey would rather wash Kiki's face than her own.

mrspao said...

Wonderful hat on a gorgeous model :)

Rebekah said...

Love the hat! Its very pretty.

Glad your nubmers are coming down, the cats must be taking good care of you. Because I'm sure it has nothing to do with meds, and everything to do with kitty love.

Marji said...

oh {{{Hugs to you Brigitte}}}.
Your attitude sounds wonderful. Wishing you all the best.

So, I'm finally making good on my promise of several years ago - inviting you to the boat, either to sail or just to hang out for awhile. Sometime next week. Jeff and I are in Port Colburn right now, and will transit the Welland Canal Saturday or Sunday, then head to Toronto. Don't know which one, but we'll pull into a marina downtown, and stay for 5-7 days. I really hope to be able to get together with you.
more about the trip getting here at

knitseashore said...

That is such great news about your blood work. I hope it continues to improve and you are feeling better too.

Has Sasha been inside to meet the little dudes in person?

You make me feel better, because I only have a couple of FOs this year too, and most of them are small-sized.