Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

And neither will this place.

Hey! Did you know that nail polish bottles break?

They do!

And what's more?! Only your MAC nail polish bottles, the limited edition colours, to be specific, will break.

So, I've already broken my 3 items for this move (my last move ever. EVER.), so it should be all gravy from here on.

First, let's try to move a shelf with a big plant still sitting on top of it.
Then, let's get really gung-ho about organizing and putting stuff away at 11:30pm, and knock over the basket with all of your nail polish bottles in it. It's right there, sitting on that precarious spot on top of the toilet tank. Oooo, look at the pretty colours! Can't blame that one on the cats!
And lastly, for poops and giggles, let's take an 80-year old mirror out in -14C weather! Neat! Can you hear the crack it makes as you accidentally knock it against your foot?

I am never moving again. Ever. It's done. I was so disorganized, I couldn't go into the office last Thursday (I work at home, and go downtown one day a week), because I couldn't find my laptop bag, or decent non-sweatpants/jammies to wear.

This is my office/yarn storage room a week ago.

And this.

Malcolm's somewhere in that picture.

On the one hand, moving next door is great. You can bring stuff over at your leisure, and you don't have to put too much thought in how you pack things. On the other hand - you get lazy, complacent and disorganized.

This is the same room today.

Considerably better. Although why I have a roll of electrical tape (look on top of the cat thingy) is beyond me. Just one of the interesting things I found.

Right, Gandalf?

"Yup. Got my Snuggi Bear and my bed. I'm good."

I was quite pleased - the Little Dudes adjusted just fine. They slept with me on the couch that first night. 4 cats. 1 human. 1 couch. Guess who got all of the sleep.

But, it's done now. All of my stuff has been moved over. Now it just needs to be organized and put into place.

"You guys OK?"

"Yeah yeah. We're going to explore. Malcolm!"


"I'm right here! Stop yelling. What's up?"

"C'mon, we're going to explore stuff."

"OK, cool! Let's knock stuff over too!"

"Well, durr. Of course we're gonna knock stuff over. Gandalf is going to wedge himself in a tight spot and won't be able to get out. Mae says she's gonna just lie there in the middle of the room in the only spot Mom has to maneuver around in. I've got my eye on that container of Mom's straight knitting needles. I'm wondering about the sound it'll make... "

"This is gonna be awesome!!"

OK. Off to try and organize my bedroom. "Try" being the operative word here.

Have a great week everyone!


mrspao said...

Tamyra thought it would be fun to bat one of those expensive nail polishes on the floor a few weeks ago. Luckily I heard her do it and was able to clean up before it all dried!

Glad to hear the little guys are all ok about their move. You'll get straight eventually - I like that when you move you find things you had forgotten you ever had.

Lorraine said...

Bridge- At least everything is in, and you can sort it out later.

I should get KC a Snuggi Bear.

Chris said...

Well... at least you're moved, right? RIGHT? :)

miyamojo said...

At least the kids didn't track the nail polish everywhere!

Bridget said...

Sigh. What's the point of having limited edition colors if you can't break the bottles ...

I have decided that moving nearby is actually more work than moving someplace else entirely. When you move someplace else, you *have* to be ready to go by a certain time. When you move nearby, it's dribs and drabs forever.

Good luck organizing - I like it when I can spend a nice amount of time to get into it.

Carrie#K said...

Everyone has their assigned task, it's important to keep continuity during change.

Lovely nail polish. Old place, hopefully? lol.

It does look as if you are not quite finished settling in.......:)

kingshearte said...

For the record, that appears to be duct tape, not electrical tape, and it's good that you have some, because everyone should. Just don't try to use it on ducts.

Enjoy your new place!

Traceyleezle said...

I think you deserve chocolate. Chocolate helps with organizing. I have no idea why, it just does.

life ldc said...

You are so brave with this whole moving will get it all sorted out...and I hope that you are happy in your "new" home.

You have duct tape - you should now feel secure LOL!

Rebekah said...

Life is so much fun when you are a cat! Hope the organizing is going well!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh my cat and dog play the "Lets knock stuff over" game. Yay for organizational progress though! Slowly but surely! :)

Michelle Martino said...

Hope you are feeling better. I know its tough to make progress on anything when your not well :(
I was just going thru some books and happened upon St. Brigid! I think I may have to make it; have you done this one?