Sunday, July 09, 2006

Trunk Show. Of Sorts.

Good Morning!!

I suppose I could show you pictures of Ophelia with DPN's sticking painfully out of her one arm, or a one-armed Diva (that last arm? Never. Ends). However, I thought I'd bring out some actual finished Alice/Jade Starmore projects to show. It was our Lorraine's idea - while yapping on the phone with her yesterday, she made the suggestion.

St. Brigid

My favourite... I was almost mugged by Lorraine and Anne at a DKC meeting in the spring wearing it. I take that as a compliment!

She is from "Aran Knitting", knit in AS' 3-ply Hebridean yarn in the Limpet shade.

The only change I made was to not work the ribbed section above the cable border at the neckline. I simply didn't like the way it looked, so I ripped it back. I like the look of it the way it is.


My lovely "Butterfly" vest, designed by Jade Starmore, and purchased through the Virtual Yarns site, using 2-ply Hebridean.

This is my most comfy vest. I omitted the button band. Boobage got in the way... But I like it this way; she has a very "Nehru" look, and goes with ANYTHING!

Ain't she a beaut?!

Heart Bag

My almost-everyday bag in the winter time. Design is from Alice Starmore, purchased through Virtual Yarns. It's worked using 2 strands of 3-ply Hebridean yarn held together, and knit tightly.

The result is a very sturdy bag!

Oriental Flower

This design is from Jade, purchased through Virtual Yarns. It's a stranded design, with a pocket in front. I ended up felting the finished bag as I didn't work it tight enough. It would sag down to the ground once I put my stuff into it. I love the look, and it's a lot sturdier.

It's such a cheery bag, and I use it a lot in the winter to brighten up my blah black winter coat.

Not bad, huh? Not pictured - Sand Dance by Jade, and Scalpay by Alice. Both were gifts, so I don't have pictures of them. I do plan on making Sand Dance again though for myself...

OK - so what Starmore projects do I have waiting in the wings? These are the ones that have yarn and patterns, therefore are ready to start:

* Henry VIII
* Mary Tudor
* Rosarie vest
* Fulmar (still undecided on the yarn though...)
* Valtos (started, but frogged because I messed up...bad. May or may not re-do.)
* St. Columba (the colour I ordered is lovely, but not suitable I think.)
* Birdsfoot Scarf (love the colour I ordered, but not the best shade for the scarf detail)

I also plan on working Elizabeth I, and AS' VK Winter 1994 cardigan. And, there are many others I'd like to work on too...


We won't even get into my Poetry in Stitches and Norskstrikedesign projects... Or the J&S ones either... Or Lorraine's...

Oh, and the quilt? Christmas pressie from my way-cool sister Renee. She is very talented, and creative!


Seeing as I'm pretty comfortable in the knowledge that I've found my niche in knitting, I'm now left with a pile of yarn, although lovely, I will probably never use. Once I get my act together, I'm going to list it all, and post it in our "E-Mail News" at work. We're a national company, so hopefully it'll get good exposure. Good stuff too - Debbie Bliss, Noro, Rowan (including cotton...*shudder* I am NO FAN of cotton...what the hell was I thinking), Karabella Aurora, some Zara... What's scary is that I'm sure to have some I didn't even realize I had.

So, what's a good mark-down to charge on the original price? It's all in excellent condition, the Little Dudes haven't been near any of it, and no smoke either. I want to get rid of it, but not give it away.

I'm keeping the AS and J&S (duh), any Aran weight, some Noro and Mission Falls, the Briggs and Little, Lopi, and the Fleece Artist/HandMaiden.

Let me know what your suggestion would be!!!

Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday Knitsters!



Marina said...

Show off ;-) Can I come over to play "dressing up" or at least, play in your stash?

Hmm, everything looks so lovely but now, I have someone else to catch up to! Maybe if I give up sleeping ...

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Brigitte- Mugging someone who's sweater you admire is totally justified- artistically.
Thanks for the visual- can we see your stash next? C'mon, don't be shy- I showed mine.
While admiring the knitting, I also looked at the quilting- it's quite lovely.
I told you I was nosey.

Anonymous said...

Ahem. As long as I get to see the list Before Anyone Else In The Company, everything will be fine.

Sorry about France, btw.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous knitting Brigitte! I love the idea of felting the fair isle bag....hmmmm might try that myself!

Anonymous said...

Wo-how! I can't believe how amazingly gorgeous your FO's are - the St. Brigid actually blew me away, and I'm not exaggerating here! I was moaning "Want that too" throughout reading your entry and looking at the pics! Amazing work indeed, and I can't wait to see your progress pics of the other Starmore projects you're planning to do! I'm totally impressed!

Cynthia said...

Is your internet homepage Virtual Yarns? Looks like you've got a good chunk of their inventory... can I come over and play, too?

All your FO's are so beautiful!

Carrie K said...

Ooooh, PRETTY!

I agree. Mugging someone for their sweater is perfectly justified.

No idea on the yarn prices. Maybe cruise Etsy & Ebay & see what they did?

Chris said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!!

Hmm, maybe you should post your yarns here first... *greed*

vanessa said...

fantastic photos!

Anonymous said...

St Brigid looks gorgous, and I find the redesigned neckline interesting.

But the rest is quite lovely as well.