Thursday, July 06, 2006

Uh, Didn't I Have Two?

So, while on the GO Train coming home, knitting away on my socks, I started thinking of some of the sock yarn I could use for the some of the neat sock patterns from the latest Knitty. I remembered I had some Lorna's Laces already wound up and ready to go, somewhere on one of my bookshelves. Cool, says I.

What's so funky about this picture? No, I'm not showing off part of my knitting book collection (which includes a SIGNED copy of Wendy Knits courtesy of my buddy Rachel H., thank you very much).

What's funky is that there is only ONE. And there should be TWO.


Methinks Monsieur Atticus has been surfing the 'net while I'm away at work, learning from his mentor, Chaos on how to best use yarn as a tool for revenge for the attention it takes away from Mom.

Knitsters, I cannot find the friggin' yarn. ANYWHERE. I've looked everywhere imaginable in this place - under the fridge, the couch, in the litter box even. It has disappeared. Probably ate it. I've a few other "not in a million years" locations I can search, but I will tip my hat to the little Dude if he did manage to stash it there. W. T. F.

And, I'm also thinking - how the hell did he even GET to the skein in the first place?? I do not want to think about it...

Madame la Hanne Falkenberg's Diva

You really have to check out these latest Fair Isle wonders:

Marina's Grant Avenue! She added arms, and it looks fabulous! I love the choice of main colours on the main body and arms. Blue and gold are a perfect combination. I LOVE it, Marina!

And Wendy, that most prolific and mondo-cool of knitters, has completed Mara. I'm normally not a fan of V-neck cardigans, but I really love the look of this one.

Looking at those two FO's really motivates me to get my ass in gear and finish up Ophelia. I have arms to complete, but - for now I'm knittin' like it's 1999 so that I can finish up "Diva" (above). The body - done. Sleeves - one down, one to go. And wouldn't you know it, I've totally forgotten how to knit! Only restarted the damn cuff on the 2nd sleeve 8 TIMES because I kept forgetting what a YO is. Spaz. Hey, and you know what? I tried it on - and she FITS perfectly!!!

'Cause guess what I discovered?!?!

I've been using the wrong needle size this whole bloody time. Brigitte...geez... It's suppose to be a 3mm, and oh lookie - it's a 3.25mm! Great!

I don't even know how that happened. But, it does work. And thanking the Knit Goddess that it does.

It is never dull here at Chez les Cats...


Cynthia said...

Don't you just love it when the Knitting Goddess works something in your favor? Glad to hear it fits, 'cause it's too beautiful not to...

Atticus - now that you have Mom's attention, you can give her the yarn back. You don't want her to cry, do you?

Marina said...

::: blush ::: There are plans to mess up another of Her patterns ::: insert evil laughter :::

Hey, how come that innocent looking Atticus gets the blame? What about Baby Mae?

Diva doesn't seem to suffered. In fact, she looks great and if she fits, so much the better!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Brigitte- I have the exact same color of Lorna's Laces- mint?
I guess I better keep an eye on it, it may be attractive to cats.
Look at that face- how could you blame Atticus?
Your Diva looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love those Hanne Falkenburg designs -- this one looks great! I'm looking forward to a photo of your modelling it.

Chris said...

Oh oh... Sorry to hear that Chaos has been such a bad influence on Atticus. Um... maybe the yarn is in the mysterious hole in space to which cat toys vanish??

There's no way you wound the two hanks into a single ball, is there?

Carrie K said...

Did it fall behind the books somehow? Poor Atticus. He looks so clearly innocent.

Did you swatch it with the 3.25? Maybe that's just your gauge on that yarn. I am all over the map with needle sizes.

Diva looks glorious.