Friday, September 08, 2006

Home Again

Well, thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday and vacation wishes! My sister says it's pretty cool that I have Knit Buddies all over sending me good wishes. And it is - so thank you all very much!

{{{{{Brigitte sending big hugs!}}}}}

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Knitsters, I had the BEST time ever in St. Catharines! It was wonderfully relaxing, and as always, my sis, SIL and Finnegan were the best hosts.

Finnegan wishes his Auntie Brigitte a Happy Birthday!

He taught me the Finnegan Song (no reason I should be the only one to have it running through my brain ad nauseam):

Who's the fluffiest in the land?
It's Finnegan!
Woof Woof Woof!

Good thing you don't know the tune. Otherwise you'll be singing it too. Trust me.

Let me tell you - one of the cutest things ever is Mr. Fluffy greeting you first thing in the morning. Little tail wagging, head and ears looking up at you, completely overjoyed that you're there! Too. Cute. As much as I love my Little Dudes, their motivation for seeing me first thing in the morning has nothing to do with the joy of just plain seeing me. First thing anyway.

The weather blew, but that was expected. Didn't matter in the least, because we did manage to move our collective butts enough to go out walking with the puppy, visit the Aberfoyle Antique market and IKEA (on a Sunday. Not a bright plan.), eat (did I mention my sister is a fabulous cook?), watch movies, play Scrabble, nap EVERY DAY, and of course knit! Well, I did anyway.

Well, lookie here! It's Western Seas, looking consiberably longer than she did a week ago! Body to gussets? Done! Gussets? Done! Front to start of V-neck? DONE!

And you know what? I wasn't bored with her at all. It was the perfect knit to have taken with me - easy to work on and looking good!

I caved and also brought Ophelia with me. I did finish the first sleeve cuff, and picked up the stitches for the right sleeve.

How COOL is that ?! Well, I'm pleased, that's for sure.

Oh yeah, I also attended Finnegan's Puppy School on Tuesday.

Here he is greeting his buddy Cosmo.

He did very well. Either that or he's on to my sister and the treat thingy.

You know, I love dogs, and Finnegan is just the sweetest little puppy. But, cats? Rock. I love their independance, the fact they flip you the bird if you try to train them, and that they love you in their own sweet, quiet little ways. *sigh*

You know what's the best part of being home again?

"Leave for 5 days again and I'll take a page from Kitten-Chow's book and crap on your bed."


That lump is Gandalf, discovering the joys of an IKEA purchase.

"Wha'? Where am I? Oooo, look - hangy things! Wheee! Wheee! Wheee!"

"You smelled like dog when you came home. Something you'd like to tell me? Fine. I'm just going to lie here in silence. Until you break out the food."

Awww...they wuv me!

And the Fun Overload continues - tomorrow is the Waterloo County Knitters' Fair! If you're in the area, be there or be square.

Ka. Ching.


Chris said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful break! Finnegan is pretty cute - I wonder how the Little Dudes would like him? :)

Kittens are so funny - so much "Whee! Look at me! I'm ricocheting through the air!" I can hardly wait... My place is still pretty much kitten proofed, since Chaos only partially grew out of that stage...

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hi Bridge- Kitten-Chow can be a very bad influence indeed!
Sounds like you had a great time- I've been to Aberfoyle, it's great.
Great birthday you had- is this your sister who quilts? And cooks?
A true Renaissance woman.

Nicole said...

Sounds like fun!

So your Littlest Dude has discovered hiding under things, huh? I remember when Fuzz-Bucket did that for the first time... we ran around the house for the longest time, trying to figure out where she was, only to find her napping on the bed, under the comforter. *sigh* Cats. Gotta love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute! Puppy(ies)! But there's nothing like coming home to your cat(s) and watching her look all joyous, until she remembers she's mad at you for leaving.

Oooo. Lots done on WS!

Anonymous said...

Your pets always know when you've been associating with "other" pets....and no, they don't like it. But, fortunately, they can't open their own food containers, can they -- so eventually they come around.

Love Finnigan! You're right though, cats are independent and they love you or they don't period.

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how cute Finnegan is, and what a beauty! And what a scream the cats are, I could watch them for hours and hours and not get bored!
You've been pretty productive too while you were away, great work done! I'm glad to hear you had such a fun, happy and relaxing time!

Marina said...

Sounds like you had a great time and that the Little Dudes gave you a warm welcome home!

Well, I've got to say I'm disappointed! Your progress on Western Seas is outstanding but what happened to Ophelia? I'm waiting for her to be done before I have another F.O.!

sillyewe said...

Oh it does sound like a wonderful time! Glad it was so much fun. By the way, let me know if you can't find any of those needles. I will be happy to send you one. :0)

Cynthia said...

Western Seas is really coming along. Sounds like you had a really nice vacation. Glad to have you back.