Friday, October 13, 2006

Contest! Name me!

It's been a slow knitting week Knitsters... Bummer. Work has been keeping me busy (the nerve) - doing after-hours support is a funny thing sometimes. I can go weeks with nothing, then in the space of a week... *sigh*

But - I did manage to work on my "Red and White Cardigan on Page 164 With No Name":

Don't mind the crap picture, you get the idea. I'm curious as to why this yarn requires Norwegian steeks as opposed to the other method of steeking (cut 'n' go). The yarn is a 2-ply yarn, Hifa 2 Yarn by Hillesvåg, which is a slightly heavier 2-ply than Shetland, but just as sticky. Trust me on that one. Winding those suckers into balls was not. fun. Anyone have any experience working with this yarn?

So - here's the contest info!

She needs a name! Poetry in Stitches, while a beautiful book, does not place names on ANY of their designs, which is a shame as they are all so lovely... *sigh* So, if you can come up with a spiffy name for my poor "Red and White Cardigan on Page 164 With No Name", you'll get a hoard of red and white goodies (of course, there will be yarn).

Contest open to anyone, anywhere, and will close at 5pm Eastern Time on Friday, October 20th. Be original, and I'll pick the one I like best. You can send your entries to

Thanks everyone!

And, as promised -

Once again I enlisted the help of my lovely co-worker Monica to snap a picture of Ophelia and I. She was quite a hit! And warm too - I got caught in a snow squall on the way home, and she kept me nice and toasty - and dry.

*sigh* I love wool...

She's BACK!!!

Our wonderful Hammy is back with her new blog - Sheriff of Knittingham! Drop by her blog, and welcome her back.

...One More Thing!

I have to wish my sister a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, which is on Saturday, October 14th. She turns that magical age between 39 and 41... So, Happy Birthday Eener!!!! (inside joke folks...).

Have a great weekend!


Cynthia said...

I love how it's turning out! (sigh) I'm terrible for picking out names, but I'll try to think up one and email you...

Isn't wonderful to be able to wear your own handknits! It has finally been cool enough for me to wear my sweatshirt jacket and my Fearless fair isle this week.

Happy Birthday to your sis! My sister's birthday is later this month.

Marina said...

Ooo, the Big 4-0! Still a tadpole. Happy Birthday Brigitte's sister.

Wow, all that beautiful hair and the gorgeous Ophelia! Lovely!

About Norwegians, never done any and as I said somewhere, I think the sleeves are weird. I've been thinking of doing them the same way AS does her FIs.

Lorraine said...

Hey Bridge- Ophelia looks, well, like it was made for you.
Another success, how do you live with yourself?
Mmmm, a name? How about Helga Larsdottir? Just kidding, I know nothing about Norway, but I have knit a Dale. Bet Jewel could come up with something.

Marji said...

I have a very North American name for her, will email you.
Happy B'day to your dear sis - another with a decade year.
I love Ophelia on you - perfect!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brigitte's Sister!

Ophelia looks so good on you!

If I can manage creativity from this brain (highly doubtful) I'll send you my name.

Anonymous said...

First of all, happy birthday to your sister - all the very best to her!
You look so absolutely gorgeous wearing Ophelia, you two just belong together! You you both are real beauties!
And your cardi is coming along so nicely - seeing it and adding the fact that it's a nordic design made me think about the fjords there and the amazing beauty that surrounds them - how about "Sognefjord Cardigan"? The Sognefjord is, by the way, Norway's longest fjord and the area around is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful travel destinations. Well - your cardi is going to be the world's most beautiful cardi, so the name sounds perfect to me ;)

Chris said...

Happy birthday to your sister!! She's celebrating the same birthday that I will be in a month.

Ophelia is gorgeous!!

Now off to ponder sweater names...

Anonymous said...

You look simply mahhvelous, dahlink! You look so pretty in Ophelia.

I have a name suggestion - I'll send it to you.

Jan said...

I started that sweater last winter and never got it done. The sleeves seemed to take forever. When I'm done with Tilia I will have to dig out my Poetry book and get back to work.

sillyewe said...

Yea!!!!! Ophelia looks so good. And I like the for-now-nameless red. Hmmm...a name..a name. Well, anyhow, glad the package arrived and I hope you like them to knit with.

christine said...

Beautiful - I came from Stumbling over Chaos - My name for your sweater is "Fine Maiden" - the pattern looks Medievil to me.

sheep#100 said...

The zig zags remind me of Charlie Brown's shirt so "Charlie Brown".

DeeAnn said...

Sweet! You and Ophelia look great! Congratulations :) How fun. And the Red, White and New sweater is off to a quick start hehe

Happy Birthday Brigitte's Sis!!

Wendy said...

Your ophelia sweater is beautiful! Your an awesome knitter. I think "enchanted" would be a good name. The moment I saw it I wanted to make it! It's a beautiful cardi and everyone will fall under it's spell!

Anonymous said...

Ophelia is stunning! And I really love the way that the colours goes together.