Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I Woke Up To

I woke up on Sunday morning to this little squishy surprise.

"Oh...wow. Hey! Don't look at me, I can't quite make it up onto the counter..."

"What?!! Mom! WT... I mean! Look at what happened! How did...? Do you think they rolled off of the counter on their own? Whoa...that's trippy... Cherry tomatoes jumping out of the basket and rolling onto the floor... Now I've seen it all."

Uh huh.

Of course, that was after I stumbled out of bed, seconds before the Little Dudes jumped to the ceiling. I don't remember hearing it, I just know I woke up as it happened (a good 10 km away from me), and the cats definitely heard something.

Sunday was a trippy day, to quote Gandalf.

And it was all about the sleeves.

OK. So it's one sleeve... But, I have started the second one! And look how purty Laleli is...! (Well, I think so.)

And Loreli, my cute little cardigan from Fiddlesticks Knitting (now, why isn't there a Fiddlesticks Knitting group in Ravelry?). And probably a record holder for the fastest project in the "Lace Details Non-Wool" category. Heh. One bell sleeve down, one to go!

(No, I'm not a crappy photographer. It's "artsy". Yeah, artsy. As in "fartsy".)

(Oh, I really have to stop posting after crappy work days...)


Memory Lane

In this installment...

Why, who is that? That would be me, in 1971. I would have been 3-ish.

I don't remember exactly where we were living (and if I did, boy would that be a loaded story...), but I do remember Sabrina, the cute little doll I'm holding. It was a gift from my grandparents for my birthday. I can still remember what she looked like - the pink bonnet, the soft face with the big "smiley" eyes, and the polka dot pink dress. And I remember she had little sewn-on booties, and a soft stuffed body. Oh, and the perpetual smile and oh yeah, she also had rosy cheeks and eyelashes, although I think they were painted on.

And, I also my sister trying to flush her down the toilet.

I loved Sabrina... I do seem to remember having her for a few years after that, but I don't know what happened to her.

She was the first doll I was attached too, and I still look out for one similar to this day. I'm sure there has to be one somewhere (have you seen Toys 'r' Us??). After Sabrina, I was in love with my Oscar the Grouch hand puppet. That's another memory though.

If you haven't already - drop by Carrie K.'s blog and wish her a happy birthday! She is a wonderful blogger I'm proud and happy to say is a friend, and I hope she gets the castle she so deserves for her birthday! And the Bentley. Oh, and Don Draper too.


Chris said...

Yikes about the propane blast! I bet Atticus was a wreck.

Wicked Gandalf! Just glad it was on the tile and not any knitting, eh?

Maybe you need to start a Fiddlesticks knitting group?? :)

Sonya said...

OMG! When they showed the explosion on the news my first thought was, "I hope all the knitters are OK." Bet that got everybody's blood pumping.

Both projects are just lovely. Glad they didn't get cherry tomato squished on them.

Nicole said...

Wow! Jumping tomatoes! That must have been fun.

I'm with Chris. I think you should start a Fiddlesticks knitting group. It might be the way to get me to finally knit one. =p

Brenda said...

Jumping tomatoes! Will wonders never cease. I love how cats sniff what they've knocked to the floor, like they've never seen it before, even if it has little kitty teeth marks in it.

The sweaters look great! You are really whipping out Lorelei.

Bridget said...

I'm glad our house isn't the only place where these mysterious happenings occur! Must have something to do with the time/space continuum, don't you think???

Nothing like waking up RIGHT AWAY!

Your projects are looking fantastic. I can't believe you are working on the second sleeve - doesn't that mean you are actually almost *finished*?

Love the kid picture. :-)

Marina said...

Ooo, squished tomato! How did he do that?

The blast? Not good. The WIPs? Look wonderful.

Since it is no longer a rumour, did you hear that Jamieson is bringing back all/some of the Spindrift/Campion colours that the N. American distributor/a specific LYS denied ever existed? It will be nice if they brought back some Scottish Heather colours while they're at it.

Shannon said...

Where you able to save any of your tomatoes??? And my girl starts school Sept. 2nd. 19 more days!

Anonymous said...

Aw, thank you! FYI, I will accept all kinds of real estate :) but Don Draper is mine.

Wow. Did the blast also squish the tomatos or was that helped by the cats? That was some blast. Yowza.

Yes, you need to start a Fiddlesticks Group. And WOW Laleli! With sleeve! Geez your Lorelei is fast. Are you done yet?

Lorraine said...

Bridge- You heard the blast? That was horrible.
Those little bums with the tomatoes, eh?

miyamojo said...

I thought for sure Gandalf was swatting those tomatoes off the counter at Atticus! LOL!

Both your sweaters look wonderful - love the artsy shots.

Oh Sabrina, sigh, I hope you find another. (Bad sister!) :)

Carrie said...

Ach! So much to comment on! I laughed out loud at the cats playing with the cherries. I LOVE your sweaters - so beautiful!

And if you were three or so in '71, hey, we're the same age! Great picture of you and your doll. My daughter has my teddy from when I was little. My husband says it's ugly now (it is), but we both still love it.

sillyewe said...

Whoa. That was some blast! Too bad you had already seen the tomoatoes.......could have happened in the blast.......HA! Little farts. I woke up one morning to the sad little beheadment of my little ceramic kitchen window cook and a kitty standing over him. Poor little guy. It must have been a horrible way to go. LOL Glad it was far enough away that you guys are ok. :0)

Sweaters are looking fantabulous!

kimberly said...

wow scary! Both projects are beautiful! I really enjoy your blog.

knitseashore said...

I am so glad you and the kitties are OK. Never know sometimes what you will wake up to.

Your sweaters always make me feel like such a slacker; they are so beautiful!!

Thank you for sharing the story about your doll. I still have some of mine...couldn't bear to give them away. I hope that you have some toys you kept too.