Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whoa, Has It Been That Long?

Gee, I thought for sure I had posted last week! Phew... I need a break.

Isn't this lovely?!! No, it's not an early spring picture - I took this a week ago. It's hail, and it has effectively ended my tomato planting experiment (and pretty much the rest of my flowers). What the hail didn't claim, the squirrels have... At one point, there were nearly 30 tomatoes growing on the vine, in various sizes. I think I've had 2 maybe? Possibly 3, if the ripening one that was hanging on the vine when I left for work this morning is still there when I get home. Oh well.

I've had to cut it back so much that it's really looking rather homely. I've since had to hack off one of the "branches".


Wow, it's pretty slim pickings on the knitting front! I have done alot - but it makes for boring pictures. But Loreli is done!

...just not blocked or seamed.

And the Hearts Tunic has both a front and a back! I could show that, but it looks pretty much the same as the last picture...

And the Summer of Socks sock? Um. I ended up having to rip it out, and start all over as it just wasn't *working*. I couldn't get it to not look so droopy.


Socks. I've decided to stick to plain ol' boring knit socks. It's about all I can manage right about now.

Look what I picked up!

No, not various kitty body parts (hee, look at Mae's little nose!).

It's some Socks That Rock sock yarn in a special-edition "Lettuce Knit" colourway! Nice colours, aren't they? Right up Lorraine's alley - earthy moss green, rust and cream colours.

Memory Lane

Can you see me? I'm seated on the middle camel, taking the picture. These are the dunes of Erg Chebi of the western Sahara desert in Morocco.

Camel rides? Not the most comfortable, but after awhile, you really don't notice it. Seems everything else around you pulls you in, and and your discomfort at being atop a crabby animal shrinks when you contemplate the vastness of the Sahara desert. And that you are standing at the western-most edges of this amazing marvel. A dropped stitch suddenly doesn't seem that big of a deal.

Have I mentioned before how much I love Morocco?!

...And What's Next?

A visit next week to visit Finnegan and his Moms!


For a special, milestone birthday! Lordy, Lordy, look who's...no longer going to be in her 30's (yes, that would be me!). Can I tell you though? Turning 40? ROCKS. I'm really, really looking forward to jumping feet first into this next phase of my life (corny? oh well...).

And besides, I love celebrating my birthday.

Who wouldn't?!


Sonya said...

Happy birthday! 40 does rock. Mae's nose is SO cute. And I thought I was exotic riding an elephant in South Bend, Indiana. But a camel in Morocco? Now that's exotic.

Marina said...

Happy 40th Birthday (in advance)! WooHoo, it doesn't get any better!

Your poor plants. No more tomatoes for a kitty who will remain unnamed, to play with ;-)

Looks like the yarn meets the approval of all the kitties!

Have a wonderful vacation and celebration!

Nicole said...

Oooh! Happy almost birthday!

I love that yarn color. And the kitty nose! So sweet!

Chris said...

Happy early 40th! :) See, you have trouble getting unobstructed pictures, too! :) Pretty yarn. We haven't had hail for a few weeks - nice change. So hard on the vegetation.

Michelle Martino said...

Happiest of birthdays! 40s are liberating ~ no longer willing to sweat the small stuff or give a rat's as* about the nonsense ~ it's all good AND it's all about you! Enjoy :)

Bridget said...

Happy Happy early birthday! I didn't have any trouble thinking about turning 40, 'cause I'd always been an old soul, so to speak. (Of course now I'm a *really* old soul!)

I hope you have a good trip, and get lots of kisses from Finnegan.

And that yarn is really pretty - do you know what you are going to knit with it?

If it's any consolation, the summer here was so hot and humid that our tomatoes and other plants pretty much bit the dust early. I guess this just wasn't our year, huh?

miyamojo said...

I love that Morocco photo! Real magical!

Happy Birthday! Have fun with Finn and his sheep!

Glad the kitties approve of the yarn. :) Hope they approve of you leaving them...

Lorraine said...

Bridge- So, ah, were you visiting Lettuce Knit?

You're heading headfirst into mid-life- Michelle has it right- no longer giving a rat's ass is very freeing.

Trust me.

Anonymous said...

I go offline and you post? WTH? lol.

Happy Early Birthday!

The yarn is gorgeous and so is that nose. And the Hearts Tunic! So close to FO'ing a bunch o'stuff!

Morocco looks wildly exotic but as it's 107 F here, I think I'd be more inclined to ride a polar bear on a melting ice cap.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!

carolyninAlaska said...

Have an almost Happy Birthday!

That picture of you on the camel is way cool! What an exotic location.

We had hail too... your poor plants,
but it looks like your new yarn passes inspection.
Your knitted hearts looks great and I can't wait to see Laleli when you get the photos.

Kate Linnea Welsh said...

Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Carrie sent me.
Guess what? 50's are pretty good too!
Enjoy your day, and your decade!

knitseashore said...

Happy Birthday! I'll be in your footsteps in a couple of years, so thanks for the positive encouragement! I hope you are planning something special to celebrate, a catnip party, perhaps?!

Can't wait to see Lorilei (sp)!

Felicia said...

I heard it was your birthday. Hope it was fab!

Michelle Martino said...

You have been nominated once again! http://www.ewekeepmeinstitches.blogspot.com/