Sunday, October 19, 2008

Something New

Of course.

I've never been one to let something like a table full of WIP's get in the way of casting on something new. Especially when that something new is full of amazing colours meshing perfectly together.

Doesn't it just scream autumn?! Heh. I know the designer would love that description!

Any ideas?

It's Lorraine's lovely vest design - "Windsor Waistcoat". And it's the perfect time of year to make this, I think. I'm making the XS size, but using a 3.25mm as opposed to the 3mm called for in the pattern. XS is a bit too snug, where as the Small size would be a bit too big for my liking, so by my calculations, going up a needle size should have it come out to exactly my size.

Then again...I did fail Grade 10 math.

Thanks to everyone for your Laleli compliments! *blush* So, get this. I'm stopped at a red light, waiting to cross the street, when I see a woman on the other side of the street wearing this lovely cardigan (Ravelry link...).

"Hey! Nice Starmore sweater!", she says to me.

"Thanks! And I love your Philosopher's Wool Jacket!", I reply.

And this was said while crossing the street in the opposite direction from one and other.

So, what's scarier? That I recognized the Philosopher's Wool design? Or that she could recognize a Starmore design that quite frankly, is not one of VY's better pictures?

Of course, the fact that 2 knitters somehow know that it's cool to comment on a total stranger's outerwear without sounding loony is not scary at all.

Speaking of loony... Gandalf LOVES burying himself underneath his blanket. After dinner, he'll stand on it, waiting for me to come over and fold the blanket on top of him. Then he goes to sleep, and is happy as a clam.

Mae has her ratty ol' comforter, which will not be shared with ANYONE.

But Atticus knows to wait it out, because he gets the best spot of all, snuggled up next to me on the couch.

Oh! And yes, I'm feeling a whole lot better! Thanks to everyone for their good wishes.


Chris said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better! Too funny about that "knit encounter." Love the autumnal colors on the Windsor Waistcoat.

And too funny about the kitties and there special sleeping places. The real question is - how did you discover that Gandalf wanted to be folded into that blanket?

Bridget said...

That is going to be beautiful! I have that pattern, but want to practice fair isle a little more before trying it out ...

That picture of Gandalf (or rather, his feet) is one of the funniest things I've seen. At first I thought it was some kind of Halloween ghost decoration ...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Take it easy, you don't need to relapse now!

miyamojo said...

That crosswalk conversation is my favorite kind. I love recognizing hand knits. I'm sure you made her day.

Cute kitty photos! I asked my coworker if I could borrow one of her cats for the winter... she said, 'no.' :)

Lorraine said...

Bridge- The colors will suit you to perfection. Or would that be purrrfection?

I have recognized other people's handknits, but never had the chutzpah to say anything.

Noogies to Atticus.

DeeAnn said...

Yeah for feeling better!! I would love a crosswalk conversation like that - I just get laughed at unless I'm at my favorite LYS lol. Granted, haven't seen anyone sporting a hand knit in AGES.

You are so Brave with the WIP's woman! I admire your brazen audacity in signing up yet again :) It's a beautiful design, looking forward to seeing how it flatters you.

Love Gandalf, what a snuggly kitty!

knitseashore said...

What a fun way to meet a fellow knitter! It's like a whole secret order with code words and everything.

Gandalf is adorable, but can he breathe ok??

Anonymous said...

That's too cool about the sweater recognition.

The Windsor waistcoat looks good!

Gandalf is such a goofy kitty! I love that 'waiting for the blanket to be folded over him.' Hez just crawls under the bedcovers.

Glad you're feeling better! Colds are yucky.

Michelle Martino said...

Wow! Now you have been busy! I love the Windsor Waistcoat... and am getting hit by the knitting/cardmaking bug BIG TIME! There simply are not enough hours in the day to knit to my liking. I can't wait to see the finished waistcoat.

Nicole said...

That's really one of the things I love about being a knitter, is the sense of community shared among even complete strangers. Though I suppose I should join a SNB one of these days, huh?

I love the kitty pictures! I want to scritch them all... so cute!

Shannon said...

I love the fall colors, so pretty. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

carolyninAlaska said...

I'm glad you're feeling better too.
I plugged your blog on my blog... so everyone could enjoy your gorgeous Windsor Waistcoat ribbing picture. Hope you don't mind the link.

Sonya said...

Lovely corrugated ribbing and perfect for fall. I love unexpected knitter encounters. I was knitting at a meeting last week and at the break another librarian came over and dumped a bag of half-knitted socks and mittens on the table. Instant bonding.

Brenda said...

Love the colors in the waistcoat. Very autumnal.

Glad you are over your cold! My mother has always recommended moaning when one has a cold. It does tend to loosen up congestion.

Gandalf is a goof (but cute)!

Marina said...

Love the story! My family says that I always look unapproachable and so the only things I get are stares, finger pointing and whispers ;-)

Oooh, new WIP! I would have one, but I'm having a tough time deciding what to knit.

Traceyleezle said...

Hey there, that waistcoat is going to be amazing. I love hearing about your kitties and their little society. Glad you are feeling better!

My Little Room In The Corner said...

Those colors are great! Can't wait to see it as you progress.

Gandalf? Or little black kitty feet? He is such a clown.