Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Week In Pictures

The hazards of tomatoes (fresh and just purchased) on the counter.

The hazards of leaving a plant dangling from an accessible location.

"Do it again Big Brother, that was COOL!"

The culprit.

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

So I swept up the mess, and decided to store the garbage bag in the bathroom for the time being.

I really need to pay more attention to fast moving objects before closing the bathroom door.

"I got locked in the bathroom! That was COOL!"


But, there were new discoveries to be made.

"Hello? Snow?! I'm Malcolm! Wanna play Bop Your Head on the Window? Over and over again? OK. You try to catch me, and I'll try to catch you! Yay!"

There was progress.

"What the hell is the squirt doing here?"

"He's fine. I'm fine. Relax, Mae. The more you run away from him, the more he thinks you want to play. Then he chases you. Then you hiss. Then he chases you. Then you whack him on the head. And he still chases you. You guys are lame."

"Yeah, well he'd better not come over to my side of the blanket..."

And there was some discipline, Big Daddy Atticus-style.

"Get off my chair."




"Fine. I'll just sit on you then."

"Oooof...Big Daddy! I was here first!"

"I'm bigger. And older. So move."

But in the end, you can always count on moments of peace.

"OK. Malcolm, we've been through this. I'm a dude. I do not have boobs."

Pictures shamelessly provided in hopes you'll not notice the lack of knitting pictures. There was knitting. But it feels like there has been no progress. I mean, a sleeve's a sleeve. And a sock is a sock. I'm aiming to have...oh wait. I'm not going to jinx it. Next week...


Sonya said...

Atticus certainly knows how to get his point across. I know what you mean about un-post-worthy knitting progress. I'm about to post about 10 rows of Irish Moss ribbing and a sock.

Kris said...

He chases snowflakes! So cute. My boys did that all through their first winter. My apartment in Syracuse had a big picture window that was perfect for it. The neighbors in my high-rise loved to watch them. The boys never quite caught on that weren't catching a thing...

Lorraine said...

Look at that big, orange boy!

Chris said...

Gandalf! What sort of example are you setting there!??? Bad kitty.

Looks like you did a lot of cleaning this week...

I canNOT believe how big Malcolm is! And I love Atticus' solution to kitten discipline. (And May still nurses from random fur on Chaos...)

My Little Room In The Corner said...

I laughed so hard I cried! Poor Malcolm. He didn't come out of that foray looking like an orange pancake with ears did he? That was too funny!

Jeanne said...

The photo of the big cat sitting on the kitten... priceless! I love how cats solve "problems". Kittens are so cute.

miyamojo said...

HAHAHA! The kids are so funny!

Tell Gandalf you don't need his help.

Bridget said...

I for one enjoyed the kitty pictures and captions! Never a dull moment, huh?

mrspao said...

Malcolm is sooo big now :)

Nicole said...

I'm sure we will want the knitting pictures eventually, but for now? Kitteh pictures are perfect!

(Knitting pictures at the moment just remind me how much knitting I have left to do before Christmas.)

Lynn said...

While it works well that atticus is large enough to keep a cat fight at bay, it's not so great for Malcolm when A decides who the chair belongs to!!! LOL

and isn't it amazing how much destruction a little (basement cat) kitty can do???

Brenda said...

What a naughty kitty Gandalf was!
Malcolm is getting so big!