Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summertime Fun

"The last time Mom took the fan out, Auntie Chris was visiting. And I was a little squirt. So, we all got our hopes up that maybe this meant that she was coming for a visit again!"

"But, that wasn't the case. Which really bummed me out! And then Mom put the fan away, which I didn't understand 'cause it was really, really hot out. Instead, she put this funny box in the window."

"And it's awesome! I'm not hot! I' Mom is too, which is good. Because Atticus 'n' Mae 'n' Gandalf all say that Mom is really crabby when it's hot out. I may not be able to look out the window as much, but that's OK. This thing is neat-O."

"Dude... this is how I should live all the time. Oh wait. I do."

"Gandalf, do you want to play Star Trek? You can be Kirk, and I'll be Scotty."

"OK. What about Mae?"

"Um, she can 'bout Chekov?"

"No, she's a girl! She can't be Chekov! She can be Uhura."

"Cool, ok! And Atticus can be Spock!"

"Yeah, I'll be Spock! Right on!"

" not playing with you geeks...I need a sister."

Once the air conditioner went in, and the place started cooling down, the guys would returned to their crazy selves. The heat had a way of weighing even Malcolm down. And of course, once I turned the unit on, the wrestling and running at top speeds resumed. It also seemed to quiet them down that much quicker as well. I think it's the "white noise" of the unit running. Regardless, having the A/C in makes for a content bunch of cats, and makes me all the more happy.

I have never claimed to be a "summer" person. To be blunt, I hate the heat. Yes. LOATHE. I usually break out in a heat rash, I sweat, my sunglasses bother me, and I burn in record time. *sigh* I know, bitch bitch bitch. But! With the A/C in? I'm not so cranky. Knowing that once I'm inside I don't have to be uncomfortable makes all the difference, and I can actually enjoy the blistering heat and humidity. (Yes, bitch bitch bitch.)

AND, best of all? I can actually knit with wool, without it felting in my hands from the heat.

My Dunadd throw. I'm on the 3rd of 5 cable sections. And I just love it. Having the air conditioner on means that I'll actually be able to work on this throughout the summer, and maybe be able to finish it. Unlike most of the other WIPs huddling in my office.

We had a great week off. And, the guys were especially happy to see their Auntie Lorraine last Thursday.

"It's always a good day when Auntie Lorraine comes for a visit. She always brings me treats..."

"They're for all of us, tubby!"

"Well, I share with the others, even though they have way too much sass and really don't deserve them. And I'm not tubby Gandalf!"

She also brought along some treats for me, including an amazing pair of Alice in Wonderland earrings - one with a picture of Alice, and the other the Cheshire Cat. They are just so beautiful! But, I cannot for the life of me remember how to take close ups with my camera, so I'll have to try again for next week. >:(

"Are you a girl cat? 'Cause if you are, you can come on in. My brothers are dorks."

While the outside cat has his ears flattened and looks annoyed, Mae doesn't seem to be the least bit bothered by the fact a strange cat is on her deck. Right after I snapped this picture, she turned around and went to lie down.

Well, it's back to work tomorrow, *sigh*. It was nice having a week off to rest and relax, but back to business tomorrow... It's supposed to be hot, in the upper 30C range, but that's just fine, I have my air conditioner now and it's all good.

"Let's watch Animal Planet, Gandalf. They've got a show on sharks! Which is what I think I want to be when I grow up. Or a whale. I haven't decided."


Chris said...

I think we have a thunderstorm rolling in here. And, crazy, the high for Wed is only predicted to be 65F! Talk about temps all over the place. I don't mind at all, though. 65-70 all summer would be fine.

Hi, kitties! *scritches all around*

miyamojo said...

Send some of that heat this way. It's rainy & foggy here. Wooly says it's Highland weather. I need sun.

Love your blanket! :)

I can't believe how big Malcolm is.

Lorraine said...

Bridge- I loathe the heat.

But, having a/c will make it tolerable.

life ldc said...

I'm totally with you - I hate heat -- have you noticed that if you love wool you tend to hate heat LOL!???!?!?!

mrspao said...

Wow Malcolm is a big kitty now! It is very cold here :(

Lynn said...

THIS is the only way I can live in FL, in fact this is the only way any of us live in florida!! My fil just got central air and he thinks its the best invention ever!!

Rebekah said...

Your throw is beautiful!

You should hear Django when a cat walks across our yard. He goes insane! I think the neighborhood cats just do it to annoy him.

Nicole said...

Wow, Malcolm is big. I probably think that every time I see a picture of him these days, but still. *sigh* They grow up so fast!

I like hot weather, but I like it in moderation. For instance, nice hot days are great, but by bedtime I want a break. But then, I suppose this is part of why I have never moved out of California...

Carrie K said...

Be a shark, Malcolm.

Isn't the heat awful? We're having a nice cold spring this year, weirdly enough. You must've gotten our heat....

Auntie Chris didn't come visit again even w/the lure of the fan? Good thing Auntie Lorraine came!

Dunadd looks fab.

Traceyleezle said...

Oh my gosh, you fall behind in your blog reading...and a new family member pops up! Who is this handsome ball of fire?

Oh, and this is one person who is right there with you in their dislike of heat! Especially now, being 9 mths pregnant!!!

knitseashore said...

I love the heat, just not the humidity. But I'm glad we have A/C for our cats -- they really have trouble when it gets hot.

Did I miss at v*t v*s*t post? Wasn't Atticus on his way to the big house?

I love Malcolm's stream of consciousness. He is too funny.

kimberly said...

I was just saying today to someone, that if you're cold, you can always go put on some wool socks or a sweater. But if you're hot, you are just screwed. I hate the heat too! Love your Dunaad. Whoops, just opened a second browser tab while I was writing this to check it on the VY web site. They should give you a commission, I swear!