Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Heat Is On

"...stupid storms...making all that stupid loud noise..."

"...*blink blink blink*..."

"...*slurp* *glug glug glug* *slurp*..."

Although we're not quite at the height of summer yet - it feels like we are. I'm OK, but the guys have had better days... Poor Atticus becomes a big puddle of cat-goo when the summer thunder storms roll in. Gandalf becomes confused, and then freaked out when his curiosity gets the better of him and he peeks out the window to see what all of the commotion is about. Mae? She LOVES it. She'll sit by the window, rain could be pouring in and she's not the least bit afraid! She may have hated the old vaccum, but thunder? Lightning? Heavy rain? Bring it on.

My nifty dual window fan is working like a charm... It has one fan suck the stale air out, and another to circulate the air within the apartment. And it does an amazing job of getting rid of the humid air. And it won't be a drain on my electricity bill.

And who knows? I may be able to actually get some heavy duty wool knitting done. Because, let's face it. Cotton? Just doesn't work for me.

I found out the hard way this past week that organic cotton and rain really doesn't make for a winning combination. It was cool enough this past Thursday for me to wear my Gingko Leaf tunic (thanks everyone for the thumbs up on finally finishing it!). However. The rain thing, and being caught in it. Not only did it dry to shape on me - it uh, smelled. Really bad. Not quite wet silk bad. But close. And no. It wasn't me. It was definitely Gingko Leaf. Why didn't I notice the smell when blocking it? Probably because it was outside while drying, and then spent 30 minutes in the dryer. Well. I'll just have to soak it a lot longer when I wash it next, and wait until a sunny, cool day to wear it again.

Needless to say, I've zzz-ed any current cotton or cotton blend WIPs in Ravelry...

In case you thought the funky Mork socks had been abandoned.

Not at all! They match up...somewhat. I would have tried them on, only I, uh, kind of made the cast off edge of the finished sock a wee bit too tight. So, I'll be redoing that. Now that I see them side by side, I like them much more. The colours may be a bit off, but hey! They're handmade socks. They're allowed to be different.

A Hmmmm Question:

If you had a second copy of AS' "Book of Fair Isle Knitting", where would you sell the second copy? eBay? Ravelry?

I've recently come across a second copy of the book, and I'm thinking - this could be lucrative... Should I hold on to it?



Lorraine said...

Brigitte- I have an ancient sweater in that ecoknit- it never smelled.

I would watch the E-Bay auctions to see what the book is going for- or you could give someone on KBTH a good deal.

Lynn said...

Animals and storms, so interesting to see how they respond. I have one that sits on the porch to watch the rain and lightning and she is fine until she gets some rain on her. Then she zips inside. Nevermind the thunder that shook the entire house. All she did was twitch her ears!

and sorry to hear your organic cotton has an odor to it when wet. My reg cotton stuff is fine, but the organic stuff stinks!!

I LOVE those Mork socks!!! They really do look like his suspenders.

Marina said...

I've always thought that yarn looked great, but now, it's even better! The colours are gorgeous.

I would list it on a the free sites while waiting for a good time to list it on Ebay.

Bridget said...

Well, in our house, Tess can no longer hear the storms, so she is just fine with whatever she is doing. The Garden Kitty gets *very* nervous, and will just stay in Jetsam likes to sit at the door or window, and "talk" to the rain ...

I LOVE those socks! Wear them in good health. :-)

As for the book, I have no reasonable sense of this kind of thing, so I would suggest that you listen to the advice of others!

Chris said...

I love my dual window fans! Mine can be one in/one out, both in, or both out - very handy for adapting to changing conditions. The only bummer is that the window I need to put a fan in to get cross ventilation is a particular favorite of the kitties... so we don't have cross ventilation!

May feels Atticus' pain. Chaos usually does, too - but he didn't during the storm that drove May crazy. Weird.

miyamojo said...

That dual fan sounds neat. I like your socks. Too bad that cotton smells. :( I'm like Atticus, don't like storms. I'm ready for summer. Where's the sun?

Nicole said...

Aw, Mae is so cute! I love that picture of her, all wide eyes and cuteness.

Sonya said...

Who'd have thunk it that Mae would be the storm kitty?! Zoey was freaking out over thunder that I could barely hear yesterday. The Mork socks are fantastic!

I'd hang on to the FI book untill fall or right before Christmas and then put it on ebay and pray for a bidding war. Prices seem to be down a bit during the summer.

Anonymous said...

Mae's my kind of girl.

Aw, no humidity and no free curls? So sad.

I'm with Sonya on the AS book. Pay for all your Chrismtas presents!

Brenda said...

I sold an AS book on ebay, Aran Knitting, for over $160.

Poor Atticus! My parents' cat Rip would hear the thunder long before we humans could, and he would slink down to the basement with his belly about a centimeter from the floor. It was helpful in that we knew to get the windows closed before the storm hit.

I love the socks!

Shannon said...

I love your socks! And Mae would love where I live...a storm is brewing now.