Sunday, June 01, 2008

What Does A Gingko Leaf Look Like Anyway?

You may want to sit down for this one. I know I can hardly believe it myself.

Here she is - my Gingko Leaf tunic. Only took me 3 years, but it's done!


What - Gingko Leaf Tunic from Fiddlesticks Knitting

Deets - Knit with Ecoknit organic cotton, using 3.5mm needles. It's knit in the round to the underarm, and the sleeves are knit flat.

Now. Don't get me wrong. The pattern is perfect. No errors, no omissions, and everything you could think of is explained to you clearly. The yarn, although splity and "fluffy", does wash beautifully and comes out even softer after a 15 minute run through the dryer. But, let's face it kids. It took me over 3 years to finish this thing - and it has nothing to do with the design or the pattern. The lace work was fine - you can't go wrong with the pattern. I worked on it in spurts. It's just that cotton...and Brigitte...ehn. I'm just not a cotton fan. But I do love this, it really is a beautiful piece and it fits nicely. It will stretch out - after I washed it, it had doubled in length.

Still. I'm wondering why I have nearly 4 skeins left of the Ecoknit...?

Who cares?? IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!

Look what I received from the Sheriff!

Is that not the cutest little teapot?!! It has a little replica Atticus on the top of the lid. And Lorraine is bound and determined to have me beading. The kit in the back is a little beaded Christmas Santa scene. There were a few other gifties including some yarn and Christmas ornament (Lorraine knows how to spoil her friends!) - and of course some treats for the Little Dudes.

"Auntie Lorraine rocks! She says I'm handsome and her darling and never says I'm chunky."

Atticus obviously loved the treats.

As did Baby Mae. Who actually stuck around for a bit and didn't run and hide the minute her Auntie Lorraine came into the room.

"I may have had to beat back Gandalf for my share, but just try and keep me away from my Creamy Dairy treats."

"What's chunky? Do you mean tubby, Atticus? What? You want me to come down and say that to you? Um...why? Oh... No, I'm good. I'll, uh, stay up here..."

Lorraine also mentioned in her latest post how off the wall the weather has been here... All over the place. It's hard to believe that it's the first of June today! Regardless, it hasn't kept me off my bike.

On my way home from work one day last week, I ran into my neighbour. I hardly recognized him at first - his face was covered in bandages. While riding his bike on a downtown Toronto street (Carlton, in front of the old MLG, for you Torontonians), he hit a pothole and went sailing over the top of his handle bars. As a result - his jaw is wired shut, and will be for 4 - 6 weeks; he had one tooth pulled; a broken nose; 27 stitches from his lip up his cheek and various other scrapes and scratches; and two huge black eyes. Not to mention the road burn and bruises on his legs. The impact cracked his bike helmet.

And he's an experienced rider.

He said he doesn't remember the accident. He does remember getting up off the ground not realizing what had happened, ready to get back on his bike. Bystanders had to restrain him from getting back on his bike until the ambulance arrived. Adrenaline... They kept him overnight at the hospital for observation.

You can never be too careful, regardless of where you're riding. And wear your helmet!

(Ugh, Gandalf is being all goofy and licking the backdoor screen again... ) *sigh*

Have a good - and safe - week everyone!


Lorraine said...

Bridge- Must have been bad vibes from Harold Ballard- that's bad.

Yeah, June 1. I'm going to knit and watch Coronation Street-

Chris said...

Congrats on finishing your Ginkgo Leaf Tunic!!

How sweet of Lorraine! That teapot is awesome.

Smart move there, Gandalf. :)

Sonya said...

Ginko Leaf is beautiful! Glad I was sitting down. ;o)

Cute teapot. I don't drink tea, but I do love teapots.

Marina said...

What have you done with Brigitte? This can't be the Brigitte I know. I mean, the last two Finished Objects were ... :: shudder :: .. lacey things! And if I remember correctly, there are 2 more being knitted.

Kidding aside, it looks great! Love the teapot. Now you'll have to knit a cosy that complements it.

miyamojo said...

Ginkgo looks lovely! Cotton isn't my favorite either.

Atticus, you're 'large and in charge!' That's why you're on top of the teapot. :) Love that photo of Gandalf!

Be careful riding your bike Brigitte. The roads can be tricky.
Hope you friend heals quickly.

Bridget said...

Wow, those are really great gifts! (Anything involving tea works for me.)

The sweater is lovely. And gingko leaves are somewhat attractive. Gingko berries, on the other hand, smell like old vomit. Really. Trust me on this one ...

Love the kitty shots - especially the back one ...

Anonymous said...

Licking the screen door? Don't you feed him? lol.

That is a darling teapot and cup.

Your poor neighbor! Yowch.

And - -- Oh. My. GOD!! You finished Gingko!! I had no idea the earth was so close to ending.....thankfully for the world, I did not finish a thing.

Carrie said...

Your poor neighbor - holy cow!

Love all the treat pictures. Yay for beading! I wish I had time to do everything I wanted to. =)

Your sweater is beautiful. I love it. If it's as soft as it looks, it would be my new continually worn item. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing your Gingko. I don't care much for cotton either, so extra kudos for you on finishing it! That Lorraine - she's so sweet isn't she? Gandalf is wise beyond his years.

Brenda said...

Congratulations on finishing the Gingko leaf tunic! It looks lovely.

Love the teapot! Lorraine is evil with the beads however. Glad the kitties got treats.

Marji said...

It's beautiful! So glad I took some of that cotton off your hands, and so sorry you're not loving working with it, but I'm so happy that you finished it and it looks wonderful.
Enjoy wearing it.
On the bike front - be CAREFUL out there. Wouldn't it be awesome to have well maintained safe bike riding paths?