Monday, June 16, 2008

How Time Flies

It seems like just yesterday.

I was still a natural strawberry blonde *cough cough*. I thought knitting lace was kinda cool. I had no clue what a blog was. Probably because I was still using dial-up. And a Gandalf? What's that?

That's because it was all about this little man.

My Baby Atticus!

(Hey Lorraine, those eyes have NOT changed, have they?!)

Do you think he uh, grew into those ears??!

"Funny, I don't feel old..."

He turned all of 10 years old on Saturday! I look at him now and think - wow, you were once the size your head is now.

He's been my constant companion and best friend since then. A little wild as a kid. And sure he thought his name was "Psycho-stop-it" there for awhile. But a more loyal and loving cat I've never known. He may be grumpy, crotchety and slow sometimes, and he likes for Mae and Gandalf to clean his head just so, but he's kind and tolerant towards them.

We sang him happy birthday, and he whacked at my hand with his paw, and hissed when I tried to do the party hat thing on him. So he got some Creamy Dairy treats and a piece of cheese instead of tuna, seeing how that really doesn't agree with him any longer...

Then the thunder started up again, and he went and hid under a chair. The first time he ever heard thunder, he peed on the rug, so I suppose the chair thing is much better all around.

Na-Nu Na-Nu

Hey! Look at these! My Mork socks are DONE.

Actually, the striping came out somewhat even on both socks. But still nowhere near what the shows up on the picture... But hey. That's what handmade socks are all about - being unique. And boy are these puppies unique...

Next? I'm using some sock yarn dyed for me by Chris last year. It's a yummy mix of pinks and purple - colours up to now sadly missing from sock wardrobe. I'm going to be a bit bold and actually try a pattern this time around - Wendy's Cabletini sock pattern. So these shall be my "Chris-tini socks"...

Hee hee.

Errors in Knitting Judgement

Oh, c'mon! We all have them! And I have a, memorable ones. Chris showed off her "Gimme 5" vest. And really, I have nothing but sympathy for her. I once made a corset style vest from Knitty out of some Big Blue thick/thin yarn from Fleece Artist. Which, on paper should have worked out. But man, was it ever hideous. The yarn was totally wrong for the project... Oh, and the colour? Actually almost the same as the one Chris used on her ill fated vest.

But, the #1 ghastly error in judgement, for which I'm still wondering about myself, is the pink stole I made with 2 strands of this fluffy (albeit really soft) icky pinky pukey fake velour knock off crap that I still to this day cannot believe I thought would look good. Or bought. I can honestly say that the colour did look different in the store (that big, dark dungeon of a store on Queen West here in Toronto...). Which has happened to everyone. What cannot be excused however is the fact that I STILL MADE THE FREAKIN' STOLE. Complete with long, I-cord knitted fringe.

Oh Lord. At some point, one of the cats, probably Mae, mercifully barfed on it, and that was that.

Even if I still had it around, you couldn't pay me enough (well, I could maybe have been bought with a few VY kits...) to post a picture of all it's hideousness. I tip my knitting cap to Chris for having the 'nads to show her error in knitting judgement. Although her guys were all over that thing... But, I'll go halfway, and show you a "partial" picture - here's one of Atticus sleeping on it. And he's sweet enough that it distracts you from what he's sleeping on...

OK. I have to know that there are others out there who have knit equally hideous bright baby pink velour stoles with long scary looking fringe somewhere in there past. Yes. Even Marina.

Consider this a "tagging" to anyone who reads! And if you post the pictures, even better.



Chris said...

Happy birthday, Atticus!!

Those are great socks! They must be a good flavor, eh, Gandalf? I'm looking forward to the... Cabletini socks. :p

Now, there's a really manly kitty who isn't afraid of pink! Heh, thanks for reminding me about the errors in knitting judgment - I have more!

miyamojo said...

Happy Birthday Atticus! You're still cute! What, you didn't want a party hat? :) Mom's pink stole made a cozy blankie, huh.

Is Gandalf biting your sock/toe? I like your Mork socks. Those are great colors.

(I've got a disaster story... I'll post tomorrow...)

Anonymous said...

Pink. Really.

Marina said...

Happy 10th Birthday, Atticus!

Hmm, I might not have pics because all scary or trendy projects are given to Goodwill.

The socks are wonderful!

Carrie K said...

Happy Birthday Atticus! You aren't old. When I was 10, it was some of the best years of my life. ;)

I'd post pictures but TypePad wouldn't like it. Mom's stole looks very comfy!

You're not standing on Gandalf, are you? He seems a little too tolerant for being squished like a bug....

Lorraine said...

Bridge- I love that upside down pic of our darling boy- I just adore him.

Any "ahem" errors in knitting judgement have long since been banished to knitter's purgatory- so I'm afraid I have nothing to show.

**doing Mork hand signal**

Nicole said...

Aaawww... Happy birthday, Atticus!

How funny... I just picked my Cabletini socks back up, so that's my current travel knitting. I do like the pattern, it's easy to memorize. I'm using Grumperina's trick of cabling with a cable needle, though.

My biggest error in knitting judgment was a purple boucle (cheap yarn) cropped sweater that ended up wide enough to fit two of me. I didn't keep it. Nor did I photograph it. I gave it to Goodwill. Hopefully some cat somewhere has since gotten to use it as a blanket.

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Atticus! And many more.

At least it looks like he enjoyed the Pink Stole of Yuck ...

carolyninAlaska said...

Happy birthday Atticus!
I don't have any really too small, ugly, or scary knitting projects because I either gave them to people that they fit, or they went to the Goodwill. Seems like a cat blanket works well too.

I love your Mork socks... great color!

Sonya said...

Happy Birthday, Atticus! What a cutie. (It's not nice to hiss at your mama though.)

I love the Mork socks! My first socks were a hideous disaster. I think I frogged them, but suffice it to say that the heels were about 3 times the proper size.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday to Atticus! He is a handsome cat.

Great Mork socks; Gandalf seems to think they need to be subdued.

I'll have to look through my horror knits.

knitseashore said...

Happy Birthday to Atticus! Tim hi-fives you and says that being ten is the best, or at least it will be when he has his birthday at the end of August.

Congrats to you on finishing the Mork socks! I also salute your bravery on the scary knits. I posted my purple shrug a while was knit in Li*n Brand Hom*sp*n and fuzzed up a storm by the time I was done. I call it the Grimace sweater, after the McDonald's character, cause that's how it made me feel wearing it. Ugh.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Atticus. And again, I LOVE your socks!

Lynn said...

Congrats to Atticus making it to double digits!!! That is fantastic! And had to laugh at the comment of he was once the size his head is now!! LOL

and LOVE the Mork socks!! Do you think you'll be able to find matching suspenders?!?

Traceyleezle said...

Happy Birthday Atticus!

I adore your Mork socks, now go smash an egg on your forehead. They really are very cool. I can't wait to see the Chris-tini socks.

Wow, it must've been bad if it was cat bed fodder. My sympathies. I know I have knit/bought some really bad stuff, but I'm pretty sure it's all been frogged or buried in the backyard.