Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Crack in the Armour

"The first rule of Kovert Kitty Club training is that you don't talk about Kovert Kitty Club training, Gandalf! I'm telling Mom you squealed to Atticus!"

"...but...he bribed me...and I have a weakness for snuggles...and he sat on me. He's pretty strong for an old guy."

"You're Fredo'ed, Gandalf!"

"Huh?? Oh, c'mon! Stop being so dramatic."


"I'm on to you."

"Why are you looking at me like that? Aren't we training for Atticus? "Ma'am yes Ma'am!" and all that stuff!?? Huh!?! You're still looking at me."

"Boy, you're really close now."

"...*sigh*...Guys! Uh, training! *ahem*...aren't you supposed to be with Atticus right now?? Remember? Your training??? Malcolm! What are you doing?? *sigh*... You guys are dweebs."

"You guys suck."

"Hi Mae!!"

"All that training... And for what? So those 2 clowns can give it up to the Old Man? I ended up going to the vet. Stupid carrier. How does that help Atticus? Me going... Stick needles in me, take my temperature... Oh I'll take your temperature Mr. Vet, see how you like that. Training...ha!"

"Oooo, Gandalf! Come look!"

"...Am I still Fredo'ed...?"

"Huh? No no! Of course not. Get over here, you!"

"I understand we have a little issue here, Brigitte. Can I call you Brigitte? Oh well. See, at my age, I don't see the point of leaving the house for any reason. Or sleeping less than 20 hours a day. So, planning a visit to the vet's office without my knowledge? Not cool. We'll talk later. And I'll react later. When you're not expecting it. That's all. Shouldn't you be knitting? Oh, and I'd like a snack please. I'm feeling rather peckish."


Michelle Martino said...

Oh My! They are a riot! I feel like I got a work-out just looking at the photos! You musta been jumpin through hoops to capture those moments!

Bridget said...

This was a funny post. Well, except for the part where you tortured poor Mae ... ;-)

I especially like the photo of the long, drawn-out Malcolm.

Chris said...

Oh no! Gandalf! How could you?!???

LOL - I love the "You're really close now" picture of Mae.

Rebekah said...

I love stretchy Malcolm picture. Cats have such talent for odd positions.

miyamojo said...

Mae is such a beauty. I thought she was coming to see me (in the crate). :) I think she would miss her brothers though.

I can't believe Malcolm is as big as Fredo, err Gandalf.

Hey Atticus, just go with the flow. Ommmm. :)

knitseashore said...

The game is up, isn't it? Poor Mae deserves an extra special treat for sticking to training so much better than her brothers did.

Carrie K said...

Peckish, the poor man.

Love the close up of Mae. And her "helpful" siblings around the carrier.